Tuesday, August 31, 2004

President Bush Answers The Ambulance Chaser

From the Rush Limbaugh interview:

What I meant was that this is not a conventional war. It is a different kind of war. We're fighting people who have got a dark ideology who use terrorists, terrorism, as a tool. They're trying to shake our conscience. They're trying to shake our will, and so in the short run the strategy has got to be to find them where they lurk. I tell people all the time, "We will find them on the offense. We will bring them to justice on foreign lands so we don't have to face them here at home," and that's because you cannot negotiate with these people. And in a conventional war there would be a peace treaty or there would be a moment where somebody would sit on the side and say we quit. That's not the kind of war we're in, and that's what I was saying. The kind of war we're in requires, you know, steadfast resolve, and I will continue to be resolved to bring them to justice, but as well as to spread liberty.

And this is the kind of war that cannot be fought by wetting one's finger and checking the direction of the wind.

Remember This?

Aaron the Liberal Slayer dredged this up:

Gosh, I think its been a couple of decades since I picked up a Doonsbury collection.

Michelle Malkin On Self-Labeling

On her blog she wrote:

When will the mainstream media expose the lingerie-tossing ladies of Code Pink for what they really are? "Peace activists?" Bull. They're cheerleaders for blood-spattered socialism, waving around their ideological underwear at the feet of Hugo Chavez like groupies at a Wayne Newton concert.



A friend of mine during the years of the Clinton administration once told me that we had to dehumanize our opponents in our writings. I disagreed. I said that our ideological opponents on the left have already dehumanized themselves, all we had to do as polemicists was simply to describe them as accurately as possible.

First Casualty

The New York Times (and how did this get past the censor) reported:

The harassment of delegates came as organized protests continued to draw thousands of people. The Still We Rise march by advocates for social issues was peaceful, and a Poor People's March, a column several blocks long, proceeded from the United Nations to the Madison Square Garden yesterday after the police decided to let it go ahead without a permit.

When marchers approached the Garden, a police detective was knocked off his scooter. He was then repeatedly kicked and punched in the head by at least one male demonstrator, the police said.

The detective, William Sample, was listed in serious condition at St. Vincent's Manhattan Hospital, where Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly both visited him, the police said. There was no immediate word of an arrest in the assault, but as of 9 p.m., the police said there had been 11 protest-related arrests.

Remember, the Left believes in using coercive force. The Right prefers to deal with others by consent, unless the others really do insist on using force.

(I originally wrote "consent, or else" but it really didn't feel quite right.)

Update at 0535 CDT:

Citizen Smash reports on an act of leftie violence against a Protest Warrior.

Mike Austin on the Kerry Campaign

Mike Austin wrote at RightNation.us:

It's my contention that the Kerry campaign, unless it finds some miracle cure, and fast, will go down as one of the worst, most badly managed, and self-destructive in modern political history.

I suspect that the only way Kerry could win this election now is if Madision Square Garden is within the blast radius of a Soviet surplus suitcase nuke that is detonated by an Al-Quida homicide bomber at the moment that the president and vice-president are standing on the stage together.

We do hope that the Secret Service guys are working on that threat.


Monday, August 30, 2004

Someone Else's Thoughts for the Day

Remarks by actor Ron Silver at the Republican National Convention:

At the end of World War II, General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Allied Commander of the South Pacific, said:

"It is my earnest hope - indeed the hope of all mankind - that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past, a world found upon faith and understanding, a world dedicated to the dignity of man and the fulfillment of his most cherished wish for freedom, tolerance and justice."

The hope he expressed then remains relevant today.

We are again engaged in a war that will define the future of humankind. Responding to attacks on our soil, America has led a coalition of countries against extremists who want to destroy our way of life and our values.

This is a war we did not seek.

This is a war waged against us.

This is a war to which we had to respond.

History shows that we are not imperialists . . . but we are fighters for freedom and democracy.

Even though I am a well-recognized liberal on many issues confronting our society today, I find it ironic that many human rights advocates and outspoken members of my own entertainment community are often on the front lines to protest repression, for which I applaud them but they are usually the first ones to oppose any use of force to take care of these horrors that they catalogue repeatedly.

Under the unwavering leadership of President Bush, the cause of freedom and democracy is being advanced by the courageous men and women serving in our Armed Services.

The President is doing exactly the right thing.

That is why we need this President at this time!

Read the whole speech here.

This Hits A Bit Close...

So What Else Is New?

Mein Gott, I'm beginning to sound like Kurt Vonnegut or Lloyd Dobbins.

So anyway, the commie thugs peace activists presently in New York City are planning to pick a fight confront the NYPD through the techniques of posturing and thuggery creative non-violence.

As Michael P. Tremoglie at Frontpage Mag points out:

However, the ultimate irony of this plan was that it was designed, in part, by a former Vietnam Veteran Against the War (VVAW) colleague of John Kerry. Joe Urgo – now a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party – was one of John Kerry’s VVAW executive members. It has been alleged that Kerry was part of the committee that authorized Urgo’s trip to North Vietnam, “to produce propaganda audio tapes to be broadcast over Radio Hanoi for the purpose of attempting to convince American troops to desert their duty and units in South Vietnam. ”

I sincerly hope that the NYPD will bash the brains of these would-be marxist tyrants out on the pavement show the demonstrators all due respect for their depravity courage of their lust for power convictions.

Now I'm beginning to sound like Mr. Subliminal.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Feel The Tolerance

Despocrat shows no respect for freedom of speech on this video.

Found In The Trash

Shiplord Kirel at Little Green Footballs found an interesting piece of trash:

RNC Protest Emergency Number
I hope you never need this but write it on your palm anyway.

If you are arrested or detained, call the National Lawyers Guild at 212-679-6018. They will also have 400 to 500 lawyers and legal observers in the crowds on Sunday. They are wearing green hats.

The National Lawyers Guild is a front group for the Communist Party USA.

So what else is new?

Bad Idea of the Day

A film title:


We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Someone Else's Thought of the Day

CCR at Little Green Footballs wrote:

To be an anarchist is to advocate the overthrow of all civilization. This implies a whole lot of murder and is therefore logically not protected speech. It is, in fact, treason. Throw the book at them.

North of the Zone

Little Kim's mistress died of something other than sudden lead poisoning:

SEOUL, South Korea - A mistress of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il — whose son with him is considered a possible successor — has died of an illness, according to media reports.

Ko, 51, reportedly enamored Kim while working as a folk dancer. Her son, Jong Chol, once studied in a Swiss school and is believed to be have worked at the propaganda department of the North's ruling Workers' Party of Korea.

So the son of Little Kim went to a Swiss boarding school and now produces reams of socialist bullshit.

Just like John Kerry.

Friday, August 27, 2004

In Other News

Today Senator Kerry said:

I will make any promise, switch any position, and strike any pose in order to become your President.


He didn't really say that?

Never mind.

Loud and Rude Rant of the Day

Some hard lefties are holding a conference on the subject of "Life After Capitalism."

