Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Oh, I Almost Forgot...

Hillary Clinton is a Miserable Failure.

Gosh, What A Surprise

By the early 1970s, the government had decided not to allow people to build new houses in Bam itself. The city's ancient monuments were declared part of the heritage of mankind under UNESCO and no new buildings permits were issued for almost six years.

The revolutionary turmoil of 1978-79 provided racketeers with an opportunity to seize large chunks of land in Bam and use it for poorly designed and badly constructed houses and shops. The racket was backed by a group of powerful mullahs who, in exchange for a cut in the proceeds, issued fatwas (religious opinions) that canceled government orders that banned house-building in the city.

The mullahs claimed that the shah had wished to keep Bam empty because of a secret plan under which the city would be turned into a Zoroastrian center. They also dismissed warnings from the National Seismological Center in Tehran that opposed the repopulation of Bam. The mullahs claimed that the Hidden Imam would protect the new inhabitants of the city against all disasters.

Thus, more than half of those who died in the earthquake could be regarded as victims of a racket ran by mullahs and their associates with the help of religious prejudice and superstition.

Most Iranians knew nothing of the racket that the earthquake has exposed. The discovery that so many people died because cynical developers and bribe-taking mullahs sought a fast buck has sent a shock wave throughout the country.
Gosh, what did they expect from a religion founded by a pedophile-rapist-thief-murderer?

Ten facts about global warming THEY don’t want you to know

Monday, December 29, 2003

And Now Someone Else Has Joined Our Heroic Effort

Silent Running has something to say about Hillary the Hun

He appears to have acquired the meme from Little Tiny Lies.

Of course I still think that Hillary Clinton is a miserable failure.

The Greatness of Western Civilization

The greatness of the West is not an “ethnocentric” prejudice; it is an objective fact. This assessment is based on the only proper standard for judging a government or a society: the degree to which its core values are pro- or anti-life. Pro-life cultures acknowledge and respect man’s nature as a rational being who must discover and create the conditions which his survival and happiness require -- which means that they advocate reason, rights, freedom, and technological progress.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

"Our leading bishops demand hard evidence of Saddam Hussein's possessions of weapons of mass destruction. If we were to demand the same level of proof from their profession, they would all be out of a job." -- Avril Segal, letter to the [London Times] Times, January 21, 2003

Tim Blair the blogger has a quotes page

"Plastic shredders? We used to dream of 'aving plastic shredders. When I were a lad, we 'ad to get oop at three o'clock in t'morning and work 27-hour day at secret police headquarters, rending dissidents with ordinary garden rake. But tell that to yer yoong war protestors today, and they won't believe you."

-- reader Paul Zrimsek reacts to news that Uday Hussein has a Yorkshire accent

"I am here now to tell you, we do not have any scud missiles and I don't know why they were fired into Kuwait."

-- one of Iraqi information minister Muhammad Said al-Sahhaf’s greatest hits

And that's a bit from April of 2003.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Which Founding Father Are You?

What IS The Problem With That Lot?

One of the points The Laughing Wolf made about Al Qaeda was:

The concept of a Republic and responsible citizenry is foreign to them. They see our population as sheep, and honestly believe that the politicians control and direct the public, and that the public will simply accept whatever happens. They see the Old Media pushing agendas, without realizing that the Old Media does not really represent, or even inform, the majority of Citizens. It is a miscalculation that will hurt them.
The one thing that the willfully depraved are loathe to do is to acknowledge the fact that there are people who are in fact better in some respect than they are. To make such an acknowledgement is to issue an indictment of themselves and their own actions.

The willfully depraved will murder individuals or even exterminate entire nations before they will recognize the truth about themselves.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Oh, Really?

I thought this was a work of fiction:

A mid-level federal official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said authorities were able to reconstruct what happened that evening.

"On Oct. 26, 1985, a 1971 Volkswagen minibus entered the parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall, a large retail complex outside of Hill Valley, California. The vehicle contained four adult Libyan nationals, armed with assault weapons. For reasons unknown, the Libyans accelerated at a high rate of speed around the parking lot, firing several rounds at a target believed to be Dr. Emmett Brown, a physicist of minor repute. Brown may have been hit several times by these rounds, or may have driven off in his silver DeLorean sports car, since neither his body nor the car were found at the scene. In any case, the Libyan operator then lost control of the vehicle, which came to rest on top of the Keys-2-Heaven kiosk, an establishment at the mall which provided key-duplication and key-refurbishment services," the official said, reading from the now de-classified Government report on the matter.

Libyan sources said that Colonel Qaddafi, terrified that American and British forces might turn on him next, decided to cave in before it was too late.

"Now look. When I say come clean with everything, I mean everything," Qaddafi reportedly said, according to someone familiar with the matter. "And that includes that little 'incident' we planned to get back at that Brown fellow. Wherever it was."
Didn't someone make a movie about this?

Sometimes I'm Too Clever For My Own Good.

Nobody caught the DOGMA reference in Part 19 of Friends In High Places. Or if they did they haven't told me about it.

