Monday, November 30, 2020

Thoughts Of The Day

Socrates was compelled to drink hemlock by the municipal fathers of Athens.  What was Socrates convicted of by democratic vote?  Not believing in the municipal deities and disparaging democracy.  I would have been convicted of the very same thing.  You're in your seventies and your family is being lethally threatened by the municipal authorities, would you drink the hemlock too?  It really sucked to be Socrates in Athens.

Justice consists of getting what you deserve, not receiving what you want.

Antisemitism in politics is the practical equivalent of a dead canary in a coal mine, I can't say this often enough.  Antisemitism is bad enough, but it's also a symptom of a deeper political problem.  

Anyone who believes that Human Life is in any way evil is an Enemy of the Human Race.  And anyone who believes that Human Life is evil is capable of doing anything, including mass murder.  They're in practical terms vermin fit only for extermination.  And I personally favor one round in the back of the head in the old Soviet style.

(And by that I mean execution as an exercise of state power.  There was one time that one socialist piece of shit who read this blog had willfully misinterpreted a call for governmental action and accused me of being a lone stalker and called me, "the embodiment of all evil on Earth."  Never mind the fact that the practitioners of the accuser's ideology had snuffed out no less than 100 million Human lives.)

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Thoughts For The Day

If I had something so say to The Left it's that you're behaving like the people you claim to oppose.  Once force is openly used against those who speak out against The Left then the gloves will come off and force WILL be openly used against The Left.  Once The Left openly repudiates the rules for living in a civil society then their victims will no longer see themselves as subject to those same rules.  Or to put it another way to The Left, break the rules of civil society and you'll leave their opponents no choice but to break The Left.  It's called a civil war, and cars with bumper stickers, teeshirts, and other examples of open posturing will make target identification very easy.  What part of "Liberty or Death" does The Left persist in not understanding?  It's generally considered to be bad form to advocate violence against someone simply because of their political views.  But if some Leftist thug finds him or her self staring at the muzzle of an assault rifle it's because the stupid Leftist put him or her self there.  And the truth isn't a Leftist strong point.  If The Left want to behave like the NSDAP then they'll be treated like them, from the neck until dead. 

Marxism is fundamentally the denial of several facts of reality.  That Human Life is the fundamental moral value.  That things of value are those objects and actions that support and improve human life.   That actual values are identified by the full operation of the rational mind.  Marxism denies more. 
That things of value can be imagined by rational thought and made by real labor.  That the creation of values by labor must be directed by rational thought.   And that the distribution of values must be directed by reason on the basis of consent.  And because the actions of no two persons in the process of production can have equal value the concept of equality on income is clearly invalid.  Marxism isn't a new doctrine.  It's simply a cover for the old barbaric notion of might being right.  That by raising a sufficient number of fists they can negate the real value of real thought and labor.  It's nothing more than an excuse to exercise force.  But reality can't be erased by a show of hands.  Nor can a fact be overturned at the point of a gun.  Every attempt to put Marxist doctrine into action has failed. Without exception.  Every attempt to enforce the doctrine of Marx has resulted in millions of deaths.  From the use of force to compel obedience and starvation from the failure of any Marxist system to produce food.  There's simply no excuse for anyone to believe in or to attempt to enforce the doctrine of Marxism on this or any other nation.  So why is it happening now?  In part because most Americans don't understand whats happening.  The enemy has taken over educational and media establishments.  They put out falsehoods that're believed by some of our people without question.
The limousine liberals, a bunch of folks who haven't quite grasped the fact that Karl Marx was full of it, are calling for a riot when their efforts to regain power over us fail.  That's right, they will take by force that which they couldn't now obtain by consent.  After all, even without the armed forces and the constabulary in the mix, we on The Right still outgun, and out martial knowledge The Left in all of its manifestations.
Once a difference in opinion is criminalized a civil war is inevitable.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

On Gun Control

A firearm is simply a tool.  A firearm is an instrument of political authority.  That why the advocates of "gun control" want ordinary citizens to be disarmed.  A disarmed citizen is politically irrelevant.  A specific horror happened because of the beliefs of the perpetrators, NOT because of their instruments.

The National Rifle Association was founded by former members of the Union Army in 1871 to teach former slaves to defend themselves from the Ku Klux Klan, the terrorist arm of The Democratic Party.  The death toll of the National Rifle Association is zero.  From the rise of the Bolsheviks in 1917 to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 the average daily death toll of Marxists was 3200.  And that doesn't count American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  Who are the murderers?  The Marxist trash who're pushing Gun Control are the murderers.

What part of NEVER AGAIN do the proponents of public disarmament not understand?


Friday, November 27, 2020

It's Happening Again

Those who don't remember history are a highly sought after group of followers.  We identify The Holocaust as the horrible act it actually was.  (And we should be horrified.)  But we're seeing The Holocaust from an objective perspective.  From the subjective perspective the perpetrators of The Holocaust saw themselves (apart from some psychopaths) as being good people doing good things with their victims and opponents as being evil.  We're seeing this again with the Marxists who make up the membership of Anti-fa.  They see themselves as being good and their victims as being evil.  I've said this before: Killing a Marxist isn't an act of murder, it's an act of self defense.  I have a warning for members of Anti-fa, when you Brownshirt someone, don't be surprised that you're treated as a Brownshirt.  I've found through direct experience that the opposition really believe they're the good guys.  If a member of Anti-fa wants to see a Totalitarian, all they have to do is look in a mirror.  We need to deal with members of Anti-Fa as the actual opponents of Humanity they actually are, with deadly force.  (Thanks to Mark Urbin@No Moss Here for the image)

Voltaire said it: Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities. 

To close, I'll say something in the language of the actual leader of Anti-fa, Comrade Lenin: "Ya by skazal vam idti yebat' tvoyu mat', no bylo by spravedlivo sovet."


Thursday, November 26, 2020

National Holiday

 On this day in 1620 some colonists celebrated the survival of their own stupidity.

The Pilgrims were Christian fanatics.  As a result they believed everything Jesus Christ preached, including the doctrine of Socialism.  As economic equality is actually impossible, the Pilgrims would have died off.  But the Native Americans intervened and fed the Pilgrims then taught them how to grow food.  Only a fool or fanatic could believe in the doctrine of Socialism.

Ayn Rand said that Thanksgiving was a celebration of successful production.  But was it actually necessary?

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Teaching Moment

Should the doctrine of Socialism be taught?

The doctrine of Socialism should be taught as the disaster it actually was.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thoughts For The Day

Antisemitism in politics is the practical equivalent of a dead canary in a coal mine, I can't say this often enough.  Antisemitism is bad enough, but it's also a symptom of a deeper political problem. 

Bad people never realize they're bad people.  Bad people routinely virtue signal.  Bad people are raised to believe they're the good guys.  The swastika originated as a good luck sign, it was adopted as a symbol by the DAP, and later by the NSDAP.  A person isn't entitled to a damned thing.

Various assholes around the world might not have as much faith in our weakness as a nation if we would just hang a traitor once in a while.  I should point out here that Socialism is toxic to humans whether it is practiced by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union or the National Socialist German Worker's Party.  It doesn't matter if grape flavoring or orange flavoring is added to the toxic brew, poison is poison.

Politicians never represent the people they supposedly represent.  Those who practice tyranny often don't understand why they're treated as tyrants.  Terror is merely the method.  The ultimate goal is the establishment and maintenance of a state of tyranny.   It doesn't matter if the tyrants calls themselves Communists, National Socialists, or Theocrats, they simply can't be reasoned with.  Negotiations, summit meetings, and other gestures of good will can't stop them.  Like any predatory animal they can only be driven off and ultimately destroyed.  If we are to continue to live a proper human life then the hunting season on tyrants and those who willingly support them must always be open.