The price of the kick-off session, "Beyond Bush: An Evening of Visionary Resistance," is "$10 to $20 on a sliding scale" with "ticket discounts available for low-income groups." Note that discounts go to low-income "groups," not low-income individuals. Those classified by class as bourgeoisie, in short, need not apply, even if, as individuals, they’re broke.

Gosh, what a surprise.

Of course there are some questions that will never be raised at the conference, such as:

"What part of 'NO' do you not understand?"

"What part of 'NO, I'M NOT YOUR FUCKING SLAVE' do you not understand?"

"What, a body count of no less than ONE HUNDRED MILLION wasn't enough for you motherfuckers?"

"What part of 'FUCK OFF AND DIE' do you fucking murderers not understand?"

As I have stated before I truly believe that the hardcore adherents of communism should actually have to experience communism from the victim's point of view. The quickest, least expensive, and least psychologically damaging to the guys who have to do the dirty work, means of imparting this experience would be to drag the marxists out to the nearest municipal sanitary landfill and fire one pistol round in the back of the marxist's head. The remains would then be deposited in the landfill with the rest of the garbage. Too bad our Constitution doesn't allow this.

The last time I suggested such a course of action some leftist troll wandered in and used the comments function to call me the "embodiment of all evil on earth." But given the leftist habit of using words in a manner opposite of their actual meanings I would have to take such a statement as a high compliment.

Feel free to suggest more question for those fucking murderers in the comments section.

Addition To The Blogroll

Read this and you'll know why.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Stupidity In Action

Students in Gwinnett County, Georgia, are protected from evil influences:

A student at Grayson High School, in Gwinnett County, was stopped by a school administrator when he was spotted wearing the shirt that read "Hempstead, NY 516), a reference to the Long Island town, and its area code. But, the administrator only saw the first four letters of the town's name, and believed it to be a drug reference.

After some pulling of some heads from some anal orifices a female school district spokesdrone said:

"We will remain vigilant in addressing references to drugs because we feel that its very important to maintain a safe learning environment," she said.

I have a couple of suggestions:

First, expel the bullies.

Second, get rid of the advocates of violence against innocent people, you know, the socialists, who are standing in front of the blackboards.

In the related story:

The town of Hempstead, N.Y., has a message for Gwinnett County school administrators: Before you target a student wearing a Hempstead shirt, look at a map.

This Is Parody?

Scott Ott reveal the President's new campaign strategery:

"I can't change people whose hearts overflow with hatred," said the president. "So I'll just focus on rallying those whose minds are still open. We're going to target what you call your sentient beings."

A Question

Isn't the phrase "anarchist leader" a contradiction in terms?

Fifty of the country's leading anarchists are expected to be in the city for the Republican National Convention, and a handful of them are hard-core extremists with histories of violent and disruptive tactics, according to police intelligence sources.

But then anarchist is really a synonym for barbarian.

Police said each of the 50 have up to 50 followers who are willing to be arrested during disturbances at the convention. This group, police say, is expected to engage for the most part in civil disobedience, including sit-ins in front of delegates' buses. They also may stage more direct-action tactics, such as vandalizing McDonald's and Starbucks.

When greenie rioters attempted to disrupt a genetic engineering conference that was held in Minneapolis about four years ago a homemade toxic gas emission device was found in the men's room of a nearby Mcdonalds.

And a 20-year-old New Yorker who allegedly leads "The Organization" is advocating shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge, and hurling bricks followed by Molotov cocktails through the windows of military recruiting stations, according to these reports. The man has four minor arrests for nonviolent offenses and the Daily News is withholding his name.

The path to peace and liberty invariably takes us over the dead bodies of thugs and tyrants, or in the case of the anarchists, thugs who would be tyrants.

Well, Yes...

Sane scientists declare Blade Runner the best science fiction film.

Deep Thought

To a barbarian peace is the absence of resistance.

To the civilized peace is the absence of barbarians.

Any questions?

Barbarism In Action

I found this in a SwiftVets forum:

The woman told me she had been a nurse in Nam. She went on to say that there were times when they, the nurses, went into villages and helped injured or otherwise unhealthy civilians living in them, as well as taking care of troops.

She told me that she was in Nam from 67-69. That while there, she never saw our guys do atrocities, but she saw the results of Cong atrocities.

She went on (rather tearfully) to tell me how she came home and, because her roommate (a nursing friend she knew before she left) had the evening shift, she said she would walk home from the Trailways station. Which she did. About 3 blocks from her apt., she was dragged into an alley and raped by "three dirty hippy boys" who kept saying "you like baby killers? We'll give you a baby to kill, baby!"

She did end up pregnant, did not seek an abortion, and her son (age 34) is now serving in the Marines in Iraq. There's a whole lot more to the story, but she told me that she PERSONALLY BLAMES KERRY for her rape all those years ago.

Uh, Huh

Channel seven in Chicago reports:

A former personnel assistant to Chicago doctor William Kennedy Smith filed a lawsuit Wednesday accusing the nephew of the late John F. Kennedy of sexually assaulting her inside his North Side home in 1999.

So what else is new?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

And Then She..

Dana the Landlady has gone back to school, unfortunately she is stuck with a socialogy class that is "taught" by a true believing marxist.

(I know, after running up a bodycount of at least a hundred million, how could anyone still teach such a doctrine?)

She's talking about taking some serious sedatives before going to class.

Unpleasant Truths

The Ocean Guy has this to say about Jean-Francois Kerrie:

The problem is Kerry's activities after the war... The problem is Kerry trying to be an anti-war war hero. It just doesn't make sense.

I strongly suspect that Kerry's actions would make perfect sense to any committed socialist. Remember, socialism is a systematic and aggressive assault on the rational and productive in society, Kerry's resume actually makes him the almost perfect candidate for the job of Big Brother. (You didn't actually believe that he was running for president, did you?)

First, there's his admission to being a war criminal, which is to say his demonstrated willingness to deliberately exercise deadly force on innocent people, a course of action which has been demonstrated over time to necessary to the imposition of socialism. Of course his actions also had the additional effect of sabotaging the effort to win the hearts and minds of the indigenous people, few things will more effectively lose the hearts of the people you're supposed to be protecting than blowing out their brains.

Second, there's his record in public life, both as a traitor anti-war activist and as a holder of public office. His well recorded efforts to defame, disarm, and plunder our Republic and its citizens places him higher in the esteem of the left than, let's say, the record of a certain champion swimmer and ladykiller from Massachusetts.

Third, there's his marriage. One may ask, how could a good socialist marry for money?

Well, that √úberparasit Karl Marx did it, but that's not important here. What is important is that money is a tool, in normal use it is a means to facilitate the exchange of goods and services between productive people. But in the wrong hands it can be used to support those who are attacking our civilization from within, as Teresa's share of the Heinz fortune is being used today.

Granted, he doesn't have the charm of Bill Clinton or the vagina special qualification of Hillary, but Kerry is very much best candidate for the highest office from the socialist point of view.