And only Mark Urbin noticed that I wrote Jay and Silent Bob into Part 18.

Why Do We Hate Hillary?

Let us count one of the ways:
U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, praising the former Soviet Union yesterday for its 1979 invasion of Afghanistan, said that the attack helped bring women's rights to the fundamentalist Muslim country.

"The Soviets tried to provide more opportunities for women," Clinton told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, in a speech billed by her office as "her first major foreign policy address as a U.S. senator."
When a socialist (or any other barbarian) state "grants" a "right", is it to sweeten the bitter taste of bondage.

Show Trial of the Century

The Mustache Guy -- you know, the one the 4th ID found in a septic tank -- has to hang. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. There really is no point in pretending that there will be any verdict other than guilty or any penalty other than death.

What the Provisional Government of Iraq should do is simply make a public presentation of its reasons for hanging the [insert expletive here] and just get on with it.

That's my $0.02 on the subject.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Even For Lawyers, This Is Silly

The Guru Also Says:

As the Holy War proceeds we are somewhat surprised that no one has brought up the parallel afforded by "the Old Man of the Mountain," one Hassan ben Saba, who during the Crusades created a Muslim paradise into which he introduced recruits in order to prove to them that if they died carrying out his orders eternal paradise would be theirs. He made liberal use of the drug hashish and thus gave his name to the term "assassin." The suicidal assassin does indeed pose a special problem, but problems are made to be solved.

The Guru Quotes Thomas Sowell

"To say that being non-judgmental is better than being judgmental is itself a judgment, and therefore a violation of principle."

Thomas Sowell

Oh! If This Could Happen A Few Thousand Times...

Oh! The poor babies, Ouuuuuuh!

More Weird Sh...Stuff

Our new terror alert system


A Frank Guide to Homeland Security Alert Levels

Nobody Does Total War Like We Do...

American Digest on the results of the next big terrorist strike:

And all of this waits upon a mere change of color from orange to red. All of this portends the answer to the question that AQ will ask with its next horrific attack on the American Homeland.

And that answer will not be to “enshrine Howard Dean's conclusion,” nor will that answer “endanger the reelection of Bush.” Neither of these things will comprise the answer of the American Republic to a second attack.

The answer will be to give, in a greater measure than every before seen on Earth, the Totalitarian impulse of Islam what all totalitarian sects have always sought for over two hundred years -- a harvest of death brought to them more swiftly and more horribly and more certainly than the answer that was given to Japan following the banzai charges and kamikaze attacks of the Second World War.

The leaders of AQ are the greatest theologians of Islam of the last 200 years. They know, in their bones, that their religion no longer has, on Earth, any chance of ever becoming the prime religion of mankind. That place has been usurped forever by the Religion of Freedom. Islam is, regardless of its "growth" among the wretched of the Earth, a dying faith. Submission cannot triumph over Freedom.

And knowing this, they know that since Islam cannot ever reign in life, they have chosen a path that gives it some hope of reigning in the afterlife. But to do that they need fresh recruits in the millions to accompany them into the darkness. Their path is to the pit. This is their program and their goal. To accomplish it they have chosen to attack without mercy the one power on Earth that, once compelled to total war, is able and will very soon be willing to accommodate them in their sick desire.

This Is Simply Weird


Uh, Sure Dude...

The London Telegraph reports:

The official Libyan news agency, Jana, last night quoted Col Gaddafi as declaring that his statement on WMD was "a courageous step which deserves the support of the Libyan people".

We so impressed out here.

We really are.


Sunday, December 21, 2003

Prepare For The Banzai Charge

The Belmont Club speculates as to why the alert level has been raised to ORANGE

With the sources of funding and other support drying up, the surviving Al Quida leadership* has one more big chance to demonstrate that their thief-murderer-pimp god is in some way superior to the God and culture of Western Civilization.

As shocking as a mass-casualty attack on Christmas Day would be, it would not demoralize us, it would anger us and it would conclusively demonstrate once and for all time the inherent superiority of Western Civilization (and in particular AMERICAN CIVILIZATION) over the cult of the thief-murderer-pimp god and its pedophile-thief-murderer prophet.

There will, of course, be a response.

According to the fantasy ideology of thief-murderer-pimp god cult, non-muslims are sub-human animals and are expected to behave as such. But in the real world we are in fact rational beings, and when rational people are confronted with a hazard to human life they do not scream in fear (or bow to a self-appointed master), we act to isolate the hazard from us or the eliminate the hazard altogether.

We will certainly redouble our efforts to hunt down and kill off Al Quida, we will deal with them as we would deal with any wild animal that attacks us. But any further responses to a Christmas Day attack will in some way depend on how muslims in general react.

If there are mass celebrations, especially in front of the news cameras in Iraq, then there will be serious high level contemplation of a quote, final solution, close quote.

We would be tempted to, "let God sort them all out."

If the surviving Al Quida leadership believes that they will somehow (perhaps through the intervention of their thief-murderer-pimp god) win a genocidal war against the West, then they are in for a very rude surprise.

