Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Thoughts For The Day

When I was enlisted in the United States Army the Army was going though several transitions.  The Army was transitioning from the M1 steel pot to the first generation of the K-pot helmet.  The Army was transitioning from the M60A3 tank to the first generation of the M1 Abrams tank with the 105mm rifled gun.  The Army was transitioning from the M113 APC to the first generation of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.  The Army was transitioning from the Huey helicopter to the first generation of the Blackhawk helicopter.

I'm sometimes compelled to explain why I don't believe in the concept of God.

Let's start with the age of the universe.

According to the current idea (we call concepts a theory because someone may come up with a better idea) the universe is 13.5 billion years old.  The galactic core is 30,000 light years away. It takes 30,000 years for light from the galactic core to reach Earth.  That's five times the age of the universe according to the Book of Genesis.

I once chewed out SFC Steve Barry, one of the founders of the Special Forces Underground.


What the Hell is your major cognitive malfunction?

You know damned well what Objectivism is. You created The Resister as an essentially Objectivist publication. If you had not done so, I would never had taken the trouble to post the text on the internet or to contribute to it.

And if you bothered to remember correctly you would know that every Objectivist, from Ayn Rand on down to the newest reader, ABSOLUTELY LOATHED COMMUNISTS. Collaborating with that species of vermin is never an option.

And killing Mussolini was not an act of murder. Killing Mussolini was an act of tyrannicide. And tyrannicide is nothing more than hunting down and killing a predatory animal.

If you are going to get this disconnected from reality then you may as well go all the way and convert to Islam.

A statement of fact isn't a expression of hate.  Disagreement isn't hatred, some people don't understand this.  The idea that Black men should be exempt from the laws that protect the life and property of all people regardless of their race is clearly wrong.  As far as a properly functioning government is concerned there is only one race: The Human Race.  Physical force, like fire, can be useful, but the use of physical force, like fire, must be limited.  Libertarians, and some Republicans, understand this fact.  The people running the Democratic Party, and their servants in Anti-fa and BLM, refuse to understand this fact.  The facts are facts and aren't subject to a popular vote.  Those who have an instrument of coercion will use it to obtain what they need or believe they need.  Mussolini was explicitly clear on this point.  As far as a self-styled "progressive" is concerned, if a person can't be used they're garbage to be disposed of.  They could be elderly people or little girls confined to wheelchairs and they'll feel good about it.  The so-called "progressive" politicians and their willing servants want to disarm us, the decent and productive people, so we can be used.  They have a need for us but we have no use for them.  We, the decent and productive people, must identify and treat the so-called "progressive" politicians and their willing servants as mortal enemies.


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