Still a Quagmire

Rand Simberg gets it right:
Sixty years after Paris was seized by the "Allies," and the beginning of the American occupation, France remains a failed nation, mired in political corruption and beset by vast pockets of Muslim extremism, into which the gendarmerie fear to tread. The economy continues to struggle under economic policies driven by failed ideologies, and many of its best and brightest continue to flow out of the country, with only ex-dictators and their families, and hysterical movie stars willing to move there.

Sadly, history has born out the predictions of those who warned against invading in the spring of 1944. Many had pointed out what a poor prospect the region was for any kind of democracy, with its long history of belligerence and arrogance, and failed republics.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Don't start a fight you are not prepared to finish

"Bring. It. On." has become "Make. It. Stop".

This Is Sick, Continued

Cox and Forkum on the subject:

Iran Focus writes:

On Sunday, August 15, a 16-year-old girl in the town of Neka, northern Iran, was executed. Ateqeh Sahaleh was hanged in public on Simetry Street off Rah Ahan Street at the city center. The sentence was issued by the head of Neka’s Justice Department and subsequently upheld by the mullahs’ Supreme Court and carried out with the approval of Judiciary Chief Mahmoud Shahroudi.

In her summary trial, the teenage victim did not have any lawyer and efforts by her family to recruit a lawyer was to no avail. Ateqeh personally defended herself. She told the religious judge, Haji Rezaii, that he should punish the main perpetrators of moral corruption not the victims.

From Free Iran News:

The animosity and anger of [local judge] Haji Reza was so strong that he personally put the rope around the girl's delicate neck and personally gave the signal to the crane operator, by raising his hand, to begin pulling the rope.

Amnesty International has also issued a statement:

Amnesty International today expressed its outrage at the reported execution of a girl who is believed to be 16 years old, Ateqeh Rajabi, in Neka in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran, on 15 August, for "acts incompatible with chastity" (amal-e manafe-ye 'ofat). Ateqeh Rajabi was reportedly publicly hanged on a street in the city centre of Neka.

Amnesty International is alarmed that this execution was carried out despite reports that Ateqeh Rajabi was not believed to be mentally competent, and that she reportedly did not have access to a lawyer at any stage.

The execution of Ateqeh Rajabi is the tenth execution of a child offender in Iran recorded by Amnesty International since 1990. Amnesty International has urged Iran's judicial authorities to halt further executions of child offenders - people who were under 18 years old at the time of the offence. This is to bring Iran's law and practice in line with requirements of international human rights law.

But that would be a "man made law" in the eyes of the mullacracy and thus invalid.

Ateqeh Rajabi was murdered by a depraved old man. She was only an offender in the eyes of Sharia, the legal code divinely ordained by Allah. Why should anyone believe that Sharia is the true law? Because the illiterate paedophile rapist, thief, and murderer that Allah appointed to be his final and irrevocable spokesman said so.

The only way to "bring Iran's law and practice in line with requirements of international human rights law" is to invade Iran, hunt down and kill the mullahs and their death squads, and establish a true republican form of government.

And if that gives the socialist filth posing as pacifists a collective heart attack, so much the better.

Faster please.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Thought for the Day

John Kerry is clearly someone who could not be trusted any farther than he could be thrown by anyone.

I would not even attempt to throw him as that would require that I actually physically touch him.


Stiff of the Day

Last night I delivered a pizza to an ethnic gentleman who for an order valued at $17.71 , tendered the amount of $17.75. This asshole was wearing a gold (or gold plated) chain with some manner of hideous pendant hanging from it, what was in the vernacular of the gutter called "bling bling."

One should think that someone who obstentatiously shows off his apparent prosperity in such a vulgar fashion should be able to give a working fellow a decent tip.

A Question

What ever happened to the bright shiny future that we were supposed to have?

This Is The End (Dum Dum Dum) Beautiful Friend, The End...

Cox and Forkum brings us the Jean-Francois Kerrie production of Christmas in Cambodia:

Or: A Crock O'Shit Now!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Someone Else's Thoughts For The Day

Cornholio at Little Green Footballs has a suggestion for an islamdroid:

My guess is Reza is an American college professor.

Reza, I suggest you conduct the following academic experiment to prove your theory that Iranian justice is superior to the

corrupt, unjust, man-made laws of [our] degen erate Western culture.

Stand up in any American court, tell the judge "your honor, you, sir are Maroon, and the court is a nin-cow-poop."

After you are done enjoying an evening of free room and board in the local slammer buy a plane ticket to Iran and say the same words to an Iranian "judge". After all, you have nothing to fear since, as you say, Iranian "judges" are

highly educated, experienced, and knowledgeable in Islamic law.

I will enjoy reading of your hanging in the news.

This Is Sick

A sixteen-year old Iranian girl is murdered by a mullah after being raped.

Sharia is not a code of law, sharia is the anti-law.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Why The Left Hates President Bush

Or at least one cause of the hatred:

The Left in its fundamental form is a group of essentially parasitic beings that wish to demolish the present consent-based American social-economic structure and replace it with a coercion-based political order that they regard as morally superior. Unfortunately for us the Left's ideal version of America strongly resembles a √úberkonzentrationlager with themselves as the commandants and overseers. Anyone who stands in the way of the Left in their quest to subjugate the American republic -- policeman, citizen soldier, or President Bush -- is retorically blasted as being the vilest of monsters while those who have consistently demonstrated their hatred of American liberty, such as John Kerry, are worshipped as though they were the enactors of the divine will. Given the Left's preference for the use of coercive force, being a combat veteran, experienced in the use of force, is actually a plus for their candidate in their actual view. Thus its should not be a surprise that Kerry was, like Hitler before him, trying to play the war hero card in the presidential election. (Of course Hitler actually earned his Eisenkreuz.)

Real Swift Mister Gore

I'm led to wonder if any of the liberal dumbfucks minded people who actually believed Al Gore's claim that he had invented the Internet are angry at him tonight.

Dean Esmay has some thoughts about unfolding disaster that is overtaking Jean Francois Kerrie's (sic) campaign as a result of the stagnant swamp mainstream media being unable to block or otherwise interfere with the dissemination of the Swift Boat Veteran's version of Kerry's tour of posturing duty in Vietnam.

Mr. Esmay concludes by saying:

But here's the bigger story: The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Boston Globe are no longer the arbiters of what's important and what's not, of whose criticisms of our politicians will be heard and whose will be ignored.

The Internet has detected the mainstream media as a form of censorship and simply routed around them.

Which is not a surprise as the internet was originally developed by the Defense Department as a means of maintaining communication in spite of enemy action.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Deep Thought

Anyone can be a poseur, this takes no effort and entails no personal risk. But when someone takes action it shows the essential emptiness of the posture and that the poseur is a worthless little creep.

Oh, and it hurts the poseur's feelings too.

Gosh, What A Surprise?

You can take me anywhere
I'll strip down to my underwear
If you give me half a chance

-- Hoodoo Gurus, Miss Freelove of '69

Kerry staff lawyer gets busted:

DETROIT (AP) -- Former Michigan Democratic Party chairman Melvin "Butch" Hollowell faces a citation on accusations he solicited a prostitute, according to a broadcast report.