Western nations, and the United States in particular, are masters of genocidal warfare.

Just ask any resident of an Indian Reservation.

*I think we can reasonably assume at this point that Osama Bin Ladin has already fed the worms in Afganistan.
Clinton pushed the Iraqi-al Qaeda connection for years.

Come On! It Wasn't THAT Bad!

Joe Gerardi of Savanna, Georgia wrote of Manos: The Hands Of Fate

It IS that bad. Consider the worst possible torture you can imagine (red-hot rods inserted in various orofices of your body; being slowly eaten alive by small, poisonous insects; having to spend a night with Hillary Clinton, well, you get the idea) put them all together, multiply them thousandfold, and that is STILL less than 1% of the anguish you will suffer at the "hands" of this effluvia.
Well I wouldn't want to spend the night with Hillary either.

I'm simply not that desperate.

OMG! The New York Times admits President Bush was Right! Time for that snowball fight in Hell!
Albert A. Gore III arrested for drug possesion. I wonder if this will get as much TV coverage as the Bush twins having a beer?

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Friends In High Places

I've just finished part 19, it's now on my other site.


Someone Else's Movie Review

Blackfive saw The Return of the King

Saw the Return of the King this morning at 10:30AM along with 1,000 other fans - some crazier than others. The Middle Earth Society of Chicago was recruiting. They had people dressed as hobbits, elves, dwarves, etc. Fake ears, fake feet, fake weapons, etc. Weird. Just weird.

My wife just looked at my face and said, "Matt, please don't say anything"

Me, "Like what, Honey?"

Mrs. Blackfive, "Like 'Have you ever kissed a girl?'"

Me, "After Shatner said that in that Star Trek/SNL skit, it's kind of been used a lot. Too easy."
Darn, I missed The Two Towers too...

Are We Insane Yet?

Armed and Dangerous presented a link to a Lovecraftian parody of a Jack T. Chick comic.

Who Will Be Eaten First?

And I used to think that Cthulu saved his worshippers for last.

And I also did about 800 words of part 19 of FIHP.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Fifth Horseman Of the Apocalypse Makes Another Appearance

British judge praises shopkeeper for defending himself

"And the Fifth Horseman, Absurdity, bumped his head..."

Ave Dubya!

Jerry Pournelle on the President's visit to Baghdad

And indeed I believe it all. Power is a heady thing. Having the mightiest army in the history of the world not only under your command, but cheering you as worthy to lead them -- lead them ANYWHERE YOU CHOOSE -- is no small thing.

Nor do I mean this to demean the President, or his action in visiting the troops in the field in a place that might not be the front line, but was not far from it. That took both courage and a sense of style, and a sense of what is appropriate. Aurelius did that kind of thing. Commodus did not.

But note that those troops will follow him anywhere. And pray that Bush will "be led to wise decisions and right actions," or in the older prayer, "to truly and impartially administer justice." Because they will follow him. Anywhere. He has been proclaimed as worthy to lead them.
There are days that I wish that I made a career of the Army.

Tis Great Sport, Etc, Etc...

Saddamites resort to extortion tactics
"They're recruiting guys to plant the (roadside bombs) or drop them alongside the road."

On Friday, 1st Armored foiled one such kidnap-attack, when an Iraqi man appeared at the gate of a U.S. base complaining that he was being forced to detonate a roadside bomb to secure his son's release.

"They told me they'll kill my son unless I kill some Americans," Hertling quoted the Iraqi man as saying. The man carried an electric garage door opener wired as a remote-control detonator. U.S. troops followed the man's instructions and found a specially wired 120 mm mortar round on a street near the base, he said.

The man then escorted troops to a nearby house where American soldiers arrested three kidnappers and freed the son, the Army said. The three men then led the troops to the bomb maker.
Shakespeare would have a lot of fun at the expense of these guys.

This is a war between Liberty and Despotism, between Civilization and Barbarism.

Somehow, the Democrats keep backing the barbarians and despots.

Quote of the Day

Some guy calling himself (or possibly herself) JG wrote in a response section:

"Throughout history, in the war of martyrs versus heroes, the heroes always win. When heroes succeed, lessons are learned and the group is strengthen. When the martyr succeeds, the group must find another sucker."

Monday, December 15, 2003

Meanwhile In The Real World

Major Ralph Peters, US Army, Retired, wrote in the NY Post:

The capture of Saddam marks the real birth of the new Iraq. But thousands of miles from Baghdad, hundreds of millions of other human beings instinctively understood the importance of the event, even if they could not articulate all they felt. The myth of the invincible dictator ended in a farmyard.

Bashir Assad, Kim Jong-Il, Robert Mugabe, the old mullahs in Teheran, the Saudi royal family, the already cowering Moammar Khadafy - and that would-be caliph of all Muslims, Osama bin Laden . . . all of the dictators, authoritarian rulers and terrorists-who-would-be-king saw their own faces in the place of Saddam's.

