Tuesday, January 30, 2007

John Bergstrom Doesn't Play Well With Others

Varmit, aka John Bergstrom, went out to play with the barking moonbat's at one of their gatherings:

I went to the protest Saturday. Meant to do a little photo essay. It's a lot harder than Zombietime makes it look. The hippies just wouldn't hold still. Didn't see anything that insane. This is Los Angeles, not Berkeley. And there were cops everywhere. But I got a few interesting shots.

I call this guy "Chinpubes". His t-shirt has a "No War" slogan over a picture of Marxist murderer Che Gueverra. I wonder if he was born without the ability to perceive irony, or if he lost it in some sort of accident. It's also an example of what I call "GAY for Che". I swear all these wankers have man crushes on the revolutionary thug. They fall asleep dreaming of his beard tickling the back of their necks. Well, you get the idea.

Actually, that's an idea that I would rather not get.

Nothing says "look at me, I'm a superior being" like a Che shirt and "don't hire me" facial hair.

Every day I am compelled to wonder how these mentally inverted bozoids manage to get out of bed in the morning (or early afternoon) without severely injuring themselves. Folks who feel that regimes that routinely practice mass slavery and mass murder are morally superior to civil societies that are based on the principle of consent are bound to have severe difficulty with systems that are more mechanically complicated than floors, walls, and nonpowered doors.

This fellow is going to have severe difficulty in finding a job without either a shave or the ability to do the monica. Imagine the mess that will make. Or better yet, don't!

Actually, there nothing wrong with that fellow that couldn't be fixed by confinement to a padded room and a lifetime supply of happy pills. That or one round in the back of the head in the old Soviet style.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Someone Else's Thought For The Day

I think the legal system is a giant Turing Test. Something only humans can understand.

-- Florence Ambrose, Freefall, January 29, 2007

Actually, around here it's an anti-Turing test.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


What part of "there can be only one" do they persist in not understanding?

Of course I wouldn't mind knowing the origin of the Immortals anyway. Guess I'll have to see it.

The official site for HIGHLANDER: THE SOURCE.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today in Pizzaland

I nearly ran over someone on my next to last delivery run today.

She just ran out into the street ahead of me without looking for oncoming traffic. And then she reacted as if I was the idiot at fault. Fortunately, my brakes worked.

I did not stop to ask her if she was a Democrat.

Think Of It As Idiocy In Action

Jimmy Carter is still a bleeping idiot.

ATHENS, Ga. - With the zeal of a Baptist Sunday School teacher, Jimmy Carter ended a conference on his presidency Sunday morning by telling Americans they should not fear and they should not hate.

On a weekend in which Carter celebrated the 30th anniversary of his inauguration and the 25th year since its abrupt conclusion, it was left to the former president to update his peace efforts in the Middle East to today's world by talking about terrorism and about harsh feelings against people of other faiths.

"We are developing an ingrained hatred for people who aren't Christians," said Carter, a Sunday School teacher since he was 18 years old.

Unwarranted fear of terrorism is behind these feelings, he said.

"The distortion that we are about to be destroyed makes us suspicious of those who don't worship the way we do," he said. "And our country has no reason to be afraid."

As an atheist I really don't have a problem when other people have faith in God. I just hold reason to be superior to faith.

What I have a problem with are the all too numerous assholes who commits acts of violence against my country and other civilized nations because we will not practice an untterly false religion that elevates the unholy as holy. A false religion invented by a false prophet of a false god. A religion that treats as holy an individual who committed multiple capital crimes. If the false prophet Mohammad were to appear in the United States today and behave as depicted in the Islamic records he would either be sedated and locked in padded room, locked in a maximum security prison, or given the needle. Except in the state of Utah where he would be taken out and shot.

Being afraid of insanely violent people is perfectly normal. So is doing something to permanently stop insanely violent people.

Of course this sort of idiocy is nothing new to Mr. Carter. There are a number of words I would use for the fear of the ideology of Communism, whose practitioners have by direct violence or deliberate starvation caused the deaths over a hundred million people. "Inordinate" is not one of those words.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Meanwhile in Cheeseland

A self-appointed superior being is knocked off it's pedestal.

An American GI assigned to one of the harshest posts in Iraq had a simple request last week for a Wisconsin mattress company: send some floor mats to help ease the hardship of sleeping on the cold, bug-infested ground.

What he got, instead, was a swift kick from the company's Web site, which not only refused the request but added insult to injury with the admonition, "If you were sensible, you and your troops would pull out of Iraq."

Army Sgt. Jason Hess, stationed in Taji, Iraq, with the 1st Cavalry Division, said he emailed his request to Discount-mats.com because he and his fellow soldiers sleep on the cold ground, which contains sand mites, sand flies and other disease carriers.

In his email, dated Jan. 16, 2007, he asked the Web-based company, registered to Faisal Khetani, an American Muslim of Pakistani descent:

"Do you ship to APO (military) addresses? I'm in the 1st Cavalry Division stationed in Iraq and we are trying to order some mats but we are looking for ships to APO first."

On the same day, Hess received this reply:

"SGT Hess,

We do not ship to APO addresses, and even if we did, we would NEVER ship to Iraq. If you were sensible, you and your troops would pull out of Iraq.

Bargain Suppliers

Khetani on Monday told FOX News that the person responsible for the email reply had been fired. The Web site, meanwhile, has been temporarily taken down.

Hess emailed that he has since found two mat suppliers willing to ship to an APO address in Iraq.

I'm not a fan of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but back during his administration anyone who behaved as the self-appointed superior being did would not have to look for a new job in the middle of winter. Employment would be provided for them at the nearest convenient location of what we now call Club Fed. The Federal Prison System.