If all it took to construct a building was to stack stones upon each other there would be no science of architecture and no point in writing The Fountainhead.  If all it took to fight a war was to use brute force without rational input there would be no science of warfare or any such thing as a military organization.  If all factors were equal in warfare then a simple majority of combatants would win every time.  But in reality all factors are never equal.  Thus the purpose of military science is to identify the factors that favor one side or the other and use or negate those factors to one’s advantage.

Monday, November 23, 2020


In Russia high school students are required to read The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn with assembling and disassembling a standard infantry weapon.  American high school students can't even do that.  American high school students are ignorant of Totalitarianism and tought to fear weapons.  Many American High School students have become advocates of Totalitarianism.  This is clearly wrong. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020


On this day in 1963 in Dallas, Texas, a pathetic little Communist murdered an open opponent of Communism.  He was doing what Communists normally do, commit murder and lie about it.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Reality According To Les

If there's one thing I've certainly noticed, it's that pacifists in general have no objection to enjoying the benefits of civilization but are unwilling to take the measures necessary to defend it from foreign and domestic barbarians.  Such as National Socialists, Soviet Socialists, and the home grown socialists of the Democratic Party.  Contrary to their general delusion of virtue, pacifists are in effect, moral and political parasites upon civilized society.

Peace in the real world is simply the absence of those, such as the socialists, who seek to deprive you, I, and our fellow citizens of our own Life, Liberty, and Property.  Real peace can only be achieved by the physical isolation or outright elimination of those who seek to subjugate, plunder and murder us.  This can only be done through the use of physical force.   In short, true peace can only be achieved only through the possession of superior firepower and the moral will to use it.

The narcissistic trash that makes up the membership of the so-called Peace Movement simply don't care whether you and your children live, or die, or suffer under the yoke of an unwashed barbarian.  They plaster their cars with bumper sticker, carry signs, bang on drums, throw Frisbees, and perform other useless rituals so that they can feel good about themselves and show the world how morally superior they are.  Never mind that they openly deny the fundamental fact which is the foundation of all valid moral law, that Human Life, as a rational being in control of one's own life, is the standard of all moral values.  Those who would damage or destroy Human Life must be removed from society and if necessary be destroyed.  The adherents of pacifism have so inverted their own mental processes that they look upon the perpetrators of mass slavery and mass murder as good and those who take up arms to defend the society of consent as being evil.

Now there are some folks, who regard themselves as morally superior beings, who question why the other bastard has to die.  The answer is that the other bastard is attempting to impose his will, or the will of his leader, upon you by force.  It's the act of coercion by force that makes what General Patton called the other bastard an enemy.   Peace is simply the absence of enemies.  But there's folks, who pretend to be morally superior beings, who would have us believe that "peace" could be achieved by submission to the will of the other bastard.  In reality this isn't peace, it's slavery.  There're some well meaning people, some of whom that I respect, who believe that there're times that one can't have both peace and freedom at the same time.  I have to disagree.   Liberty is simply the condition of existence in which the person is free to live his own life in accordance with his own rational judgment.  This does of course require the absence of some other bastard who is attempting to impose his will upon the person by force.  In practical terms real peace and real freedom are inseparable.  I'll go further is saying that to a civilized person, peace, freedom, and security, are simply three words that can be used to describe the identical condition, the absence of another bastard imposing his will upon the civilized person.  Contrary to what those who describe themselves as peace activists would have us believe, and as General Patton has ably demonstrated, the path to real peace invariably takes us over the real dead bodies of those other bastards who insist on violently imposing their will upon us.  Unfortunately this process is by no means a safe one.   Let us take this day to remember those who died on the path to real peace.

A rational study of the real world would show that a real state of Peace is indistinguishable from a state of Liberty.  A state of Security. Peace, Liberty, and Security are simply three words that a rational person uses to describe the same condition, the rightful ability to live one's own life without coercive interference by others.   A rational study of actual history would show that the state of peace for the citizens of a free nation is the result of the violent elimination of the would be conquerors and their pet quislings. If we rationally examine those who constitute the membership of the so-called Peace Movement we find that virtually every one of them is an open advocate of the coercive subjugation of the productive members of the Human Race.  The occasional exception being a self blinded fool who isn't paying attention to what they're ideologically in bed with.   In short, a Peace Activist and the Peace Movement are in fact enemies of Peace.

Peace is only an affirmative value to those who live in the condition of liberty, that's being in charge of one's self and able to set the goals for one's life.  Peace can't be a value to the subjects of a totalitarian socialist state.  To the victim of such a state, the ordinary worker who's bullied by a commissar, the inmate of a slave labor camp, or the occupant of a darkened cell awaiting murder at the hands of the local chekists, war, either an internal uprising against the socialist masters, or an invasion by an army of liberation, is in fact the positive value.

I could go on about what I really think of peace activists but I'll keep it short by paraphrasing Keith Richards: I don't have a problem with shooting peace activists, I only have a problem with the police.


Friday, November 20, 2020

Thought Experiment

Let's perform a thought experiment.

Let's suppose for a moment that you're the bombardier aboard the Enola Gay on August 6, 1945, you know there're children in the city below you, would still drop The Bomb?

My answer is yes, Binswanger's answer is apparently no.

Harry Binswanger has apparently proclaimed that I have advocated the murder of children.  From the objective point view this assertion is apparently false.

Who's responsible for the deaths brought about by a doctrine?  Those who proclaim the doctrine, or those who oppose the doctrine?  My answer is those who proclaim the doctrine, Binswanger's answer is apparently those who oppose the doctrine.

If the Cold War had gone hot during the Reagan Administration as a trained combat rifleman in the United States Army I would've been on the front line.  Who's responsible for the deaths brought about by Soviet Communism?  Those who support Soviet Communism, like the so-called Peace Movement, or those who oppose Soviet Communism?  

It doesn't matter what age a proponent is, killing them is NEVER murder.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thoughts Of The Day

Enslavement by vote is still the act of enslavement.  A Democratic Socialist is still a Socialist and still an Enemy Of Mankind.

Corruption notwithstanding, the worst of those who who follow Biden and Harris do so out of a belief in their own infallibility.  A large part of this feeling of infallibility comes from their adherence to what they feel to be a inerrant or infallible holy text.  Of course they have paid no attention to the fact that the author of the text was in the failure mode the moment he left school.  My fear is, given my own reading of history is that ending of this mess will involve a machine gun and a really long ditch.

The idea that Jeffery Epstein (who could testify against Hillary) was murdered is being dismissed as a conspiracy theory.  The Mainstream Media Drones are reporting Jeffery Epstein committed suicide.  Only the Mainstream Media Drones as well as those who listen to them believe it.  Any person or organization that objects to the establishment of a system of accountability may not be doing something that they don't want to be held accountable for, but that's certainly the way to bet.

The original National Socialists in Germany had to establish a Reichsministry to bring the press under control.  Yes, it is.  The one thing that the willfully depraved are loathe to do is to acknowledge the fact that there are people who are in fact better in some respect than they are. To make such an acknowledgement is to issue an indictment of themselves and their own actions.  The willfully depraved will murder individuals or even exterminate entire nations before they will recognize the truth about themselves.

As it's the guide to how the Federal and state governments must act with regard to the issue of religion, I'll quote the First Amendment of the Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

It should mean that the force of The State doesn't back a faith.  Scientology interprets this as immunity from prosecution for its numerous crimes.


Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 On this day in 1978 another experiment in socialism failed.