We put fear into the hearts of the men who thrived by striking fear into helpless millions.
Now if we can do something about the myth of liberal compassion...

What if...

...the Roman Army was run according to modern standards?

And Now For Something Completely Different...

John Cleese may run for mayor of Santa Barbara

And check out the FARK comments thingee.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

And Now...

Cox and Forkum did a good one today

So Anyway...

I was at my Mom's house just north of Wadena when I heard that the mustache guy was captured.

So I turned on Fox News, they were showing the celebration gathering staged by the Iraq Communist Party. The red banners with the hammers and sickles were a dead giveaway.

Maybe they're getting too democratic over there?

I also did about a thousand words of part 19 of FIHP.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Pop Quiz

A Dilemma

Posted Dec 8, 2003

Question: You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children. Suddenly, a dangerous looking man with a huge knife comes around the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, raises the knife, and charges. You are carrying a Glock .45 and you are an expert shot.

You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family. What do you do?
The conservative answer to the dilemma is stated in a single word. The liberal on the other hand wouldn't live long enough to complete the train of what we'll politely refer to as thought.

When I used to write for The Resister I wrotea feature called the "Moral Decision Game," in which the would-be patriot insurrectionist had to deal with an anticipated moral problem. The situation that I presented in the proposal (published as MDG#0) for the feature involved unarmed pro-socialist demonstrators blocking a choke point. (When I showed MDG#0 to my landlady she asked me how she was supposed to clean the blood and gunk off of the tank treads.)

My answer to anyone who would claim that shooting the assailant in the problem presented by the editors of Human Events is a violation of the right to life of the assailant is that the right to life is the right to live a human life. the life of a rationial and productive individual. It is not a right to behave as a subhuman animal.

A right is a concept and as such can only apply to those who understand (or in the case of children, can be expected to learn) the concepts and adhere to them. Those who choose to act like animals have surrendered any claim to any human right.

Stuff For Today

Mark Urbin is now a contributor to the blog

I babysat his blog while he performed scoutmaster duties for two weeks, it's about time I let him post on my blog.

The best melons come at a high price in Japan.

Wacko Jacko shows his soft spot for Japanese juveniles

Sunday, December 07, 2003

From the Washington Times:
Here's a holiday gift idea for the antiwar activist who thinks the United States has no business being in Iraq: "The Private Videos of Uday Hussein."
"The girls! The parties! The beatings!" advertises the distributor, which is selling the video online. "While his people were living in poverty, the 'Son of Satan' was enjoying the fruits of the land with unprecedented excess."
The distributor, which provides a video clip showing Uday beating Iraqi youths with a whip, says the footage "is so horrifying, scenes were never shown on U.S. TV ... but we got footage direct from the shops in Baghdad."

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Meanwhile In Some Dark Recess...

"No word instills fear in the hearts of the worthless human populace than "mime," and for good reason. Since the days of ancient Greece, these harbingers of silent torture have forced their so-called "art" upon countless millions of annoyed and unamused spectators. But even within the evil fraternity of mimes, one name is spoken with trepidation and dread. He is the Dark Prince of Mimes, the one called The Myme. And he's our June Customer of the Month."


Friday, December 05, 2003

This Truly Sucks

John Milius ripped off by his accountant

Hollywood director and screenwriter John F. Milius experienced a real-life plot twist when longtime accountant and business manager Charles Riedy Jr. was arrested Monday on charges of embezzling $3 million from his former client.

Most of the allegedly embezzled funds were taken from trust funds set up for Milius' children.

Riedy, 63, a certified public accountant, was charged with two counts of securities fraud.

According to the FBI, which investigated the case, Riedy, who began work for Milius in 1985, was given complete control of the screenwriter's personal and corporate accounts. From 1990 through June 2001, when Milius severed business ties with Riedy, the accountant engaged in a scheme using fraudulent billing practices and fabricated purchases of collectible firearms. (Milius is a member of the board of directors of the National Rifle Assn.)

From 1998 through 2001, according to the FBI, Riedy drafted numerous checks, usually made payable to cash, from Milius' account, and excessively billed Milius for his services while paying himself through several accounts belonging to Milius and Milius' wife.

To replace the funds taken from Milius' personal checking account, Riedy allegedly liquidated securities worth $1.9 million from a trust account for Milius' children.

Milius, who has worked steadily in Hollywood for more than three decades, was writer and director of the Arnold Schwarzenegger starmaker "Conan the Barbarian," as well as "Big Wednesday." He was the writer of "Apocalypse Now" and "Clear and Present Danger" and wrote episodes of the TV show "Miami Vice." He has three film projects set for release in the next two years. (As reported by VARIETY)


If the Traveller Film Group ever finishes a project -- such as "Section Six" -- we'll have to really watch our backs.

Heil Dean!