Would the present Republican administration please show some spine when dealing with the domestic enemies?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Some Questions

This is what happens when those who try to seize power by force are not put to death (that and the Third Reich):

President Hugo Chavez told U.S. officials to "Go to hell, gringos!"

Never mind the fact that he persistently postures and makes hostile statements and has public meetings with numerous American traitors.

He also has a problem with the practice of tyrannicide.

"They took out Saddam Hussein and they hung him, for good or worse. It's not up to me to judge any government, but that gentleman was the president of that country."

Gosh, what a surprise! Could it be that he objects to tyrannicide because he is a dictator? Does he expect the United States to liberate his country and hang his smelly carcass?

It is a question now of when, not if.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Quote of the Day

Understanding the scope of the problem is the first step on the path to true panic.

-- Florence Ambrose, Freefall, January 22, 2007.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Quote of the Day

Over on Fark.com I read this posting by farker Khazar-Khum:

I worked, briefly, with an Honors student named Doqueishia. I asked her what it meant. She said, "It means my mother is an idiot."


Sunday, January 14, 2007

So Anyway...

I'm watching the second hour of 24.

Some dumbfuck civilian decides to beat up a Muslim (little does anyone realize that said Muslim is part of the terrorist problem...) and the Muslim pulls out a pistol and kneecaps the dumbfuck civilian. Said dumbfuck civilian then begs for mercy with the predictable result.

If you are going to follow the path of violence then you had better be prepared to go all the way. And don't apologise or beg for mercy.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wrong, As Usual

On this day in 1920, an editorial in the New York Times declared that rocket-powered spaceflight was impossible.

The sensationalism and merciless attack by the New York Times and other newspapers left a profound impression on Robert Goddard who became secretive about his work (to detriment of development of rocketry in the United States) and shied publicity.

(Ephasis mine.)

Gee, thanks comrades!

The NYT did eventually print a retraction of their trashing of Dr. Goddard, on July 17, 1969, after the launch of the Apollo 11 mission:

A Correction. On Jan. 13, 1920, "Topics of the Times," and editorial-page feature of the The New York Times, dismissed the notion that a rocket could function in vacuum and commented on the ideas of Robert H. Goddard, the rocket pioneer, as follows:

"That Professor Goddard, with his 'chair' in Clark College and the countenancing of the Smithsonian Institution, does not know the relation of action to reaction, and of the need to have something better than a vacuum against which to react - to say that would be absurd. Of course he only seems to lack the knowledge ladled out daily in high schools."

Further investigation and experimentation have confirmed the findings of Isaac Newton in the 17th Century and it is now definitely established that a rocket can function in a vacuum as well as in an atmosphere. The Times regrets the error.

It would be nice if they would, you know, retract a few more things they printed about the Soviets and other Marxist trash...

Friday, January 12, 2007

Meanwhile in the MnSSR

The Minneapolis Star-Pravda just failed a fact check:

The contract will be substantial because the precision guidance kits will be made to fit into all existing 155-millimeter artillery shells used by the United States and NATO. The artillery rounds -- 3 feet tall and 10 inches wide -- would receive new screw-on tips, which are actually precision guidance kits that provide new satellite-guidance capability, wings that deploy mid-flight and mini brakes that can help steer the shells in the desired direction. The idea is precision targeting, even though the target may be 20 miles away.

I didn't know that the Army ever had a ten-inch bore cannon.

We had some twelve-inch railroad car mounted cannon back in World War Two, "Atomic Annie" was an eleven-inch cannon. And the self-propelled eight-inch guns were recently retired. The largest bore artillery piece in present service is the 155-mm cannon, which is slightly over six-inches.

So someone at the Star-Pravda didn't do their homework. Hell, it looks like they can't even do basic math.

(10 inches times 25.4 millimeters equals 254 millimeters, not 155 millimeters. I shouldn't even have to do that!)

Par for the course for our local commie-traitor rag.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Photo of the Day

A mothballed British Aircraft Carrier at Portsmouth.

As one wag has put it, the Royal Navy's worst enemy is the Ministry of Defence.

Think of it as socialism in action.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Brownshirt Alert

Yale barbershop singers recovering after ambush

NEW YORK (AFP) - Members of a close-harmony group from Yale University are recovering after being ambushed and beaten up while on tour in California.

Members of the a cappella Baker's Dozen were performing at a party in San Francisco at the new year when their rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" apparently sparked taunts and threats from fellow partygoers.

As the group left the house, they were attacked by dozens of assailants, suffering scrapes, black eyes and concussions, said Connecticut's News Channel 8.

"Besides any bruising or scrapes to the face, the main injury I suffered was I broke my jaw in two places," one of the singers, 18-year-old Sharyar Aziz, was quoted as saying.

We must remember that to the Left, Power is Life, Liberty is Death.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Thought for the Day

Any person or organization that objects to the establishment of a system of accountability may not be doing something that they don't want to be held accountable for, but that is certainly the way to bet.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thought for the Day

Some assholes should be shot on sight.

For example, the character of Coppertop from Something Positive.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thought for the Day

The intention to play god with the lives of other people is never good.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thought for the Day

It was a time of villains and a time of heroes, and most folks hadn't a clue which was which. Not that I didn't try...

-- Frank Riley, Reporter, 1935

Mister Riley, do you know what a socialist is? A socialist is a barbarian in Sunday clothes.

-- The Banker, (I haven't named the character yet.) 1935 (A screenplay that I haven't written yet.).

I was reading online about the gangsters of the Depression and I started visualizing a new movie set in that era. 1935 is my working title at the moment.

Something else to work on...