Friday, March 19, 2021

On Collectivism

What is Collectivism?

Collectivism is a body of doctrines adversarial to a free society.  Collectivism is an essentially Leftist body of doctrines.  Mussolini was a Leftist intellectual (I know I’m using a contradiction in terms) who received fan mail from Lenin.

Collectivism is a body of doctrines that comes in two basic flavors.  Class Collectivism and Racial Collectivism.  Both Class Collectivism and Racial Collectivism came to blows on the Ostfront in the Second World War.  I once described this event as a “drive by shooting on an industrial scale.”  Class Collectivists and Racial Collectivists can cooperate when circumstances suit them.  We saw this when the National Socialists cooperated with the Soviets before Operation Barbarossa.  We’re seeing this again with Anti-Fa and Black Lives Matter.

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