Hollowell, who left his Democratic Party post earlier this month to join John Kerry's national legal team, was pulled over Tuesday night after picking up a woman on Woodward Avenue, not far from his home in Palmer Woods, Detroit station WDIV-TV reported.

Even if the Despocrats hadn't nominated a candidate of unquestioned treacherousness this still wouldn't be a scandal for them.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Future Darwin Award Winner

The offense minister of Iran makes noises:

DOHA (Qatar) - Iranian Defence Minister Ali Shamkhani has warned that Iran might launch a pre-emptive strike against United States forces in the region to prevent an attack on its nuclear facilities.
Ali should pull his head out of his ass or his koran (as if there is a difference) and pay attention to reality.

The Imperial Japanese Navy attacked and sunk ships in the United States Navy anchorage ar Pearl Harbor in order to prevent the U.S. Navy from interfering with the Japanese seizure of oil fields in what is now Indonesia. Less than four years later the U.S Army Air Force was erasing Japanese cities daily with incendiary bombing (and a couple of nukes) and the Navy, Army, and the Marine Corps were preparing to invade the main islands of Japan.

The short version is that attacking an American force anywhere in the world is a really, really, really bad idea. And that false god of Ali's is not going to protect him (or any other historically challenged idiot) from the wrath of America.

Informing the Masses...

That is how Bitter Bitch puts it as she points out why John Kerry's pretty much only got his terrible voting record on guns to speak against him.

It's time to come out of the Cold War.

James Taranto points out:
... Kerry seem[s] to be making a fetish of preserving Cold War-era alliances and institutions, even if it means sacrificing U.S. security interests. Given who's proposing change here and who's resisting it, you really have to wonder just who the "conservatives" are.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Topical cartoon

Jessica says
My guess is that upon seeing this Bill Mauldin cartoon many will immediately think of John Kerry.

For one reason or another

Answering questions vs. Tourture

THE LEFT'S WAR ON THE FBI by Michelle Malkin
"The knock on the door from government investigators asking about political activities is the stuff of totalitarian regimes."

Oh, give me a break. Getting shocked with cattle prods for practicing one's faith is the "stuff of totalitarian regimes." Getting locked up in an iron maiden for losing a soccer match is the "stuff of totalitarian regimes." Answering a few questions about possible domestic terrorism is the stuff of responsible citizenship...


During the First World War the venerial disease infection rate was significantly higher for officers of the French army than it was for the enlisted ranks because many officers refused to submit to the "shortarm" inspection.

The officers objected to having their honor questioned.

No Surprise

The 1994 ban on certain semi-automatic weapons was not effective:

The federal assault-weapons ban, scheduled to expire in September, is not responsible for the nation's steady decline in gun-related violence and its renewal likely will achieve little, according to an independent study commissioned by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

"We cannot clearly credit the ban with any of the nation's recent drop in gun violence. And, indeed, there has been no discernible reduction in the lethality and injuriousness of gun violence," said the unreleased NIJ report, written by Christopher Koper, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

The ban was also a deliberate attack on innocent people. That fact alone made it wrong, though that hasn't stopped the Despocrats from attempting to renew it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

My Horoscope From THE ONION

Sagittarius: (Nov. 22—Dec. 21)

When the aliens finally arrive, they'll be much less advanced than anyone expected, as evinced by your maiming under the bald tires of their out-of-control '79 Buick.
Having driven a '79 Buick I can say that they suck.

So Anyway

Real economist affirmatively mentioned in animated series.

Fashion Statement

Mr. Lilieks fears the onset of another age du merde in common fashions.

I would have to agree with him.

That's why I usually wear all black.

So What Else Is New?

Illinois democrat behaves like a socialist thug.

CHICAGO - Mayor Richard Daley apparently doesn't subscribe to the notion that it is unwise to argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel.

In the last few weeks, the mayor has been battling the city's largest newspaper — the Chicago Tribune — accusing it of favoritism, double standards and revenge. Although Daley has never been shy about blasting the media when he reads a news story he doesn't like, this fight has escalated well beyond red-faced tirades.

Daley has threatened to shut down one of the Tribune Co.'s most valuable assets: Wrigley Field, the storied home of the Chicago Cubs.

Which begs the question: Hey asshole, what part of "freedom of speech, or of the press" did you not understand?

Slow Day

For me anyway.

Here's an old rant of mine.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Thought for the Day

Those who say that the United States should have invaded Iran instead of Iraq would have us make the same mistake Hitler made when he invaded Soviet Russia while leaving a free Britain alone to continue their fight in his rear. It makes no sense to leave an active opponent, such as Saddam, alone in a position to hurt your forces while pursuing an ultimate objective.

Of course if a liberal learned to think these things through then he or she wouldn't be a liberal.

A Deep Thought

The innocent may be attacked at little or no risk, legislation targeting innocent persons allows a political party, notably the Democrats, to strike a heroic pose while avoiding the difficult if not dangerous task of apprehending and punishing actual violators of life, liberty, and property.

So what else is new?

What The (BLEEP!)

A Chicago suburb issues tickets for sobriety.

So what else is new?

If there's one thing more dispicable than an Illinois Nazi, it would have to be an Illinois Democrat.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

This Is Wrong

The Security Officer in this incident should be sacked.

Follow the Links

I followed some links from the Instapundit and came to this translation of a French policy paper from 1945 which laid out the foundations of present day French foreign and domestic policies.

In view of this I believe that France should henceforth be identified and treated as a hostile political entity and be included in our Strategic Integrated Operations Plan for nuclear war.

A Deep Thought

If the Established Media actually exercised their right to publish the truth the Democratic Party would be effectively reduced to a handful of loonies who hold their meetings in the back room of a leather bar.

Friday, August 13, 2004

This Is Inexcusable

Marine denied seat on bus.

Update: Brian B has a interesting rant on the incident.

The folks running Greyhound should make a very public example of the driver before they start losing customers.


A Matter of Perspective

Ralph Peters mentions something deadlier than terrorism"

The losses are catastrophic. Over fourteen times more Americans dead than we lost on 9/11, and almost fifty times as many as have died in Iraq since Saddam Hussein’s statue fell.

In 2003, 42,643 people died on America’s highways.

I cite this number to put some of the outrageous claims made by the Left into perspective. To listen to their rhetoric, you’d believe that our efforts in Iraq are a bloody disaster with few parallels in history. But the fact is that more Americans are going to die on our roads this Labor Day weekend than we’ve lost in the occupation of Iraq.
Unfortunately, there is no "total perspective vortex" that we could dump liberals into.

Mr. Peters also has something to say about a certain bunch of poseurs:

When someone who has never served in uniform, who will never serve in uniform, whose children will never serve in uniform, whose relatives don’t serve in uniform, and who doesn’t even know—or want to know—anyone who actually serves in uniform tells you that they’re speaking on behalf of our troops, you know you’ve met an Olympic-level hypocrite, a vampire sucking the blood of America’s best.
I must say that when I was in the Army the thing that I found most annoying (to put it mildly) was the mob of pro-communist traitors group of pacifists that had parked themselves outside the front gate of Fort Benning to whine that we were teaching members of the Salvadoran Army to hunt down and kill murder the marxist murderers local agrarian reformers.