Mark De Cunha of Capitalism Magazine writes:

"Democracy" does not mean freedom, a freedom that Dean is seeking to "regulate", i.e., extinguish. Democracy means majority rule--where Dean is the "voice" of that majority, and is so empowered to violate the rights of the minority, the minority in this case being the owners of the "big" conglomerates. In principle, there are only two fundamental political viewpoints. That is, two contradictory ends of the "political spectrum." Those two principles are freedom and slavery. So the issue is not: what number of stations are in a given local, or what portions of the political spectrum have radio stations. The fact is you could have five hundred Dictator Dean approved local radio stations and still be in a worse position then if you had only one radio station. What is essential is that if anyone desires to start a radio station--whether they are a large conglomerate or a local mom and pop operation--that they are not physically prevented by law from doing so. Freedom only requires one thing: freedom from the initiation of physical force--freedom from Howard Dean's totalitarian fist. It is only the enemies of freedom that require Howard Dean's particular kind of "rules and regulations."

The Dean program (and basically the goal of the other eight dwarves) of higher taxes on the productive to buy off the lazy and higher regulations on business to buy off the jealous was known in ze olt kountri as zwangwirtshaft, a social-enconomic policy that was initiated by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck under the Kaiserreich and brought to its ultimate fruition in the Fuhererreich by the NSDAP and its glorious leader Adolf Hitler.

Just for fun try to compare the platform (if you can find a copy) of the Democratic Party with the twenty-five point program of the National Socialist German Workers Party. The Democratic program is essentially totalitarian socialism without the Ubermensch fantasy and the leather fetish.

But then the Democratic Party is really nothing more than a gang of despots, traitors, theives, and murderers.

Need I say more?

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

The Greenies Get A Russian Boot Up Their Backsides

Samizdata.net presents:The Dead Protocol Sketch

Look, matey, I know a dead protocol when I see one, and I'm looking at one right now:
Russia says it will not ratify in its present form the Kyoto Protocol designed to mitigate global warming.

"The Kyoto protocol places significant limitations on the economic growth of Russia," presidential aide Andrei Illarionov told a conference in Milan.

The landmark environmental pact cannot now enter into legal force, especially since the US has also repudiated it.
It's not pinin'! It's passed on! This protocol is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet it's maker! It's a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed it to the perch it'd be pushing up the daisies! It's metabolic processes are now 'istory! It's off the twig! It's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off it's mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-PROTOCOL!!
There is no such thing as a "balance of nature." The Terrestrial Biosphere is a dynamic environment within a dynamic universe. The average planetary temperature varied from tropical to almost frozen over long before Man ever appeared on the scene and will continue to do so long after Man has conquered the stars.

No amount of gunplay (or other forms of coercive force) by the greens and their socialist allies will ever change those facts.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Oh! The Poor Babies, Ouuuuuh!

North Korean looters demand compensation for lost slaves and loot

The total amount of human and material damage the U.S. imperialists have inflicted upon the south Korean people for nearly 60 years since their occupation of south Korea runs into 43,139,020,630,000 U.S. dollars.

Never mind the fact that South Korea actually has a real government with conventional air and ground forces that are far stronger than those presently deployed by the United States on the Korean Peninsula and that millions of Koreans will die before they allow themselves to be ruled by the band of thieves and murderers presently occupying the northern part of the country.

Communists are not human beings. Communists are in fact ANTI-HUMAN BEINGS. They are toxic, a demonstrated hazard to human life, in other words, they are vermin. To be isolated when possible or exterminated when necessary.

The United States does not owe 43 trillion dollars to any band of looters. And any attempt to collect on that false claim should be answered with cold steel, hot lead, and fast neutrons.

My Thought For The Day

I'm beginning to believe that journalism is a mental disorder.

A Thought For The Day by Someone Else

"Let's Roll" on Little Green Footballs says:

"If there's anything I hate, it's ungratefulness. And hypocrisy. Okay, two things-- ungratefulness and hypocrisy. And jealous rage. Yeah, these three things-- ungratefulness, hypocrisy, and jealous rage. Oh... and extremism. These four thing-- ungratefulness, hypocrisy, jealous rage, and extremism. And... well, you get the picture. "

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Who Says That Fascism Is Dead?

Mussolini's granddaughter to form new party

ROME (Reuters) - Alessandra Mussolini says she will form her own political party, after quitting the right-wing National Alliance this week when its leader publicly condemned her grandfather Benito, Italy's Fascist dictator.

"I've decided to form a new political entity because of the inconsistency within the National Alliance which means less respect from the electorate," Mussolini told Reuters in a telephone interview from her home in Rome.

The 40-year-old has long been at odds with party leader and Deputy Prime Minister Gianfranco Fini, who shifted the National Alliance more to the centre and this week visited Israel to symbolically cut the party's ties to fascism.

"He said fascism was an absolute evil and with my name I couldn't stay," said Mussolini, who on her first day in parliament asked to sit in her grandfather's chair.

"Isn't that cute," Les said sarcastically.

Why Do The Barbarians Hate Us?

