Thursday, March 25, 2021

Noise Complaint

At about 3 PM the tenant in APT 32312 made so much noise that my APT (#2313) was rendered uninhabitable.  A private landlord would have evicted him long ago.  But the MPHA is subject to the Iron Law Of Bureaucracy.

What is the Iron Law Of Bureaucracy?

The Iron Law Of Bureaucracy is that no effort is made than is necessary to collect a paycheck.  I learned about the Iron Law Of Bureaucracy through direct experience.  When I was in the United States Army and stationed in the Harmony Church section of Fort Benning I had a dermoid cyst that had to be removed.  I was notified by receptionist at the troop medical clinic that I'd already missed two appointments to have the cyst removed.  I was never notified that the appointments existed, the receptionist called the company headquarters, twice.  As far as she knew I'd been notified when in fact I hadn't.  Was it necessary for the company clerk to notify me to collect the paycheck?  No.

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