The left was and continues to use the right of civilized discourse as a means of bringing about the end of civilization itself.

Those who do not scruple to exploit our soldiers as a political tool—against the wishes and convictions of the soldiers themselves—and who previously had no time for the sort of “inferior” human being who was “foolish” enough to join our military, deserve a taste of reality, a first-hand introduction to the cruelty of the world beyond our shores.

They won’t get it, of course. Because our troops are overseas fighting to protect them. And even the terrorists don’t think the liberal-arts faculty lounge is important enough to bomb.
I think we should create a reservation for hardcore Islamists, a Talibanistan, to serve as a macrowolfpit that we could dump liberals in so they could receive a first hand view of some of the evils that they insist on denying.

Ralph Peters has one more thing to say about the left:

The American Left is out of ideas, out of morals and out of simple decency. All they can do is to shout, lie and pretend to care about those American citizens—our troops, inner-city minorities and the average working man and woman—for whom they don’t give a tiny shred of a damn.
Absolutely God-damned right.

Random Thoughts

Doctor Sowell puts things into perspective:

Alaska is much larger than France and Germany -- combined. Yet its population is less than one-tenth that of New York City. Keep that in mind the next time you hear some environmentalist hysteria about the danger of "spoiling" Alaska by drilling for oil in an area smaller than Dulles Airport.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

An Apology

When I chose to use "Our Motto Is Apocalypse Now" as the title of a rant concerning the lengths that the Democrats would go to in order to regain power and their probable response to losing the election, I was not aware that the question of whether or not Mr. Kerry had entered Cambodia on a secret mission during his abbrieviated tour of duty was at issue.

I'm sorry for any confusion that this may have caused.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

New Kerry Endorsement

Viet Cong veterans for Kerry say:

"Despite what the American swiftboat veterans claim, we know that John Kerry is a true leader who lifted our morale at a time when we were concerned that we might lose the war," said an unnamed spokesman for VCVFK. "He is not a narrow nationalist who believes that America is always right. He's willing--even eager--to admit his own nation's shortcomings. This is the kind of man we need in the White House."

Full Mental Jacket

Found this in a Photoshop thread on Fark.com

(I'm sorry to say that there is a lot of anti-Bush crap on the thread.)

In Other News

Kerry Unveils One-Point Plan For America:

Delivering the central speech of his 10-day "Solution For America" bus campaign tour Monday, Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry outlined his one-point plan for a better America: the removal of George W. Bush from the White House.

A Horoscope

Someone else's (she knows who she is) from The Onion:

Taurus: (April. 20—May 20)

Government officials will call your new doomsday device "brilliant in its simplicity" and "a marvel of American ingenuity," but they won't be able to say so for long.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

A Deep Thought

With all the noise about Comrade Kerry's amazing Kodakrome trip to Cambodia an idea sort of popped into my head.

How about an episode of "The West Wing" directed by Francis Ford Coppola?

"Washington, [BLEEP!], I was still only in Washington."

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

What Would Mao Say?

He'd probably blow a fuse.

A woman using her cell phone in Beijing. Chinese people are expected to send 550 billion short messages this year, doubling mobile phone operators' revenues to some 6.7 billion dollars(AFP/File/Frederic Brown)

Nothing To Fear, Really...

Comrade Botox and his mealticket wife made some noises in Missouri.

Speaking of the present Attorney General, Mr. Kerry said:

"There's nothing conservative about a certain attorney general from somewhere who stomps on the civil rights and civil liberties of Americans."
Well yes, but Mr. Ashcroft hasn't incinerated any children or leaned on any television networks to fire an actor because he wouldn't kiss his ass, has he?

Who would be a suitably thuggish successor to Janet Reno?

Do we really want to know?

Of course ketchup girl Mrs. Kerry had to speak up too:

"We don't have to fear being hung from a lamppost or shot or sent to jail. Not yet. Not yet. And please God, not ever."
Now why would anyone, even a conservative, want to shoot or hang you? You're not planning to commit treason, disarm the citizens, attack innocent people, impose total socialism, or do anything sufficiently toxic enough to warrant a lethal force response, are you?

Perhaps we should take up collection to buy this couple a matching set of His and Hers straightjackets?

Update: Meanwhile in Arizona, the NAU College Republicans stage a counterrally.

Genius In Action

Engineering students invent a cooling blanket for beer kegs.

Not everyone is happy about it:

"It's always a concern when we seem to make it easier to transport alcoholic beverages and we're not sure if they are going to be drinking while their transporting it or when they get to their destination," said Lexine Darden, a MADD victim services coordinator in Cleveland.

"It's always a concern whenever you have a new gadget that makes it easier for people to party," Darden said.

All I can say is that some folks are pretty lame.

(Les has just turned on "VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders" with Bill Shatner. Les expects that he'll be watching it for a while.)

Monday, August 09, 2004

Am I A Goth?

The Mistress of Source posted the following questionaire from a Catholic church on a registration required forum on an independent filmmakers site, thus I reproduce it here:

If Your Child is a Gothic, Reform Through the Lord!

Listed below are some warning signs to indicate if your child may have gone astray from the Lord.

Gothic (or goth) is a very obscure and often dangerous culture that young teenagers are prone to participating in. The gothic culture leads young, susceptible minds into an imagined world of evil, darkness, and violence. Please seek immediate attention through counselling, prayer, and parental guidance to rid your child of Satan's temptations if five or more of the following are applicable to your child:

-Frequently wears black clothing.

-Wears band and/or rock t-shirts.

-Wears excessive black eye makeup, lipstick or nailpolish.

-Wears any odd, silver jewelry or symbols. Some of these include: reversed crosses, pentagrams, pentacles, ankhs or various other Satanic worshipping symbols.

-Shows an interest in piercings or tattoos.

-Listens to gothic or any other anti-social genres of music. (Marilyn Manson claims to be the anti-Christ, and publicly speaks against the Lord. Please discard any such albums IMMEDIATELY.)

I listen to pretty much anything by RUSH.

-Associates with other people that dress, act or speak eccentrically.

Yes. Gamers.

-Shows a declining interest in wholesome activities, such as: the Bible, prayer, church or sports.

Yes. I'm an atheist who hasn't sat through a football game since the Vikings lost the Super Bowl for the fourth time.

-Shows an increasing interest in death, vampires, magic, the occult, witchcraft or anything else that involves Satan.

I ran a Dungeons and Dragons session based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I was told that it was fun and don't do it again.

-Takes drugs.

-Drinks alcohol.

Um, yes.

-Is suicidal and/or depressed.

I had a Traveller character commit suicide once.

When borrowed a Skorpion machine pistol from another character he was told, "here, it shoots a bit to the left."
-Cuts, burns or partakes in any other method of self-mutilation. (This is a Satanic ritual that uses pain to detract from the light of God and, His love. Please seek immediate attention for this at your local mental health center.)

-Complains of boredom.

Well, duhhhhh!
-Sleeps too excessively or too little.
-Is excessively awake during the night.