According to Dr. Michael Berliner of the Ayn Rand Institute:

Underlying our technological achievements is the conviction that success is possible, that if you put your mind to the task, you can accomplish great things, that through your own efforts you can forge a human way of life out of the wilderness. You are not the victim of chance or genetic makeup; you are not the plaything of the stars or some ineffable deity. You are a human being, able to think, act and produce on your own, able and worthy of living a joyous life here on earth. And that is precisely what the terrorists want to destroy. That is precisely why they hate us.

There are too many terrorists worldwide for their actions to be explained as psychotic. Whether they are Osama bin Ladens or Ted Kaczynskis, they take their philosophy seriously. For them, evil lives in the form of Western man, in a capitalist society, using his own mind to reshape the world to achieve his own happiness. The terrorists want to destroy that.

Their ideal world, the Eden envisioned by these nihilists, is a negation--a world absent of things: no skyscrapers, no space program, no science, no technology. It is a world devoid of the products of the rational, independent human mind. It is a world of self-abnegation, submission and subservience. It is a world of living death.

The fundamental battle we face today consists not of bombs and rockets, but of ideas--the ideas of those who value human life on earth versus the ideas of those who oppose it.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

My Horoscope from The Onion

Sagittarius: (Nov. 22—Dec. 21)

Surprisingly enough, the end of your life will include 20 minutes of credits, copyright information, and a rather sad zither-based closing theme.

Friday, November 28, 2003

So Anyway!

I just got back from Mom's House in Northern Minnesota.

And Part 18 of Friends In High Places is now on the other website.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Insane Thought of the Day

The Space Aliens are avoiding contact with Earth people because they are afraid that Isalamic terrorists will find a way to hijack one of their starships and fly it into an inhabited planet at near lightspeed velocity.

Yes. I know it's lame.

Memo: The Cowboy Way/Or That’s the Way They Do It In Texas

From: Sgt. Mom
To: Assorted European Intellectuals and Those Americans Who Wish They Were Also
Re: On Being Snookered by an Archetype

a Step In The Right Direction

Skateboarders face more bans

CAPE MAY, N.J. - Fed up with skateboarders, city leaders who years ago banned the activity on city-owned land want to go a half-pipe further, making it illegal to possess, park or carry a skateboard in those places.

The ban would apply to the city's popular oceanfront promenade, a pedestrian mall downtown and in city-owned parks or parking lots.

The measure, which would make violations punishable by up to $100 in fines and confiscation of the skateboard, may be the first anywhere to ban possession of one.

Having been assaulted by skateboarders and falsely accused of assault by one of their "parents" I must applaud the actions of the Cape May city council in dealing with these homegrown savages.

Although ideally I personally believe that skateboarders should be hunted down and exterminated.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Monday, November 17, 2003

The Soviet Politburo, The House of Lords And...

Dick Morris on congressional incumbency

"The reapportionment of 2002 designed congressional districts that favored incumbents of both parties, leaving virtually no room for challengers to be elected. Of 435 members of the House of Representatives, only four incumbents lost to nonincumbents of the other party. In all, 96 percent of incumbents were re-elected. (It was only 90 percent in 1992 and 1982 after the previous reapportionments.)"

Wow man, that sucks.

A Fun Fact About Islam

Aditi Chaturvedi on the Black Stone of the Kabaa

The Black Stone which is the Shiv Emblem (also known as Sange Aswad which is a corrupted form of the Sanskrit word Sanghey Ashweta--meaning non-white stone) still survives in the Kaba as the central object of Islamic veneration. All other Vedic Idols could be found buried in the precincts or trampled underfoot in labyrinthine subterranean corridors if archaeological excavations are undertaken. The Black Stone has been badly mutilated, its carved base has disappeared and the stone itself is broken at seven places. It's parts are now held together by a silver band studded with silver nails. It lies half buried in the South Eastern portion of the Kaba Wall (Refer to Figure 1). The term Kaba itself is a corruption of the Sanskrit word Gabha (Garbha + Graha) which means Sanctum.

In addition, in the inscriptions from Hajja and its neighborhood was found a votive vessel dedicated by members of two tribes called Rama and Somia. Rama and Soma are Vedic deities, Rama is of the Solar dynasty and Soma is of the Lunar Dynasty. The moon god was called by various names in pre-Islamic times , one of them was Allah. Allah had 3 children, Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat. Al-Lat and Al-Uzza were both feminine deities. Alla is another name for the Hindu goddess Durga. It is obvious that the goddess Al-Lat was Alla (Durga) and Al-Uzza was Oorja (energy or life force also known as Shakti). Manat was none other than Somnath which is another name for Lord Shiva. One significant point to note that Soma in Sanskrit means Moon and Nath means Lord. Thus the Kaba itself was dedicated to the Moon God Somnath alias Shiv and the word Somnath was corrupted to Manat. The famous Black Stone is none other than the ShivLing of Makkeshwar alias Mecca. Lord Shiva is always shown with a crescent Moon on his head and every Shiva temple is supposed to have a sacred water spring representing the Ganges. The Crescent Moon pinnacle of the Kaba and the Zamzam spring (actually Zamza from Ganga) are irrefutable testaments to the Vedic origins of the Kaba.