Today's the anniversary of the Murder of Congressman Leo Ryan and the other deaths in what became known as the Jonestown Massacre.  Of course in order to create Jonestown the Rev. Jim Jones, as a self-styled Apostolic Socialist, had to totally ignore the historic one hundred percent failure rate of voluntary socialist communities.  In 1978 The People's Temple was a cult focused on the personality of Jim Jones  and his doctrine of Apostolic Socialism.  Which offered eternal salvation as a trade for self subjugation to the leader.  With this social-political premise the terminal failure of their colony was effectively ordained.   There're limits to what one can do in good faith.  The phrase, "drink the Kool-Aid", which commonly meant to participate in a mass suicide originated at this time.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Thoughts Of The Day

Mentally step back and examine what you believe, you may not like what you find.  The difference between being evil and being stupid is basically a matter of style.

Revolutions happen the state was being stupid.  The Republican Party was founded because the Whig party was being stupid.  The Republican Party is being stupid.  If The Republican Party doesn't clean up it's act, a replacement political party will be founded.

A long deceased cynic from Baltimore once described a democratic election as an advanced auction of stolen goods. 

The worst enemy of a nation is its politicians.  Our colleges and universities used to be centers of tolerance and learning but under the tutelage of the Marxists they've become the centers of ignorance and hatred.  What happened?  I've been wrong, anyone who's read my blog knows I'm horrible at copy editing.  I have to admit that I'm fascinated by politics.  I've even wrote fiction depicting a political assassination.

Monday, November 16, 2020

The Unpunished Crime Of William Jefferson Clinton

From the Objectivist perspective there was a clear problem with David Koresh.  There was a right way to with deal someone like Koresh and it wasn't followed.

What happened?

The local office of the BATF received a report of automatic weapons fire at the residence of Branch Davidians outside of Waco, Texas.  No inquiry was made with the local law enforcement agencies.  Nor did the BATF as allowed under the current regulations send agents out to inspect the federally licenced firearms dealer residing on the site.  The BATF could have arrested Koresh as he made his morning run but did not do so.  With his past history of cooperation with local law enforcement the BATF could have simply asked Koresh to come down to the local sheriff’s station.  Instead the BATF attempted to stage a military style assault, code named Operation Showtime, in order to impart a positive impression of the agency upon the current administration in Washington.  After the task force was driven off the Hostage Rescue Team of the FBI, descended upon the Branch Davidians and laid siege to the residence.

On the day of the massacre the HRT used armored vehicles to destroy the exits from the building and to allow the wind to blow through it and then injected CS gas, known to be inflammable and toxic to children and elderly persons, into the wooden structure.  HRT fired CS rounds, which are incendiary devices into, the building.  A tactic to commit mass murder used by the National Socialists in Poland and Russia was to confine civilians, especially women and children, in wooden buildings and set the structures on fire.  To this day the perpetrators have died in peace or remain at large.

I've reposted on THE NEW RESISTER an article about the Waco Massacre that was originally published on the Libernet Mailing List in 1993.  I'm republishing it here for the benefit of those readers who aren't read in as to why I morally condemn the Democratic Party and those who willingly support them.

My Editorial Introduction.

Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three.

Part Four.

Part Five.


Koresh, if he was alive, would clearly be a mortal enemy of an Objectivist.  But someone has to speak for him.

Here's two thousand words why I'll never vote for The Democratic Party.


Sunday, November 15, 2020

On Gun Control

 Gun Control is clearly a bad idea.  Gun Control is clearly unconstitutional.  In fact the federal agency that's supposed to enforce it, the BATF, needs to be disbanded.  There's no valid excuse to disarm the citizens of a nation.  The Democratic Party has promised to uphold The Constitution.  They've broken that promise, now we must break them.  The Waco Massacre should be treated as the act of state terror that it actually is.

You can replace the words Gun Owner in the mouth droppings of the Democrats with the word Jew in the mouth droppings of any National Socialist, that's how predictable they've become.

The advocacy of a political end can't be separated from the advocacy of the means it's brought about.  The case in this point is that the disarming of The People requires the use of deadly force.  Some advocates of "Gun Control" don't have a problem with this.  In their view reality is subject to a vote and therefore a vote to legalize the murder of citizens who own guns is morally correct.  But Reality is Real.  Reality isn't subject to a vote, and Murder is Murder, no vote by any political body can change that. 

I would replace The Second Amendment with the following:

The People of the United States, being the sovereign authority of the nation, shall not be disarmed.  To petition for, to enact, or to enforce legislation to disarm the People shall be a capital offense.  The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


Saturday, November 14, 2020

Friday, November 13, 2020

Thoughts Of The Day

Antisemitism in politics is the practical equivalent of a dead canary in a coal mine, I can't say this often enough.  Antisemitism is bad enough, but it's also a symptom of a deeper political problem.

One can't achieve balance if one's nose is stuck in the sacred Marxist instruction manual.  Anyone who can't or won't understand the difference between a citizen and a domestic animal has no place in government.  Those persons who don't understand the difference between government and brigandage shouldn't be in government.  Anyone who believes that they're perfect isn't paying attention.  Good intentions never result in large body counts.

The leaders of the Democratic Party (or more accurately, the Despotic Party) whine about how conservatives lack compassion but are invariably unconcerned about the victims of Socialist despots like Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Pol Pot, and the North Korean Kim Dynasty.  The Democratic Party is really nothing more than a gang of despots, traitors, thieves, and murderers. 

Why don't we stop pretending that The Left represents any kind of legitimate political interest?  The fact of the matter is that The Left as it is presently composed is little more than a band of brigands, parasites, and outright moral nihilists.  Unfortunately, the Country Club Conservatives are too busy jamming their noses into each others terminal orifices to notice this and do something about it.  To deny free will is to deny personal responsibility for one's own actions.  And in an age when one can kill more people with the stroke of a pen than with a lifetime's use of a personal weapon that's a pretty useful excuse. 

I've said this before, The Republican Party is too nice.  I prefer the Kalashnikov system over the Stoner system, live with it.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Rant For The Day

A national election is being stolen before our very eyes.  It's not who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes!  The United States of America is heading into another civil war.  The Second American Civil War wont be like the genteel affair conducted by President Lincoln, it'll be a knock drag out fight that makes the Spanish Civil War look like a schoolyard brawl in comparison.  Honest people want cheaters removed, The Democratic Party routinely steals elections.  The Democratic Party need to be identified and dealt with as the criminal gang it actually is.  Big name Democrats need to be identified and dealt with as the Enemies of Mankind they actually are.  For those persons who value political power no act is too vile.  Once differences in opinion are criminalized, the path to civil war is open.

If I've a complaint about The Republican Party it's that they've shown godlike patience with the behavior of The Democratic Party.  Democrats can assault in public those who won't submit to them, destroy property, call for the mutilation ("Lobotomies for Republicans") of opponents, the murder of elected officials who're carrying out their constitutionally mandated duties, and they'll not lift one finger to hurt a single hair on the otherwise useless head of a Democrat.  I once told an editor that I worked for that we needn't rhetorically dehumanize our opponents, all we have to do is accurately describe their ideology and behavior because they've by their own choice dehumanized themselves.

To Democrats the fundamental value is power.  Freedom is the negation of power and therefore must be opposed.  A Democrat wouldn't be caught dead standing up for an actual Human value.  Has anyone noticed that The Republicans are clearly once again the party of liberation while The Democrats have resumed their old role as the party of subjugation?
The worst enemy of any nation are it's politicians.  Having a Democrat whine about someone else engaged in the sexual abuse of others, being corrupt, or having a dictatorial lust for power is like Larry Flynt complaining about someone else being obscene.  If we're to have a future then governmental power has to be limited.  Those who demand unlimited power have to be treated as the Enemies of Mankind they actually are.  But the fact of the matter is that Democrats see people as something to be used. And if a person is unusable by The Democrats, why keep them alive?  The Democrats sent young men to die in the Vietnam War, a Republican administration stopped the Vietnam War.