-Dislikes sunlight or any other form of light. (This pertains to vampires promoting the idea that His light is of no use.)

-Demands an unusual amount of privacy.

-Spends large amounts of time alone.

-Requests time alone and quietness. (This is so that your chid may speak to evil sprits through meditation.)

-Insists on spending time with friends while unaccompanied by an adult.
All yes.
-Disregards authority figures; teachers, priests, nuns and elders are but a few examples of this.
It's that atheism thing again.
-Misbehaves at school.
On occasion.
-Misbehaves at home.

-Eats excessively or too little.
Well, I do tend to pig-out when I can afford it.
-Eats goth-related foods. Count Chocula cereal is an example of this.

-Drinks blood or expresses an interest in drinking blood. (Vampires believe this is how to attain Satan. This act is very dangerous and should be stopped immediately.)

-Watches cable television or any other corrupted media sources. (Ask your local church for proper programs that your child may watch.)
The History Channel.
-Plays videos games that contains violence or role-playing nature.
God games like Civilization and Alpha Centauri.
-Uses the internet excessively and frequently makes time for the computer.
Well double-plus duhhhhh!
-Makes Satanic symbols and/or violently shakes head to music.

-Dances to music in a provocative or sexual manner.

-Expresses an interest in sex.
See previous answer.
Duhhh to the duhhhh power!
-Is homosexual and/or bisexual.

-Pursues dangerous cult religions. Such include: Satanism,
Scientology, Philosophy, Paganism, Wicca, Hinduism and Buddhism.
What? Don't tell me that Objectivism is okay with you guys.

You haven't lived until you've performed an Objectivist fire drill in traffic.
-Wears pins, stickers or anything else that contains these various phrases: "I'm so gothic, I'm dead", "woe is me", "I'm a goth".

-Claims to be a goth.

If five or more of these apply to your child, please intervene
immediately. The gothic culture is dangerous and Satan thrives within it. If any of these problems persist, enlist your child into your local mental health center.

~St. Mary's Catholic Church
Don't tell Mom. okay?

The Upcoming Moronic Convergence

Allah (or the blogger who's channeling him) has something to say about the anarchist mob that is converging on New York City:

Allah knows what you're thinking. "Morons on stilts. Please tell me there'll be morons on stilts."

Oh yes. Yes, my friends, there will. And so much more.

During the week or so of activism, look for groups like Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (a gaggle of men in nuns' habits), and the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (a squadron of George Bushes in "mission accomplished" flight suits). Meanwhile, so-called "people's acoustic orchestras" like the Hungry March Band, the Infernal Noise Brigade, and the Rude Mechanicals Orchestra will provide a rousing soundtrack, as will the Radical Cheerleaders, who shake their pom-poms to an anti-Bush-Cheney refrain. In a class of their own are the Missile Dick Chicks—an a cappella singing group purporting to be from Crawford, Texas, who wear missile-shaped phalluses and sing songs like "Shop! In the Name of War."

I'm wondering if the Art Sluts will show up.

Who, you may ask, are the Art Sluts?

Once upon a time ago (during Gulf War I) when I was an active member, the Libertarian Party of Minnesota was holding their Tax Day demonstration by the west entrance of the Minneapolis post office. We were handing out our party theft day literature to our fellow victims of socialist compassion. I was at the time wearing a dress shirt and tie to distinguish myself the Grassroots Party in their more proletarian garb. This didn't always succeed, as there was one woman who thought I was pothead and exhibited a near-psychotic fear of same.

But since the Grassroots crowd were a bunch of socialists perhaps that fear wasn't so irrational.

At about ten p.m., a dozen (my estimate, I didn't get an exact count) female humanoids (they were shaped like females) in tight black somethings came marching by wearing gas masks (not something one would want to wear in cold weather) and big--like three foot wide--yellow bows with price tags marked "$60,000,000,000" They were handing out little red cards identifying themselves as "Sluts for Peace/Art/Humanity/Sanity and the Earth". (With a name like that, did they really expect to be taken seriously?)

One side of their card read:

Midnight approaches. Let's talk about death and taxes. (They weren't very talkative) How much did you pay? For what? We see red. (One really can't see very much in a gas mask.)

The other side of the card read as follows:

Stay where you are now silent, or
Let us assist you in asking
Universal Questions about life.
This is it, our only life on earth;
Speak to your heart.

Now if they really wanted an emotional conversation (Oh wow man! Reason! What a concept!) the least they could have done was to leave a phone number where they could be reached. As it is, this was simply another instance of mindless posturing, (possibly a "New Age" voodoo ceremony or a audition for a NEA or other government arts grant) interfering with rational political discourse. I had to explain to someone that I was not one of the Art Sluts before he would take one of our Libertarian theft day fliers. At the time I thought that at future demonstrations I should wear my BDU Woodland pattern cammo jacket.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

El Salvador Sends More Troops To Iraq

All together now ... YAY EL SALVADOR!!!!

Muslim terrorbots whine ... As usual:

"Dispatching any troops from El Salvador would be a declaration of war against Iraq's Muslim people, prompting us to launch war against you and move the conflict inside El Salvador,"

And the Islamdroids make their usual threats:

"No citizen will enjoy security in El Salvador as soon as any soldier arrives in Iraq ... And do not hold us responsible for bloodshed in El Salvador as we have cautioned you against taking such a step,"

Uh, huh.

The army of El Salvador fought against and the civil population lived through a full Soviet backed insurrection. The folks who were in the anti-communist death squads are still down there. And a Salvadoran machete will take off a jihadi's head a lot faster than any old arab's butcher knife.

Oh, and there's a reason these guys carry knives to a gunfight.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Getting Out The Amish Vote

Thanks to Techievampire for the linkage.

The Amish live without electricity, cars, telephones, and usually, without voting. But they are being sought out this year as Republicans try to sign up every possible supporter in presidential battleground states.

Of course the Despocrats have their spin on the phenomena:

Democrats have all but ceded the Amish vote to Republicans.

"If I know Republicans and their grass-roots operations, they'll spend most of their time trying to phone bank the Amish," said Kerry spokesman Mark Nevins.

I used to work in a Republican phone bank, I don't blame any Amishman for not having a phone. Not at all.

What Does The Left Want?

In a word, everything.

As a consequence there are things that the Left will not tolerate.

The Left will not tolerate the independent exercise of force, especially when it is an act of self defense. The left seeks to disarm their subjects and will maliciously persecute those who dare raise a hand in their own defense.

Nor will the Left tolerate the existence and operation of the independent rational mind, for any factual refutation of any of the Left's beliefs will inevitably puncture their collective delusion of infallibility. Anyone who thinks for himself, let alone actually speaks up against the Left is publicly maligned and, where it is possible, physically assaulted.

In Rouge Kampuchea under Pol Pot the fear and hatred of independent thought was so strong that anyone who was suspected of being able to read was immediately taken out and shot. And as the Khmer Rouge ran up their bodycount leftist rags in America like the New York Times sat by and cheered them on.