Let me repeat something:

The famous Black Stone is none other than the ShivLing of Makkeshwar alias Mecca. Lord Shiva is always shown with a crescent Moon on his head and every Shiva temple is supposed to have a sacred water spring representing the Ganges.

In other words, the Black Stone is a representation of the penis of the Hindu god Shiva.

And one of the pillars of Islam is that a muslim is supposed to kiss it.

Say no more!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Giving Real Meaning to Veterans Day

By Edwin A. Locke

There is no more precious possession than one's own life. But without political freedom, human life is empty. Man cannot exist in any meaningful sense as a serf. The New Hampshire motto says it perfectly: "Live Free or Die."

Because human life is so precious, war should never be undertaken unless our rights are threatened. It is often said that our soldiers must sacrifice themselves for our country. This is precisely what we must not ask them to do. A sacrifice entails the surrender of a greater value for a lesser one. But if a man loses his life on the premise, "I would rather die than live in slavery," it is a tragic loss—but it is not a sacrifice. Such a man is acting in his own interests, to protect his most precious values.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Somebody's Tax Dollars At Work


The lime-green garbage cans showed up in George Henning's South Miami-Dade neighborhood as if they had dropped from the sky.

They were nifty, but no one knew why they were there.

Instructions stuffed into each can detailed the county's new garbage collection system, which use the cans and a truck called a ``one-arm bandit.''

But no one knew what was going on -- and calls to the county produced only more confusion.

Then, three days after they appeared, the cans disappeared.

Whoops, said the county.

Wow! A governmental body actually admitted to making a mistake!

Could this be another Sign of the Apocalypse?

Gosh, What A Surprise!

Union thuggery in Chicago

In an attempt to intimidate theater owners in 10 states, members of a Chicago projectionists union ignited explosive gases during movies that sent hundreds of panicked theatergoers racing through dark and crowded theaters, federal officials said Friday.

Quote of the Day

"The fact that The One comes from the machine world is a brilliant way to write around the fact that Keanu Reeves can't act."

-- Ken Mondschein

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Gaulia Delenda Est?

Charles R. Smith at Newsmax writes

Paris Wants to Drop Sanctions Against PRC

France and Germany want to drop Tiananmen Square sanctions against selling weapons to China. In fact, French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie recently proposed sharing sensitive military technology with Beijing.

Why would they want to do something like that?

The removal of sanctions against Beijing is likely to result in major weapons purchases from both France and Germany. The Chinese army would very much like to purchase French Mirage or Rafale jets and the Tiger attack helicopter. The Chinese have a major shortfall in helicopters and lack a modern attack helicopter.

In addition, the Chinese navy would like to collaborate with France on the purchase of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and nuclear-powered submarines. The Chinese navy also would like to purchase French- or German-made air cushion landing craft for a possible invasion of Taiwan.

What do we call nations that sell weapons to our enemies?

Would it be an "ENEMY?"

Friday, November 07, 2003

Oh Swell...Now I Have To See It

James Lileks bleats about THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS

The invasion of Zion was one of the most impressive visual achievements I’ve ever seen on the screen – and this was one of the set-pieces the critics sniffed at. The scenes en route to the Machine City: whoa, to quote the poet. And the final fight between Neo and Smith is every comic book I read as a kid come to life and amped up beyond anything I dreamed. I never thought I would see things like that. Having seen them, I’m grateful. Five bucks for that? Hell, I would have paid eight.

We still see the limits of technology, though. Computer graphics can make a thousand flying squid flow through a hole in a vast concrete dome; they can bring to live tanks the size of mountains, animate robot oracles whose face is made up of a million pieces of metal swarming in frantic concert.

But they can’t take 27 pounds of Laurence Fishburn.

Canadian Filmmaker Becomes (GASP!) An American

John Fucile came out and he wants Kate Hudson to know it

You see America takes people in from other places that wield machetes, and socialism, hatred and history and creates Brooklyn gold. And America does it over and over again. If you want to come, chances are you can. These people are good. They believe in things, and ideas and themselves. When your birthplace fails you in whatever way you deem it to have, the United States is here. Desire is part of the make up, heart and courage and morality.

I'm not sure if people do not understand, nor do I, the sacrifice the people of this country make for their beliefs; ideas of freedom and liberty; of humanity and decency. These are strange propositions to some and difficult concepts to deal with for others. Unlike those others though, there is no rest for America. No comfort in winning. Bronze can take the day off. The expectations are higher for Gold. The bar is raised. And it is good. People here play golf for a living. And teach and administer and build and dream and create and write and fix and mend and invent. And it all matters. It isn't against anything. Measured against your self, alone. The dollar is the dollar. Monday is always a new week and the market will be open. Get up, shake the dust off and give 'er.