I've proposed starting a new political party.  

If The Republican Party doesn't clean up its act then we as rational citizens will have no choice but to start a new party if we want to peacefully make changes and restore a rational system of government.  Revolutions (real revolutions, not Marxist ones) happen because the government fails to function.  We in the United States are stuck with two political parties.  The leadership of one party is insane and the leadership of the other party simply doesn't care.  Rank and file members now call establishment members a bunch of Vichy Republicans.

Perhaps its time to start a new political party.  Is a new political party possible?

The answer is, I don’t know.  The opponents of chattel slavery proceeded, even with public opposition.  We, as opponents of political power, have to.  We need to treat exercises of political power, such as censorship, as crimes against Humanity.  We need to treat bans on firearms and free speech as the anti-Human acts that they actually are.  Our political elites have apparently forgotten the lesson taught by our original civil war, that banning freedom doesn’t work.  Our political elites tried to ban the voluntary consumption of alcohol, it didn’t work.  Our political elites tried to ban the voluntary consumption of hard drugs, it doesn’t work.  Our political elites will try to ban the voluntary ownership of firearms and freedom of speech, it will never work.  Our politicians are supposed to do a specific job and they aren't doing it.  We have to start a new political party to go around them.  We don't have a choice.

Let's call our new party the Freedom Party.

Will the Freedom Party replace the Democratic Party?

I don't think so.  What's more likely is that the Freedom Party will replace the Republican Party just like the Republicans replaced the Whigs.

Some people want to behave as Totalitarians, let's treat them as such, in the Nuremberg style

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Thoughts Of The Day

I could go on about what I really think of peace activists but I'll keep it short by paraphrasing Keith Richards: I don't have a problem with shooting peace activists, I only have a problem with the police.

When we look at history, we find that the perpetrators of the great horrors believed they were good people with their victims and opponents being evil.  Some people choose to be evil, we don't have a choice in dealing with them as such.  I now believe that journalism is a mental disorder.  If Joe Biden were to strip naked and walk down Pennsylvania Avenue the Mainstream Media drones would proceed to describe the well tailored suit that he's clearly not wearing.  The problem with this is that The Democrats are a bunch of traitors, thieves, and murderers who don't care how high the pile of human bodies is as long as they're firmly seated on top, and thus are objectively unfit to hold any form of public office.  And if this wasn't bad enough as a former Army combat rifleman who refuses to be an mindlessly obedient drone in the socialist collective I'd be looked upon by The Democrats as some form of vermin.  The Mainstream Media are constantly going on and on about how stupid those who rationally oppose them are.  They're really beginning to sound like the alien invaders in Plan Nine From Outer Space.  There's a clear difference between simply reporting the news and being a propagandist.

Putting a happy face on evil doesn't change the fact that something is evil.  H. Beam Piper once wrote that political revolutions occur in a nation because the ruling class becomes discredited.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Thoughts Of The Day

Some people wander in and read the blog, they repeatedly miss the point.  

Some piece of trash sent me a message, and I quote:

"Just remember however yoy (sic) vote. I'll Be cancelling your vote with mine."

This piece of trash doesn't care how many of us will be murdered so that it will feel good about itself.   I can't stop anyone from behaving as a Totalitarian piece of trash, Conservatives (and Libertarians in general) can treat them as such, from the neck until dead in the Nuremberg style.  Those who support monsters shouldn't be surprised to be treated as monstrous.

The total ideology of The Left can be politely reduced to one word:


Over the previous two centuries The Left has generated immense quantities of text and verbiage to conceal this fact.  But when the results are exposed the true goal of The Left is revealed.  the obtaining of Power as a mode of existence can only be practiced as long as there are victims.   Once the victims have isolated themselves from those who seek Power, or have died off, the power trippers themselves must die off.  Of course The Left is fully aware of this and as a result have actively to maintain their hold on their victims.  Even going as far to use deadly force on some victims to frighten the remainder into compliance.  But because the victims are themselves beings of definite limits even fear as control mechanism will fail as the victims reach their limit to produce.  The system of the power trippers will absolutely fail.  This has happened several times in recorded history but The Left refuses to understand the lesson.

I'm fallible and I've made mistakes.  I made the mistake that opponents of Gun Control were being spoken to, in fact the proponents were being spoken to.  An example is below in italics.

I'd never heard the word "twit" before I began watching Monty Python's Flying Circus on the local public television station as I was growing up.  When the Twitter service became available I avoided it because I associated the name of the service with the concept of "twit."  As reported by, the so called comic Sarah Silverman has unintentionally confirmed the validity of my decision.  Fortunately spittle can't be transmitted through the Internet.  First Silverman addresses us, the real citizens who accept responsibility for the armed defense of ourselves, our families, and our nation, with an apparently new pejorative term: Gun Boners.  The fundamental rule of argument is to address your audience with respect.  This is the case especially with those who clearly disagree with your proposition.  But then Liberals rarely had respect for their opponents or their victims.

The truth is never true to a Liberal.  Horrible things happen because the perpetrators believe they're the good people.  If a Progressive want to see someone who hates all they have to is view themselves in a mirror.  When I was involved with the U of M Objectivist Club we had several lecturers from the Ayn Rand Institute.  One of the lecturers was Dr. Peter Schwartz on the subject of Environmentalism.  The club put up several posters advertising the lecture.  Some of those posters were replaced by leftists with posters with obscenities scrawled on them, including swastikas.


Monday, November 09, 2020


I have some proposals.  

Firstly. let's change the political range to a vertical position instead of a horizontal position.  Near the top we can place the advocates of Liberty.  Near the bottom we can place the advocates of Tyranny.

Secondly, we in the United States are stuck with two political parties.  The leadership of one party is insane and the leadership of the other party simply doesn't care.  Rank and file members now call establishment members a bunch of Vichy Republicans.  Perhaps its time to start a new political party.  Is a new political party possible?  The answer is, I don’t know.  The opponents of chattel slavery proceeded, even with public opposition.  We, as opponents of political power, have to.  We need to treat exercises of political power, such as censorship, as crimes against Humanity.  We need to treat bans on firearms and free speech as the anti-Human acts that they actually are.  Our political elites have apparently forgotten the lesson taught by our original civil war, that banning freedom doesn’t work.  Our political elites tried to ban the voluntary consumption of alcohol, it didn’t work.  Our political elites tried to ban the voluntary consumption of hard drugs, it doesn’t work.  Our political elites will try to ban the voluntary ownership of firearms and freedom of speech, it will never work.  Our politicians are supposed to do a specific job and they aren't doing it.  We have to start a new political party to go around them.  We don't have a choice.  Let's call our new party the Freedom Party.  Will the Freedom Party replace the Democratic Party?  I don't think so.  What's more likely is that the Freedom Party will replace the Republican Party just like the Republicans replaced the Whigs.


Sunday, November 08, 2020


On this day in 1923 Adolf Hitler and his Brownshirts attempted to seize power in Munich in an event that became known at the Beer Hall Putsch. Thus sharing with Lenin, Castro, and that Chavez jackass in Venezuela the distinction of merely being imprisoned for attempting to seize power only to succeed in obtaining power at a later date.  The lesson here is that when someone attempts to seize power by naked force they should be put to death immediately, lest they succeed in taking control of the state and subsequently run up a body count.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Saturday, November 07, 2020


On this day in 1917 something very bad happened in the city of Petrograd (Saint Petersburg) of the former Russian Empire.  Even though the doctrine of Communism has been proven to be a load of toxic nonsense they're still true believers who're trying to impose it upon us.  Apparently 100 (+) million dead isn't enough.  Progressives have set the world standard for stupid since this day.  Since Lenin's coup d'etat (where he and his goons overthrew a democratically elected government) in 1917 the Soviets and other empowered followers of Marx have through starvation and deliberate homicide killed no less than 110 million people, including no small number of helpless children.  That's more than 3200 deaths a day on average.