Oh, and Thomas Sowell has his own ideas on the subject.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!?

liberal democrat Massachusetts Senator John Kerry has been quoted as saying:

“I believe I can fight a more effective, more thoughtful, more strategic, more proactive, more sensitive war on terror that reaches out to other nations and brings them to our side and lives up to American values in history.”

A "more sensitive war on terror"!?! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!?

At least this Bay State Senator knows that when a living creature is trapped in a sinking metal cage, on their way to a watery grave, you go in and save them, but this one sentence alone disqualifies him for frickin' dogcatcher, let alone President of the United States!

The Point Is

Wretchard at The Belmont Club had this link to No Caliban, who in turn had this to say about Islamic terrorists:

These terrorists do not want our money or land or respect. They want our souls.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Rant of the Day

Here is another reason why I will NEVER willingly send a child into a public school.

The policy commonly called "gun control" is in fact the forcible disarmament of the citizen body. It is the deliberate exercise of physical force against innocent people, and it is not a surprise that the enabling legislation has been proposed and enacted by those who believe in dealing with other persons by force, such as socialists, and thug huggers in general.

Given that public disarmament legislation is directly, through state action, or indirectly, through the actions of violent criminals, toxic to the citizen body, those who enact and enforce such legislation should be identified and treated as Enemies of the Republic and Enemies of Mankind in General, to be dealt with as wolves are.

Were I to accosted by one who is using their direct or indirect victim status as an excuse to propagate such legislative abominations I would repond thus:

Sir or Madame, I did not shoot you or your relative by blood or marriage and I will accept neither blame nor punishment for said act.

The use of expletives and beating the walking piece of excrement to a bloody pulp is only a momentary pleasure and is bound to get one adversely spoken of.

Is Kerry Really Smart?

Matt Bruce writes:

Kerry almost certainly outdoes Bush on collecting particular facts inside his head, if only because Bush seems to treat particular minutae as things to be looked up rather than things to memorize. (Lots of geniuses share Bush's attitude towards things that the geniuses in question would call "stamp collecting.")

If lefties are so smart, why do they insist on believing things that are so demonstratively wrong?

Staff officers say the strangest things..... (UNCLASSIFIED) Part VII

From the Stategy Page:

"Did you hear that they're canning Bob Edwards on NPR?"

"Why? Did they catch him standing up for the National Anthem or something??" COL to CDR (EUCOM)

Here's another one:

"We're from the nuke shop, sir. We're the crazy aunt in the closet that nobody likes to talk about ..." LtCol to GO/FO (EUCOM) in briefings


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

And Perhaps Les Should Take Some Meds...

I'm beginning to think that it would be a good idea to create a reservation, a "Talibaniststan" or a "Osamastan", for the hardcore Muslims as a kind of macrowolfpit, a place for depositing all those apparently braindead liberal celebrities and politicians and allowing them to come face-to-face with the evil that whose existence they persistently insist on denying.

What liberal bias?

So What?

Back in 1990, the Independent Republican Party of Minnesota (the name change at the time was part of the fallout from Nixon's big boo-boo) had nominated a candidate for governor who was a solid conservative and not a country-club drone or a born-again bible-thumping ninny. Unfortunately, three weeks or so before the election, one of the local daily socialist rags published a story that alledged that the candidate had molested a twelve year-old in a swimming pool about a decade earlier.

The original candidate dropped out and the sitting state auditor stood for election in his place and barely won. (He was re-elected in '94, but that's another story.)

But now revelations about a Democratic candidate three months before the election sparked a round of moaning and groaning amongst his supporters:

"They hired a goddamn private investigator to dig up trash!" charged a top Kerry adviser traveling with the senator late Tuesday. "This is pay for play, and the dirtiest of all dirty tricks ever played on a candidate for the presidency. How low can they go?"

Boo. [Expletive]. Hoo.

Hey, at least Lieutenant Kerry didn't molest any little Vietnamese girls.


What is Hell?

The fellow who writes ONE MAN'S VOTE pointed out this link to a Fox News story:

With a Bush supporter chanting "Four more years! Four more years!" through a bullhorn from the back of a park, the candidate's wife stopped herself to respond. "They want four more years of hell," Heinz Kerry said.

So what is Hell to a socialist?

Is it having to live in a free nation?

Is it an absence of unrestrained power over another person or the society as a whole?

Is having to deal with other people on the basis of consent instead of being able to use coercive force?

Is it having to treat other persons as fully human beings that must be reasoned with instead of mindless animals that may be shoved about or killed at will?

Is it simply having to take "No" for an answer?

And here's another question:

If the Left are as they loudly claim to be, so bloody smart, why do they persist in treating as the gospel truth the collected (and edited by others) rantings and ravings of a hygenicallly challenged parasite whose most consistant followers have snuffed out no less than one-hundred million human lives over the course of the last century?


Someone Else's Thought for the Day

Ted at Little Green Footballs said today:

Let this be known to everyone...Nobody will ever disrespect my toilet by kicking it or throwing the koran into it.

A Not So Deep Thought

Found this in a Photoshop thread on Fark.com:

Actually, I would want to be able to drop a high-yield cobalt-cased weapon on a certain target in a certain desert somewhere.

Boo (Expletive) Hoo!

Sangria swilling surrender monkeys told to stuff it:

MADRID (Reuters) - Spain has accused the British government of a lack of "self-control" for participating in celebrations of the anniversary of Gibraltar's seizure, which it warns will not help their relations.

Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said on Tuesday spats between Britain and Spain's new Socialist government over Gibraltar demonstrated a "clear lack of sensitivity" by London.

Tensions flared last week when Britain announced Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon would visit the tiny territory on Spain's southern coast during military commemorations of its occupation by an Anglo-Dutch force in 1704.

Oh, did the big British vertebrates hurt your feelings?

A visit last month by Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth's daughter, sparked outrage in the Spanish media and prompted Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's government to complain to the British ambassador.

Okay, I'll grant you that Princess Anne isn't the babe that Princess Diana was. But her equestrian skills could conceivably cause some Spaniards to question their manhoods.

And boy can she drive a tank!

Zapatero, elected in March, has described a visit by British nuclear submarine HMS Tireless last month as the incident which most displeased him during his first 100 days in office.

Oh! The poor baby!

Negotiations between Madrid and London on sharing sovereignty fell apart in 2002 after Gibraltar's inhabitants rejected any role for Spain in a non-binding referendum.

Spain has been keen to rekindle negotiations but Britain, which rules out handing over an important naval base in Gibraltar, has appeared cool.

Moratinos said Britain should not use the population of Gibraltar as a pretext to avoid discussions.

So a bunch of English speaking British subjects prefer to be governed by English speaking vertebrates.

What could possibly be the problem?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Kerry's biography ends at 24.

Dick Morris has more:
What did this man do as an adult? What happened during his service as Michael Dukakis' lieutenant-governor in Massachusetts and in his 20 years in the United States Senate?

What bills did he introduce? What initiatives did he sponsor? Which investigations did he lead? What amendments bear his name? What great debates did he participate in?

What did he do for his constituents in Massachusetts? What businesses did he persuade to come to the Bay State? Which elderly did he help get their Social Security benefits? What injustices did he correct?

