Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Stupid Is Strong

The Unwanted Blog usually covers aerospace stuff but this morning the owner posted the following:

This is an example of Hegelian reversal.  Here a bit of depravity, the tolerance of forcible rape, is presented as a virtuous act.  And proper prosecution and punishment of rapists is held to be a depraved act.

The fact is that the false prophet Mohamed commanded his followers to commit acts which in a civl society are properly identified and dealt with as capital crimes.  And this bitch make that Quisling fellow look like an upstanding fellow in comparison.

Of course I had to make a demotivator for this:

Update 1025: Mark Urbin has linked to this post.

And here's something else from Mark.

Not only is this stupid but it's down to the Scientology level of stupid.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Mark Urbin brought us this today:
And of course not one of them tipped the wait staff.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Another Asshole

According to the Washington Post there are left wing-Palestinian favoring activists who are whining that the state of Ohio is “infested with Zionism.”


I thought about this and concluded that if someone said this to me in person my response would be to shout EICH BIN JUDE, ASSHOLE!”

The fact is that Judaism, with the idea of a parental God, is a fundamental part of our civilization.  Where pagan deities were malevolent or useless at best, God at the core of the Western Monotheist Tradition (WMT)is the creator, teacher, and the positive example that we try to follow in our own lives. 

So when someone attacks Jews they are attacking all of us.

And Mark Urbin was kind enough to post this:

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Man Who Fell To Earth

Once upon a time ago before I read any work by Ayn Rand I saw The Man Who Fell To Earth starring David Bowie. I didn’t enjoy sitting through it and the one scene that stuck with me depicted a nihilist denouncing innovation. Having never read a word of real philosophy at the time I merely saw the character as being stupid.

After the recent death of Mr. Bowie a local film society held a showing of the film. I won’t claim the excuse of brain damage in deciding to see it. I had actually forgot how truly awful it was.

It wasn’t just the fact that the director was a no talent hack with delusions of cleverness.

Nor was it his insistence on using Manhattan skyscrapers as an anatomical reference along with inserting two pointless scenes that stop just short of actual pornography.


Every second of the film was an expression of the hatred of human life and after only half an hour I walked out.

Remember the nihilist? When I originally saw the film I could not understand how any character could be so stupid. I now understand that in denouncing any improvement in the tools used by man he was denying the value of human life.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


On this day thirty years ago the space shuttle Challenger was accidentally destroyed during launch with all seven souls aboard.

Also on this day the Church of Scientology made their official announcement that L. Ron Hubbard had died.  In doing so they put forth a nonsense story that their founder had dropped his body and no mention was made of the fact that he had suffered a stroke a week before.*  The true believers were then shocked to discover that no one outside the cult gave a damn about that useless malingering REMF** piece of excrement.  They were particularly upset everyone was more concerned about the deaths of seven Wogs*** than with the passing of the most important being on the planet.****

* I personally favor the pillow over the face as the actual cause of death.
** Rear Echelon Mother F***er.
*** Wog is the Scientologist term for a non-member and the functional equivalent of the N-word.
**** Hitler used to think of himself that way too.

An Answer

In a comment on The Underground Bunker, a site critical of Scientology, I compared the credibility of the CoS with the famous press organ of the Soviet State:

When the Soviet era edition of Pravda (Truth) reported that Yuri Gagarin had orbited the Earth aboard Vostok 1 it was a rare instance their publishing a fact. The CoS can't even do that.

Someone then asked a question:

Please forgive me, I've wanted to ask you this for ages. Why do you go on and on about the Soviet Union so much? It ended 25 years ago, you know.

I answered:

Why does Bullwinkle the Moose keep trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat?

In spite of clear evidence that it's toxic some people continue to believe in enforced economic equality which was the doctrine that served as the foundation of the Soviet state. And because the Soviet state enforced a falsehood it had to act in an adversarial fashion with respect to Humanity in General. Like the Church of Scientology the Soviet State must lie to everyone.

The continued fail of a cartoon character to perform a magic trick is funny.  The suffering that will be inflicted by the insane Senator Sanders and his followers is nothing short of appalling.  And most importantly it is absolutely preventable.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Atlas Shrugged and Starship Troopers were written as works of fiction.  But now they appear in some respects to works of nonfiction.

Of the two leading candidates of the insane party the first makes President Nixon look like an honest guy.  And the other makes Bulwinkle the Moose look like an intelligent being.

Unfortunately the lead candidate of the sane party is a pragmatic narcissistic demagogue, which is the last thing we need after the systematic malice of the Big Zero.