I've said this for years and I will continue to say it: The advocacy of Communism is the advocacy of mass murder.  There's simply no excuse for anyone to continue to publicly call for the establishment of a political system that has on average killed over 3,200 people a day since Lenin's coup d'etat in November of 1917.  And the death toll continues to rise in Cuba, Mainland China, and North Korea. 

Peter Cresswell on the Bolsheviks and their coup d'etat:

The Bolsheviks were pissweak murdering liars. About the October Revolution, there is nothing—not one single thing—to celebrate.

And the hat tip for this quote goes to Dr. John Ray.



Friday, November 06, 2020

Another Rant

A national election is being stolen before our very eyes.  Honest people want cheaters removed.  The Democratic Party routinely steals elections.  Al Franken gained a United States Senate seat for Minnesota through electoral theft.   For those persons who value political power no act is too vile.

Primacy Of The Citizens

All ten articles of the Bill Of Rights establish without question the primacy and authority of the People over the federal government.  While over the course of the last century and a half real progress has been made to establishing the legal equality of all persons without regard to race or gender.  The socalled Progressive movement has negated all real progress by reversing the relationship between the People and the governments of our nation and the states.  The federal and various state governments have assumed the role of master while the People are condemned to the status of livestock.

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Thoughts Of The Day

It really sucked to be Socrates in the Democratic State of Athens.  The United States of America was established as a Constitutional Republic.   This was an actual form of government that was limited to the exercise of explicitly specified powers.  A Democracy, on the other hand, is an unlimited state which claims the authority to act on the popular will.  The murder of Socrates by a majority vote in the polis of Athens is a clear case in point.  Also the various Communist states are currently claiming to be democracies in order to exercise unrestrained power over their subjects.

In the collectivist version of a social-political order founded on the Primacy of the Parasite the ordinary person is looked upon as a tool to be used, the product of their labor is treated as the property of the collective which is distributed in accordance to those needs which are identified by the leaders of the collective.  An individual who's retired from the workforce requires food, housing, and medical care, all of which is taken from the collective pool of assets without any input to the resource pool from the retiree in return.  From the point of view of the collective leadership a retiree's a liability to the collective.  The good of the collective requires the reduction of such liabilities as early as possible. Thus it's in the best interest of the collective to encourage self-termination by the elderly and the seriously or terminally ill.  And it's also in the best interest of the collective to abort those fetuses that won't grow up to be productive workers in the collective.  And if you think that what I just wrote is outrageous, then think again.  One group of collectivists, the National Socialists of Germany, actually carried out a program of euthanasia on developmentally challenged individuals of all ages.  Anyone who believes that an individual has no inherent Right to Life is capable of believing anything and, as history has demonstrated, capable of doing anything.  One attribute of a Progressive is that they regard those who don't mindlessly follow them to be mindless.  And will commit a fraud to impose their falsehood on a real person.  The Progressives have never had a problem with committing murder.

Might doesn't make right.  Justice consists of getting what you deserve, not receiving what you want.  The absolute last thing the other side wants is justice, because that would result in their extinction. Those who can't properly identify and communicate the clear facts of reality have no place in government or outside of a mental hospital. 

The Holocaust occurred in part because of love.  Love for the nation, love for the race, and love for the leader, Adolf Hitler.

When fighting for one's life, one NEVER uses the Queensberry rules.

Wednesday, November 04, 2020


I have nothing but contempt for the Republican Party.  This is what the decades of compromise have resulted in.  If the United States had a real government the Democratic Party would have been identified and dealt with as the criminal gang it actually is.  Big name Democrats would have been identified and dealt with as the Enemies of Mankind they actually are.  At least one cruise missile would have been projected though the front door of every home George Soros owned.  (Why is that SOB still alive?)

Thoughts Of The Day

The posture of righteousness isn't identical with simply being right.  When one scratches a self proclaimed liberal one will find the fascist underneath.  There's a proper term for those who deny your Right of Life, they're properly called mortal enemies.

One of the functions of language is to serve as the operating system of human thought.  But the function of Newspeak is to prevent correct identification of the facts of reality.  Thus bloodsoaked tyrants  are called liberators are called oppressors.

Il Duce, the original Fascist, used to be a leading socialist intellectual and even received fan mail from Lenin.  The fact of the matter is that the ideologies of Socialism, Fascism, et al, are nothing more than an attempt to give the appearance of legitimacy to old school savagery, which is basically the old stone age practice of beating up other people and taking their stuff.  Nowadays, whenever I see a "progressive" sign on a front lawn or a bumper sticker on a car I think, "murderer."

Whoever wrote Cult Of Personality got Hubbard's number.

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Criticism And Presidential Elections

I normally criticize Republicans, criticism is necessary before correction.  But today I'll criticize Democrats.  What I see on the other side of the isle is a virtual dumpster fire.  The presidential candidate for the 2016 election made Richard Nixon look like a decent and honest guy in comparison (Don't get me started on Bernie Sanders ignorance of history) and the candidate for 2020 is a senile old man who needs to be told where he is.  (There's the corruption thing, but do we need to get into that?)

I want cheaters removed.  The Democratic Party routinely cheats.  A Democrat, Al Franken, stole a senate seat from the rightful winner, Republican Norm Colman.

Sheila Jackson Lee couldn't pass a Turing test if she cheated on it.  Sheila Jackson Lee is so so stupid she hasn't noticed that she's named for TWO Confederate generals.  How does Sheila Jackson Lee get reelected?  The Democrat strategy is to tell dissenters to shut up.  This is straight out of the tyrants handbook.  If The Democrats want to behave as tyrants, then we should treat them as tyrants, in the Nuremberg style.

I've written a lot on the subject of The Left, live with it.

An election in a constitutional republic is a process of hiring someone to perform a constitutionally defined task.  It's not a mystical collectivist ritual for the anointment of a stone age god king.  We don't believe in The Leader Principle.  We don't believe that the stone age god king that The Democrats believe in is in any way the embodiment of a collective will.  And we certainly don't believe that we're in any way subject to what's in fact the personal whim of The Democrats.  We aren't and never will be a living prop in any ideological fantasy.  We won't bind ourselves with the chains that The Democrats offer us.  And we will never embark on the path that always leads to the anonymous ditch outside of a town.

What The Democrats are is believers in what Ayn Rand used to call the Primacy of Consciousness, a belief that reality isn't inherently real but is in some way alterable by a ruling consciousness.  In their case, the Collective, which in many versions of Socialist doctrine has a distinct consciousness of its own.  Some Leftists have gone as far as to claim that the individual perception of actual reality, which invariably contradicts the doctrines of the collectivists, is a form of false consciousness.  The right of the individual is a restraint upon the powers of government and society as a whole. Which is perfectly all right for those of us who're rational and productive.  But to those who irrationally choose parasitism as their mode of existence an individual right is like staring at the muzzle of a shotgun that's aimed at their own heads.

The fact of the matter is that Joe Biden, with his arrogance, ignorance of ethics, economics, and science, and his effectively unlimited desire for adulation and power, is the living and breathing embodiment of everything that's wrong with the Democratic Party in particular and most of the Washington Establishment in general.  The fact of the matter is that the election of Donald Trump was an act of rebellion against the Washington Establishment.

Because a rational individual can't be expected to willfully consent to having a parasite living continually at their expense, the parasite must resort to force and fraud in order to sustain its own life.  Thus the parasite must by necessity favor the establishment and maintenance of a state of dictatorship, with a fully functional apparatus of censorship and repression, and must oppose a free society with a government that is accountable to the citizen body.  The Democratic Party doesn't care how big a pile of human skulls is as long as they're firmly seated on top of it.