John Kerry? Oh yeah, he's the guy who fought in Vietnam and then he ran for president. That's not enough. Where did his 20 years in the Senate go?

Oddly, his absence of biography confirms the impression I formed of him during my White House years: He's a back-bencher. I never can recall a single time that his name came up in any discussion of White House strategy on anything. He was the man who wasn't there. We were always figuring out how to deal with Ted Kennedy or Pat Moynihan or Tom Daschle or Phil Gramm, or Al D'Amato or Bob Dole or Jesse Helms or Orin Hatch or Joe Biden. But nobody every asked about John Kerry.

He wasn't much there then, and he's not much there now. Only now he wants us to trust him to be president.

Deep Thought

Don't give up, it only encourages them.

Rant of the Day

A certain well known false deity (I have to say that you know) has posted excerpts from an anarchist gang's direct action handbook.

Go ahead and read it.

Done yet?


First, an organized exercise of physical force against any level of government is an act of insurrection. The Federal Government through a power specifically granted to the Congress (Article 1, Section 8) has the authority to call out the militia -- which is the active and reserve components of the Army, the National Guards of the states, and any ordinary citizen who brings his semi-auto rifle to the mustering -- to put down the insurrection.

Second, these self-styled anarchists are in fact nothing more than communists who won't admit it. To actually directly admit that one is an adherent of the most inhuman and toxic political doctrine that has ever been inflicted on Mankind -- with no less than ONE HUNDRED MILLION lives snuffed out in the last century -- could get one adversely spoken of, if not pre-emptedly and justifiably killed. They have, in effect, appointed themselves our masters.

Third, this riot will be an attack on citizens who are exercising their Constitutionally identified and protected right of peacefull assembly. Such meetings are an affront to the willfully inhuman filth who have appointed themselves our masters.

Fourth, the participants in the upcoming riot were not compelled by instinct to initiate physical force, each and every one of them made a choice, and in doing so have left us no choice but to respond with physical force. They will have no one to blame for the consequences of their actions but themselves.

We could not do anything to de-humanise them, they have chosen to de-humanise themselves.

Please keep this in mind when these when some of them have their brains splattered all over a street in New York City.

Deep Thought

It seems that folks from Texas generally have no problem distinguishing people from livestock whereas some people from Massachusetts go out of their way to ignore the difference.

Thought for the Day

Paul Beston writes in The American Spectator:

As the Republicans prepare to take their turn on the convention stage, Democrats are already urging them not to "politicize" the 9/11 attacks. It's not clear what would constitute politicization, but anything that reminds Americans that the perpetrator was Osama bin Laden and not George Bush would probably qualify.

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who usually spends his time prosecuting successful business executives, warned the Republicans last week: "Do not dare use 9/11 for political purposes…Do not go there. We will not allow it." (Will he subpoena Republicans who mention 9/11?) Spitzer then proceeded to go there, lambasting the President for opposing the creation of the 9/11 Commission and citing the intelligence and coordination failures described in the Commission's report.

Senator Clinton, too, warned President Bush that he better not talk about 9/11 too much, or show too many images. "It has to be done in a careful way or people will think he's exploiting it," she told the New York Post. She didn't indicate who these people were, but a fair guess would include Democrats and certain broadcast media outlets. You know, the People.

It certainly appears that the Democratic Party has for all practical purposes become the political front for every group, including Al-Qaida, that is actively seeking to reduce the United States of America to a smoking ruin.

Isn't now the time that we actively treat it as such.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Someone Else's Thoughts For The Day

Sir Banagor uses the original Battlestar Galactica as a metaphor for the present European situation.

Quite interesting, You should read it.

When I originally saw it as a somewhat callow youth I saw the Cylons as the stand-ins for the Soviets, the Twelve Colonies as the Western nations, Baltar as the stand-in for the socialist parties in the West, and the President of the Council as the stand-in for Jimmy "I can't lead worth a damn" Carter.

Okay, maybe I wasn't so callow.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Our Motto Is Apocalyse Now!

Speaker of the House Denny Hastert has written in his now book:

“If you own property, stock, or, say, one hundred acres of farmland and tax time is approaching, you don’t want to make a mistake, so you’re almost obliged to go to a certified public accountant, tax preparer, or tax attorney to help you file a correct return. That costs a lot of money. Now multiply the amount you have to pay by the total number of people who are in the same boat. You can’t. No one can because precise numbers don’t exist. But we can stipulate that we’re talking about a huge amount. Now consider that a flat tax, national sales tax, or VAT would not only eliminate the need to do this, it could also eliminate the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) itself and make the process of paying taxes much easier."

I wouldn't think that this plan would actually eliminate the IRS, but it would certainly reduce and declaw it.

A program to double the GDP in 15 years, promote personal responsibility and property ownership, and otherwise increase the number of people with a stake in the survival and prosperity of America would solidify the Republican Party's position as the party of the rational and the productive, while at the same time effectively marginalizing the Democrats as the party of the irrational and the parasites.

For the Democrats this would be the apocalypse. And the Democrats must stop this at any cost.

If the collection of pressure groups that compose the Democratic party want to preserve their influence, which is to say their power and their loot, without which they will shrivel and die, they will resort to any means, no matter how depraved and destructive, to stop the Republican program.

We will certainly see a significant increase in election fraud and brownshirt actions -- assaults by campus commies and union thugs -- against Republican supporters. We should also expect a campaign of outright terrorism, assaults on persons and property , and assassination attempts directed at Republican office holders at all levels of government, their family members, and their local supporters. Such terrorism as carried out by a self-styled "people's resistance" could find eager support from hostile states such as Islamist Iran, North Korea, and Red China, or private support from a back-stabbing piece of garbage such as George Soros. (And if we're really serious about practicing the doctrine of pre-emption we should sic the SEC on Soros, I find it hard to believe that he has been able to play his destructive currency exchange games against several free asian nations and our ally Great Britain without violating at least one SEC regulation.)

Yes, things are going to get a bit scary.

We can either persue the Republican vision of a free, prosperous, and secure America, or we can silently march off to the gulags and mass graves that the inhuman filth on the left will ultimately condemn us to.

All I can say (as I lovingly look upon my modest stockpile of British surplus .308 ammunition) is:


Some Suggestions

Baldilocks has some advice to candidates for public office (especially those candidates for president who are two witnesses short of a conviction for treason) who wish to interact with members of the armed services, especially members of the Marine Corps.

For example:

1. Never get between a GI and his/her food.

This is absolutely Godamned f***ing right.

A Deep Thought

Sneezing with your mouth full of food while driving a motor vehicle is not a good idea.

Trust me on this one.

Kuwait Bans Fraudenhate 9/11

KUWAIT CITY - Kuwait, a major U.S. ally in the Persian Gulf, has banned Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" because it deems the movie insulting to the Saudi Arabian royal family and critical of America's invasion of Iraq, an official said Sunday

I have a better idea, show it as a double feature with TRIUMPH OF THE WILL.

Fascists Have Feelings, Too

Or: "An Anti-Defamation League of Their Own", by Peter Bagge

Good one.