At this point I'm fully in favor of a military coup.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


On this day a completely useless waste of mass and energy passed on.

I know it’s not original but I had to do it, so here’s the Dead Prophet Sketch.

The cast:  Tom Cruise, a short guy.  David Miscavige, a really short guy.

Tom Cruise enters the shop pushing a large leather chair with dead old man on it.

TC: Hello, I want to complain.

(Miscavige doesn’t respond.)

TC: Hello, Miss?

DM: What do you mean "miss"?

TC: I'm sorry, I have a cold. I wish to make a complaint!

DM: We're closing for lunch.

TC: Never mind that! I’m here to complain about this prophet that I purchased about half an hour ago from this shop.

DM: Oh yes, the, uh, the Nebraska Red. What's, uh...What's wrong with him?

TC: He's dead, that's what's wrong with him!

DM: No, no, 'e's uh,...he's resting.

TC: Look, I know a dead prophet when I see one, and I'm looking at one right now.

DM: No, no, he's not dead, he's, he's resting! Remarkable prophet, isn't, it? Beautiful haircut!

TC: But he's stone dead.

DM: Nononono, no, no! He's resting!

TC: All right then, if he's resting, I'll wake him up! (shouting at the chair) 'Hello, Ronnie! I've got some lovely cash for you to grab if you show...

(Miscavige hits the chair)

DM: There, he moved!

TC: No, he didn't, that was you hitting the chair!

DM: I never!!

TC: Yes, you did!

Owner: I never, never did anything...

TC: (yelling and hitting the chair repeatedly) HELLO RONNIE!!!!! Testing! Testing! Testing! Testing! This is your nine o'clock alarm call!

(Takes Hubbard out of the chair and thumps his head on the counter. Stands him up and watches him fall to the floor.)

TC: Now that's what I call a dead prophet.

DM: No, no.....No, he's stunned!


DM: Yeah! You stunned him, just as he was waking up! Nebraska Reds stun easily, sir.

TC: Now look... I've definitely had enough of this. That prophet clearly deceased, and when I bought him not half an hour ago, you assured me that its total lack of movement was due to it being tired and shagged out following a prolonged lecture.

DM: Well, he's...he's, ah...probably pining for the wheat fields.

TC: PINING for the WHEAT FIELDS?!?!?!? What kind of talk is that?  And why did he fall flat on his back the moment I got him home?

DM: Nebraska Reds prefer to lay on the back! Remarkable prophet, isn’t he? Lovely haircut!

TC: Look, I took the liberty of examining that senator when I got him home, and I discovered the only reason that it had been sitting in his chair in the first place was that he had been NAILED there.


DM: Well, of course he was nailed there! If I hadn't nailed him down, he would have stood up and gone VOOM!

TC: "VOOM"?!? Sir, this man wouldn't "voom" if you put four million volts through him! He's totally demised!

DM: No, no! He's pining!

TC: He's not pining! He’s passed on! This prophet is no more! He has ceased to be! He’s expired and gone to meet his maker! He’s a stiff! Bereft of life, he rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed him to the chair he'd be pushing up the daisies! His metabolic processes are now history! He’s off the twig! He’s kicked the bucket, He’s shuffled off his mortal coil and moved on to Target Two!! THIS IS AN EX-PROPHET!!


DM: Well, I'd better replace him, then. (he takes a quick peek behind the counter) Sorry sir, I've had a look 'round the back of the shop we're out of prophets.

TC: I see. I see, I get the picture.

DM: I got a slug.


TC: Does it talk?

DM: Nnnnot really.


DM: N-no, I guess not. (gets ashamed, looks at his feet)

TC: Well?

DM: It leaves a trail of slime.

TC: All right.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Quotes Of The Day

From today's HBL List:

Actually, I am incapable of error. Wait, that's mistaken.

--Harry Binswanger, PhD


Clausewitz defined war as "an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will"

In demanding absolute submission Mohammed had essentially declared war on Mankind. Therefore those who follow his command to make war on those who properly refuse to submit are in effect enemy combatants and should be identified and dealt with as such. Under the customs of warfare and subsequent legislation assault on a civilian is a serious offense with murder and rape being treated as capital crimes.

Humanity is at war with Islam. Let's treat it as such.

--Some Blogger    

And finally:

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

--Karl Marx

Socialism is the doctrine that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that his life and his work do not belong to him, but belong to society, that the only justification of his existence is his service to society, and that society may dispose of him in any way it pleases for the sake of whatever it deems to be its own tribal, collective good.

--Ayn Rand

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Quote of the Day

Anyone who cannot cope with mathematics is not fully human. At best he is a tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear shoes.