"He who has steel, has bread"

– Benito Mussolini
To the parasites, power over the productive is necessary for their very existence.  In short, and I simply can't emphasize this enough: POWER IS LIFE.  Any restraint on that power, be it the freedom of speech and press, the rights to self defense and to bear arms, or the free election of public officials, is a danger to the parasite's continued existence.  On the issue of violent crime it appears that the sympathies of parasites aren't with the victims but are with the criminals, they'll publicly object to the execution of a quadruple murderer but care nothing about his victims.  But then a parasite has a radically different conception of crime and punishment.

This explains why The Left has made the effort to gain control of the Mainstream Media, and why they insist on "shaping opinion" instead of simply reporting the facts.  Their supporters in the media are through the deliberate issuance of falsehoods trying to alter reality.  But reality is inherently real.  Facts are facts.  Or to put it in the simplest terms: A is A.

This editorial was originally published in the Winter 1995 issue (Volume I, Number 3) of THE RESISTER.


Democracy: The Politics of Tyranny

Rights are a moral principle, and each man has inalienable rights over himself, his faculties and his possessions. This moral principle, this objective reality, means that a man has a right to his own person, his mind and body, and therefore his own labor. Furthermore, a man has a right to the productive use of his labor and faculties. Because a man has these rights he must respect these rights in all others. Since each man is sovereign over himself, each individual must consent to any activity which directly affects his person or property before such activity can assume moral legitimacy.

In a rational society founded of the moral principle of rights there can be no force or fraud in the relationship between sovereign individuals. When rights are properly exercised they take nothing from anyone, nor do they compel anyone to act in a manner detrimental to their own self-interest. Notice that the rational exercise of each right enumerated in the Bill of Rights to the Constitution by an individual takes nothing from, or compels, other individuals in their rational exercise of these rights.

Only individuals possess rights. Groups, being nothing more than a number of individuals can, in themselves, possess no rights other than those which are possessed and exercised individually by each member. Hence, a faction has no rights; nor does a gang, a mob, a tribe, a state or a nation. A group may hove interests but those interests do not assume the moral legitimacy of rights. To assert otherwise is to descend into abstract subjectivism, an evasion of reality, where a society is ruled by the-range-of-the-moment whims of its members, the majority gang of the moment, the current demagogue or dictator.

Government is force. No matter how benign or dictatorial, behind every law or regulation or act there is a gun. The authors of the United States Constitution were fully aware of this fact. They recognized that government in a rational society must derive its delegated powers by the consent of the governed and that these powers must be specifically defined by law--the Constitution; delimited by a law higher than government--the inalienable rights of man; and dispersed by permanent separation of powers. For these reasons they specifically and intentionally REJECTED democracy as a system of government. The system of government created by the Founding Fathers, men devoted to the primacy of the source of all rights, man's faculties (which means; reason), was the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

Democracy is the antithesis of the natural rights of man. The philosophical premise of democracy is egalitarianism; not political egalitarianism which holds all men equal before the law (justice), but METAPHYSICAL egalitarianism, the belief that all men are equal in all things. This last construct is such an obvious falsehood that it can carry only one meaning: the hatred of reason. Democracy, by its very definition - rule by majority - is the notion that" might makes right." The exercise of democracy reduces men to mere numbers, and the faction or gang which gathers the greater number of men to its fleeting cause wields the government gun against the minority.

From this view of the subject, it may be concluded, that a pure Democracy, by which I mean a society, consisting of a small number of citizens, who assemble and administer the Government in person, can admit no cure for the mischiefs of faction. A common passion or interest will in almost every case, be felt by the majority of the whole; a communication and concert results from the form of government itself; and there is nothing to check the inducements to sacrifice the weaker party, or an obnoxious individual. Hence it is, that such Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property, and have in general been as short in their lives, as they have been violent in their deaths. Theoretic politicians, who have patronized this species of government, have erroneously supposed, that by reducing mankind to a perfect equality in their political rights, they would, at the same time, be perfectly equalized and assimilated in their possessions, their opinions, and their passions.

--Publius (James Madison), The Federalist X, 1787

Indeed, specific safeguards were designed into the Constitution to prevent the subversion of the constitutional republic and the natural rights of man by political party gang warfare and special interest factionalism inherent in a democracy: the Electoral College (Article II, Section 1) and the election of senators by State Legislatures (Article I, Section 3).

In the case of the former it was specifically intended that the head of the Executive branch of the federal government be elected by Electors chosen by each state legislature in equal proportion to its representation in Congress; NOT by popular vote. This ensured : "No faction or combination can bring about the election. It is probable, that the choice will always fall upon a man of experienced abilities and fidelity. In all human probability, no better method of election could have been devised." (James Iredell, North Carolina Ratification Cttee., 1788)

The latter provision ensured the logical effect of popular election of members to the House of Representatives (whim based legislation) was offset by representatives elected by state legislature to the Senate to guard against Executive and House encroachment on state sovereignty: "The election of one branch of the Federal, by the State Legislatures, secures an absolute dependence of the former on the latter. The biennial exclusion of one-third, will lesson the faculty of combination and may put a stop to intrigues." (James Madison, Virginia Ratification Cttee., June, 1788)

The United States has been descending into the sewer of democracy since the ratification of the 17th Amendment on May 31, 1913. Before every presidential election there are demands by special interest groups to void the Electoral College and resort to popular election of the President. This headlong rush into democracy is evident by the "value" placed on public opinion polls by politicians of both parties (a practice begun by the crypto-communist Franklin D. Roosevelt); as if the opinions and "feelings" of factions, gangs and tribes were a counterweight to the inalienable rights of a single rational man.

The irrationality of democracy was stated most eloquently by Auberon Herbert in his London address on March 9, 1880, before a meeting of the Vigilance Association for the Defense of Personal Rights, entitled; CHOICES BETWEEN FREEDOM AND PROTECTION: "How should it happen that the individual should be without rights, but the combination of individuals should possess unlimited rights?"

--Alexander Davidson

The following was originally published in the eighth (Spring 1996) issue of THE RESISTER and posted online as an ASCII text.

Democracy Is No Excuse


D. van Oort

Democracy is the unlimited rule of the majority; nothing more, nothing less. There is no escaping that such a rule is as unlimited in its scope as it is unmitigated in its severity. In our past, when people did not try so desperately to escape the inescapable, democracy was referred to as "the tyranny of the majority." Men within government did not advocate such a tyranny if they expected to be admired and re-elected. Today, as looters and destroyers, they do.

When you hear the claim, "America is a democracy," it is invariably a response to the reporting or predicting of some inexcusable piece of tyranny, and it usually emanates from the would-be tyrant or from his chorus. Of the many lies concealed within their claim, the first one we need to catch them in is the one that says that they believe that America is a democracy.

Every time one of them uses democracy as an excuse for something tyrannical, that some alleged majority supports, there is another time when he uses a different excuse for the same kind of tyranny while admitting that no one supports it at all. For example; the same President who wanted to "restore democracy" in Haiti, sent American soldiers to Bosnia under foreign command while openly admitting that the majority of Americans opposed it. The same Congress that brought us the assault weapon ban on the belief that a majority of Americans wanted it, brought us NAFTA on the belief that what the majority of Americans want is of no consequence.

Those examples reveal that democracy is not a consistent standard by which political actions are taken; rather, it is simply an occasionally convenient excuse for taking those actions in the first place. The moral code those actions are intended to enforce is altruism, the evil doctrine that one has the right to exist only if he serves others. The intended result of consistent altruism is fascism[1], an omnipotent state to enforce complete servitude. Since evil policies in a constitutional republic require a pseudo-legal cover story to excuse them, fascists have found it more convenient to keep on hand a grab-bag of rationalizations, rather than principled reasoning with which they might have to remain consistent. Our war of attrition against their cover stories brings us to the grab-item called "democracy." We will show that there is no excuse for fascism (or socialism or communism), and democracy is no excuse for an excuse.

Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, can the word "democracy" be found. Neither can one find references to democracy in the works of the Framers in other than disparaging terms. Democracy is a form of dictatorship. Consider that the Declaration of Independence is a statement of American principle, and that while socialism, communism and theocracy deny the correctness and extent of those principles, unlimited majority rule denies statements of principle altogether. Consider that the Constitution limits how the government makes and enforces laws, and that the Bill of Rights limits the specific content of those laws. Socialism, ommunism and theocracy reject those limitations in favor of their own limiting ideologies and precepts, but only democracy rejects all limitations, and quite literally uses that as its selling point.

Democracy is neither legally nor theoretically possible in any country that possesses even a single over-riding legal document. The two simply cannot coexist. When a system such as democracy is touted as beneficial, but is clearly and historically detrimental, the ideas alleged to excuse it obviously fail to do so.

A case in point is democracy's proclaimed moral justification. None has ever been presented. The notion of unlimited majority rule is two thousand years old. In all this time, no one has offered a clear and coherent moral excuse for it. (Consider the excuses you have heard or read.) The closest excuse for this excuse is: "majority rule is right because it benefits the majority." Circular illogic based on the false premise that tyranny is beneficial does not justify anything, nor does it even attempt to explain how it could be right if three voted to send two to a gas chamber. The next step down is: "majority rule is right because it works for the common good." Note that the only change is the addition of a second false premise: that the common good includes the minority of two sent to the gas chamber.

Throughout history and in the present day, advocates of unlimited majority rule have never admitted to anyone what their true justification is. Since democracy sanctions only the group with the greatest numbers, then it ultimately sanctions only the strength of that group. This means: how many votes it can cast, how many picket signs it can carry, how many fists it can swing, or how many bullets it can fire. For two thousand years, the sole moral justification of democracy--the skeleton in the closet--is that MIGHT MAKES RIGHT. Beginning with Socrates' yammering, in acceptance of his death sentence, through Ross Perot's referendums about "taking it to the people," and all the statistics about percentages of idiots favoring gun control, "might makes right" is the sole justification. Nothing else is stated, nothing else is possible, nothing else has occurred in any democracy, and nothing else was ever intended to.

As an alleged moral code, "might makes right" is ageless. It is not an ideology or even part of one. It is not unique to man or to human history. The perceptual-level consciousness of a hyena pack on the Ngorongoro Crater understands and lives by "might makes right." The earliest theropod dinosaurs in the Triassic jungles of Pangaea learned as babies that "might" applied to a nest-mate "makes" a result that was as "right" as they could conceive it. The sensate-level consciousness of the first organism in the universe lived by "might makes right." (It is worth noting that advocates of democracy usually refer to their agenda as "progressive.")

"Might makes right" is the proper code of animals because, to live as an animal, a mind is not required. The human mind is what separates us from animals, and to live as a human, a mind is required. Democracy denies this. "Might makes right" claims that there is nothing that separates us from animals, and that to live as a human-animal, a mind is not required at all.

Advocates of democracy demonstrate very clearly that they believe that. Consider their intellectual excuse for might making right. If force is the determining factor, then principle and fact are not. The most idiotic idea is just as good as the most brilliant. If a group wants one and one to equal three, and can beat up the group that does not, then one and one equal three.

Democracy is pure subjectivism. Advocates of democracy believe that no idea is better than any other (and that that idea is better than any other). They believe that man cannot determine the facts of reality (and that is a fact of reality they have determined). Advocates of democracy contend there exists nothing but subjective whims (but their whims are not subjective). They conclude that there are no facts at all (and that's a fact).

Their excuse for might making right is that all excuses are equally valid. That ugly little confession is the intellectual equivalent of suddenly blurting out a sexual perversion, but while the pervert might notice that he has done this, advocates of democracy remain oblivious. They rarely notice the staggering amount of doublethink in their claims, and are never bothered by it. (If they are philosophy students, doublethink is "profound.") They expect man to renounce his mind just because they have thoroughly renounced their own. They say that a mind is not required to live as a human, and they prove it by showing that a mind is not required to advocate democracy.

One would be right to ask at this point, "Just what color is the sky in their world, anyway?" Now we have entered the most basic branch of philosophy, "metaphysics," which seeks to answer the question of what kind of creature we are and what kind of universe we live in.

Democracy demands that they put the color of their sky to a vote if official answers are to be made concerning it. They must do this because they believe that there are no facts, therefore, they don't know because they can't know.

Their most fundamental belief is that reality is unknowable. The universe is either chaotic mush, one big illusion, or both. To an advocate of unlimited majority rule, man has no objective nature that requires specific rules of conduct because reality itself has no objective nature that can be determined.

The metaphysic of democracy explains the psychology of its advocates. If men can know nothing, but still have desires, then there is no way of knowing how to suppress those desires, or fulfill them. We would be incapable of anything but misery, and unsuited for anything but death. Our universe would not just be unknowable, but evil as well, and would not consist of facts we can build on, but only of a long torturous obstacle course we can bleed in.

If the universe can help us, we have no way of knowing about it until after we have been helped. Thus, we shun self-reliance and promote the welfare state. If the universe can hurt us, we have no way of knowing about it until after we have been hurt. Thus, we fear the black magic inherent in guns. In essence--and you can ask them about this--democracy's advocates say: "We're all just cripples in an evil universe, we can't help it, we can't know any better, we're just animals, so we get to beat you up!" That is their excuse for democracy.

As with all political systems, the results of unlimited majority rule are unavoidably linked to its ideology. If a system is based on good premises, it will produce good results, and will therefore attract good people. If it is based on evil, it will produce evil, and will attract only evil.

Knowledge of reality is easy and begins with any statement such as "existence exists" or "what is, is." Thus, the basis of democracy is a falsehood. Man cannot live by falsehoods, whether personally or socially enshrined. Ignorance means death, and any belief set preaching ignorance will only produce death. Only men who seek destruction will be attracted to democracy.

Advocates of democracy admit with every revealed contradiction that they do, in fact, believe that reality is knowable. Thus, the basis of democracy is an intentional falsehood. Man cannot live by lies, and any ideology preaching lies is designed to produce death, and will attract only fools, liars and killers.

Democracy does not recognize the individual, and thus attracts collectivists. It has no principles to offer, and thus attracts the unprincipled. Its only appeal is to evil because that is its nature, over which even the best man with the purest motives has no control. Those who are evil know very well the nature of the systems they design or support, and the nature of unlimited majority rule will be the same whether it is an excuse for fascism or for anything else. At the very instant democracy is enforced on a population, it begins to destroy that population psychologically.

Ayn Rand once said, "[T]he smallest minority on earth is the individual." This means that every man is always in the minority, and that all other men are, or might be, members of some majority that can murder him at its pleasure. Any man who proclaims that, "it's a dog-eat-dog world," or that, "you gotta get them before they get you," is a man already suffering the psychoses of democracy.

He cannot heal them by joining a group, where democracy begins destroying populations physically. If he joins a minority, the forces of the majority can be unleashed against him today. If he joins a temporary majority, the forces of the next majority can be unleashed against him tomorrow. If he spends his fearful life desperately joining only majority groups -- seeking his "safety" every minute in the no-rules obstacle course of keeping up with one or the other obedient herd -- damning his individuality which sets him apart from them, then the forces of his own mind are already unleashed against him, and he begins to destroy himself mentally and physically.

The forces of the majority have already been unleashed against minority groups of "separatists" (self-sufficient), "cultists" (strong believers) and "extremists" (non-compromisers). Those forces are now being unleashed against ex-majority groups such as the middle-class employees of K-mart. Men spending their lives in pursuit of permanent majority status, who fear to stand out by so much as waving at a policeman, smoking a cigarette, or reading The Resister[2], are becoming used to unleashing the forces of their own minds against themselves.

Man cannot find peace when set up as enemy of all other men; he cannot live by being slaughtered with his group today, he cannot build a future by being slaughtered with his group tomorrow, and he cannot save his soul by slaughtering it himself. Democracy is not a system under which men choose their manner of living, it is a system under which they choose only their manner of death. Such destruction is not an abuse of the system--it IS the system. Democracy is not a system for man; it is a system against him.

On the whole, democracy is an inexcusable excuse to excuse the inexcusable. Fascism is no excuse for lying about believing in American democracy. There is no excuse for believing in democracy in a constitutional republic. There is no excuse for democracy, and democracy is no excuse for fascism.

1 Do not confuse The Resister's use of the word "fascist" with its ordinary use by liberals, communists, and minority pressure groups. Liberals, communists, and minority pressure groups call anybody who opposes their social democratic, statist or tribalist agendas "fascists." Fascism and communism are merely variant forms of statism, which is the collectivist premise that individuals are rightless slaves, and that the state is omnipotent. Both fascism and communism are socialist. Communism is the public (read government) ownership of the means of production, thus abolishing private property. Fascism permits the pretense of property ownership, but without the right to use property for personal advantage -- property must be used for "the public good." (Does the phrase "good corporate citizen" ring a bell? Does the current systematic destruction of the tobacco industry -- to name but the most recent industry -- strike a chord?) JFA Davidson

2 The author is referring to those who read mooched copies of The Resister, but will not subscribe to it because they don't want their name on "a list." This is a craven admission that they want to think for themselves, but they don't want anyone to know about it. Who says democracy doesn't work? 

JFA Davidson.

They're about to learn though direct experience that reality isn't subject to a majority vote.


Monday, November 02, 2020

What's The Difference?

In reality both the Fascisti (and their ideological kin the National Socialists) and the self-styled Progressives of all eras share the same fundamental central idea, a belief in the Primacy of the Parasite.  A belief that treats the ordinary person as a tool to be used, with the product of their labor treated as the property of the collective which in turn is distributed in accordance to those needs which are identified by the leaders of the collective.  And as a rule the needs of the leadership, which is in reality a wish list, take precedence over the actual needs of the productive class.  Because willful parasitism is distinctly different as a mode of existence from that of being a rational and productive person, this leads to distinct differences in how parasites answer moral and political questions.  Where rational people prefer to deal with each other through explicit consent the parasite must take what it needs through coercion, either by fraud or by open force.

Because the parasite must control the productive population it must claim, always fraudulently, a superior status over their victims and must possess complete control over them.  This means that the parasites conception of law and justice is essentially the opposite of that of rational people.  Justice to a parasite is simply getting away with the parasitic mode of existence.  Crime is simply any resistance, regardless of intent or degree, to the actions of the parasite.  And laws are simply an excuse to carry out punitive violence against the producers.  The parasites in their delusion of superior status are tempted to feel that the ordinary productive person is nothing more than an animal.  And because they usually succumb to this temptation they usually seek to control the external stimuli that ordinary humans experience and thus control the behavior of those they have deemed to be livestock.  Thus the establishment of the Reichsministry fur Kultur by the Deutches stat under the NSDAP.  And also recent effort of American Progressives to censor Talk Radio and the Internet in order to reestablish the primacy of the Progressive ideological clique that effectively controls the Mainstream Media and the Internet.

Of course the control of external stimuli doesn't work with rational people.  When the attempt to control by fraud doesn't work the parasites have no alternative but to use open force.  To the parasites the active consciousness of the rational people isn't a normal state but is instead a sign that there's something wrong.  Those who don't obey the self appointed shepherds are looked upon as diseased animals.  Something that must be destroyed before they infect the entire herd.  The systematic murder of whole populations is looked upon not as a mass crime but as a moral necessity in the parasite's view. 

Thoughts Of The Day

Karl Marx didn't work.  Neither does Marxism.  He was racist as shit even for the time.  He hated black and Jewish people with a passion.  His views on Jews were very similar to those of the National Socialists.  People who knew him said he mocked and despised his followers as much as the “bourgeoisie” and felt superior to pretty much everyone. Gustav Techow said “personal domination is the end-all of his every activity”  Marx was the L. Ron Hubbard of his day.  A useless, evil piece of shit who managed to amass a following among other useless, evil pieces of shit and others who were too dim to know better.

Issac Asimov was right!  Violence was the first thing Anti-fa resorted to.

There are more members of American armed forces right now than there where Scientologists at their peak in the 1990's, and every member of the armed forces took an oath to "uphold and defend" the Constitution.  Scientology denies the validity of the Constitution.  Every Scientologist is an opponent of the Constitution.  Every member of the armed forces has to be an opponent of Scientology.

I once had to close a checking account at TCF Bank.  The person I was talking to was making excuses for not complying with my request.  It was only when I told them that I would call the MN Attorney General’s office did they comply.  I suppose it did help that the sitting Attorney General was the DFL goon Skip Humphrey, who had a reputation of being one trench coat short of being a proper Soviet thug.

In reality the Citizens of the United States are the sovereign authority.  As such have the right to publish and speak the truth, and to read and hear the truth, in order to carry out their obligation as the sovereign authority.  The novels 1984 and Atlas Shrugged were written as warnings to Humanity.  Not as instruction manuals for enemies of Mankind.  Justice consists of getting what someone deserves, not receiving what someone wants.  The absolute last thing the other side wants is justice, because that would result in their extinction.  It doesn't matter if you're bitten by a rabid doberman or a rabid poodle, you're still going to get rabies shots.  All forms of authority are based on knowledge and political authority is no exception.  Reality isn't subject to a majority vote.  Anyone who feels that they're automatically right is automatically wrong. 

The Truth is the Truth, regardless of what anyone believes.  Reality is real.  No statement to the contrary can ever change it.

Sunday, November 01, 2020

On Gun Control

Gun control is a bad idea and never works.  Obviously, as an Objectivist I can't advocate a God given right to own a firearm, but I could explain why gun control is a bad idea.

Firstly, criminals will always have firearms.  That's why the worst gun crimes are committed in the most legally disarmed regions.

Secondly, wooden chop sticks are the least lethal eating utensils that could be allowed.  Wooden chop sticks can be used to inflict a lethal injury only with great difficulty.  Asians are stuck with wooden chop sticks while Europeans could use metal eating utensils.  Metal eating utensils (knives, forks, and spoons) can be used as weapons and inflict lethal injuries with less difficulty.  When one legally disarms the citizens, one has to go all the way.

Thirdly, the great martial arts were developed in legally disarmed regions as Asia.  Unarmed combat was taught during Infantry basic training at Fort Benning.  The oath of enlistment includes the promise to uphold and defend The Constitution.  That's why Barack Obama (I won't call him president) had military personel legally disarmed when he was present.  One of the results of legally disarming American citizens will be the development of a distinctly American form of martial art.

Fourthly, the great mass murders of the Twentieth Century occurred in legally disarmed regions.  The great mass murderers (Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, etc) had to disarm their victims before murdering them.  That's why statists (The Democratic Party is a case in point) always advocate and enforce gun control.

The advocates and enforcers of gun control see themselves as good people doing good things with their victims, armed citizens with the NRA, as being evil.  The advocates and enforcers of gun control need to be identified and dealt with as the opponents of Humanity they actually are.