-- ROBERT A. HEINLEIN, The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

This pretty much describes Bernie Sanders and his followers.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Idiot Of The Day

My afternoon nap was interrupted by a scam caller.  He was a South Asian fellow claiming to be calling from the technical department of Windows.  Before he could finish the first sentence I shouted:

"Dude, this scam is so old it could have grandchildren!"

And I hung up.

I know Minnesota is overloaded with Democrats but this is absurd.

And here's a motivator:

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thought For The Day

I'm sometimes astounded by the sheer idiocy of the common liberal.

For example on an alternate history board I'm posting a bit of amateur fiction and some liberal posts a really stupid statement as a reply:

Question. Is Stone simply lying or is her background one of ardent conservatism/reactionism? Communism, like laissez faire capitalism, fascism and other extreme ideologies are responsible for a lot of evil and destruction but to automatically brand all forms of socialism as evil and ignore other creeds that cause similar problems suggests a very bigoted viewpoint.

Note this is coming from a liberal. I recognise even moderate social democracy as flawed when it assumes automatic and unchanging rules apply and prefer a more balanced mix of forces as the best basis for stable economic and social develop.

This twit makes no distinction between opposites and can't see the impossibility of compromise between life and death.

I responded:

I decline to enter into a flame war.

Go away.

(Oh, Evelyn is a gender neutral name and I described the character as being a young man.)

Yes, this twit failed to see that a particular character was in fact a man.  And having been expelled from at least two forums for flaming I am now adverse in entering a flame war.

So how does the twit respond?

I think that answers my question.  Since you seem to be saying your a bigot I will assume the story has no merit.  Bye.

Let's see?  I object to despotism, death, and destruction, therefore I'm some kind of evil being?

And because I won't reinforce his delusion of virtue he departs in a huff.


The problem with evolution is that it doesn't act fast enough.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Quisling Of The Day

Thanks to Mark Urbin for the image.

This woman is old enough to remember the conquest and occupation of her nation by the Third Reich.  There is absolutely no excuse for her collaboration with the current conquerors of Europe under the banner of Islam.  I wouldn't doubt for a second that this traitor would also support a repeat of The Holocaust as an adaptation to the "multicultural society" as well.

Before the war Norway had banned the death penalty but suspended the ban to dispose of the original Quisling.

It's time to suspend the ban again.

Friday, January 08, 2016


Voltaire in his novel Candide has the protagonist witness the execution of John Byng, a British admiral for losing a battle, and is told that "in this country, it is good to kill an admiral from time to time, in order to encourage the others".

Now, should members of the executive, legislative, and judicial, branches of government, especially the sitting president, be encouraged to comply with The Constitution?


Thursday, January 07, 2016

Senator Cruz On The North Korean Nuclear Test

For the record I'm in favor of preemptive actions to terminate the North Korean and Iranian nuclear weapons programs.

And should there be a nuclear attack on the United States or a third nation such as Israel I am also in favor of applying the death penalty to those who have facilitated the rogue antion nuclear programs, including Barack Obama along with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Whine, Moan, And Groan

The problem with General Pinochet (apart from being an ex-general) is that he's not an American.

Hell, right now I would settle for a Private Pinochet.

Update 0720:

Wrote this at breakfast:

 EAS Diary 1-6-16 (Second Timeline)

The Norks should consider themselves fortunate that they still exist.  I still remember when the Soviets collapsed at the end of the Final War.  The Norks suddenly found themselves without a sponsor and protector.  And worse, they were between 500 million angry Chinamen and a hard place.

Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty and leave it at that.

Monday, January 04, 2016


From the novel:

Once he was away from Minneapolis the motorcycle functioned perfectly and the ride west went without interruption.  But he made a stop in Colorado.

In his prior life there was a an outcrop of rock on public land.  It was here that members of the local resistance, basically a bunch of school kids who escaped town when the Soviets dropped in, would meet between actions.  And in the end only two members of this band would survive the Final War.

After the war the rock was made the center of a national monument with a road for the tourists and an eternally lit flag.

Here and now there was no road or a flag post.  Although the Triumph was built for the road she crossed the trackless land without complaint and it was nearly sunset when he arrived.

That night he slept under the stars.  It was a bit past midnight and when he woke up the sky was clear.  The Milky Way crossed it from horizon to horizon.

Stone stood and looked up.  Here he stood at the shore of the Universe with nothing between him and anyone else out there.

Including God.

Now he looked up and spoke to God.


Why was I sent back in time?


Sunday, January 03, 2016

The Future

I have no idea who she is but thanks to Mark Urbin for the image.