Never in the history of the world has their ever been such a generous nation; generous towards other countries, and also with its’ own citizens. Citizens of America have the opportunity to live out their dreams and reap the rewards, the responsibilities and the consequences. And that has it's own problems - often leading to a neo-conspiracy-quasi-liberal morality based in a confused sense of not deserving what one has. When dreams get realized, quickly, and wealth follows, wealth beyond the imagination of the individual, as so often realized by the Hollywood left, it often leads to media or extensions of positions that are also laden with this loathsome sentiment.

And then I suddenly had this vision of a Monty Python sketch about how a bunch of Blancmanges from the planet Skyron in the galaxy of Andromeda were turning Canadian people into Americans.

"But why?" Asked the brainless but well constructed fake blonde babe.
"They mean to win...the Stanley Cup!" Said the manly (though portrayed by a homosexual) scientist.

Unforunately, Mr. Fucile was arrested by the NYPD for selling DVD copies of his own films as a sidewalk vendor.

Bloody New York socialists.

Meanwhile In The Real World...

Mark Urbin is shamelessly plugging my blog.

Thanks Dude.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

My Horoscope From the Onion.

Sagittarius: (Nov. 22—Dec. 21)

You hadn't wanted to live out your parents' dreams, but since they're the kind of dreams where you live in effortless luxury, it's no big deal, really.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

The Rain In Spain Fall Mainly Where It Wants To

The Spanish were once a world power and are now becoming a major player on the world stage
"Standing up to France and Germany is working its way through the system," he said. "It will be going more deeply into the national consciousness. It is increasingly understood that French policy on international issues is essentially about advancing French national interests. Standing up for Spain, being aware of Spanish interests, as inconceivable as it was in the 80's and 90's, is becoming increasingly credible."

I suddenly had this vision of the British army helping the Dutch defend the Netherlands as the Spanish and American march north on Paris and the Polish and other former Warsaw Pact Armies march on Berlin.

Of course the French and the Germans would have to do something really stupid.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

"Assholes Do Vex Me!!!"

Gator Corporation sues one of their victims

US-based Gator Corp provides free software to consumers that enables them to store information such as passwords for logging onto sites. The catch however is that users of its software must agree to receive ads in return and when they visit certain Web sites a code is triggered that inundates them with pop-up ads. And, very often, the owners of these sites have not agreed to display these ads.

This has led to several companies such as the Washington Post and United Parcel Service (UPS) suing Gator for infringing on their sites. UPS, for instance, charged that it led to its competitors' ads appearing on its Web site.

However, now Gator has decided to turn the tables and has set the lawyers on Extended Stay America Inc to ensure that Extended cannot block its ads, a report on Bloomberg claims. Gator's argument is that consumers should be able to decide what they see on the Web and not Web site owners. It said in its suit that Extended Stay America has no right to prevent computer users from choosing to get its software and "viewing separate works, comprising advertising on that user's own computer screen, even when other works share the screen."


The screen on my computer is my private property. NO ONE has the right to tresspass on my property, impose their message on my computer screen, and interrupt my communications. Pop-up advertising deprives me of control of my property by stealing visual space on the screen of my computer and steals the irreplacable moments of my life in the time it take to kill the ads.

A true right does not under any circumstances constitute a claim upon the life, liberty or property of another person. Because pop-up advertising does violate my life, my liberty, and my property, I would have absolutely no problem when this form of vile behavior is banned.

I futhermore would not be the slightest bit upset if the Gator Corp mob were to be hunted down and killed, and their severed heads impaled on pikes pour encourager autres.

Thought For Today

Never rush a cheeseburger.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Mixed Day So Far

I have a job interview scheduled for 1500 Hours CDT today. (YAY!!!!)

On the way out to take care of some other necessary business I found that my car had been broken into. Several cars on the block had been damaged and one beat-up and a neighbor's ancient van had been stolen. (FEH!!!!)

Update at 1730 Hours
I'm Hired. I begin training on Monday.

Also my primary mail server is down and the owner appears to be out of town.

Doubleplus FEH!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

About [Expletive] Time Dept.

'Every soldier a rifleman'

Everybody in the United States Army’s gotta be a soldier first,” Gen. Peter Schoomaker told reporters during an Oct. 7 roundtable meeting with reporters in Washington.

*Every soldier will be required to qualify on his or her individual weapon twice a year, [Gen.] Byrnes said. The current Army standard requires soldiers to qualify only once a year, although some commanders have their troops qualify more frequently.

*New recruits will qualify on their individual weapons in basic training and then again in advanced individual training, Byrnes added. Until now, qualification in basic training only was the standard.

*Every soldier, regardless of MOS and unit, will conduct at least one live-fire combat drill a year. For higher headquarters rear-echelon units, it might include reacting to an ambush, Byrnes said.

They should have done this twenty years ago when I was in the Army. S.L.A. Marshall was advocating this back during the Korean War.

The notion that infantrymen are expected to be detailed to defend the Artillery and the logistical tail, thus allowing them to not practice basic combat skills, was nonsensical back during World War One and proven to be total bullshit (in several ways) by the Wehrmacht during the Second World War.

It is nice to see that someone (apart from The Marines) in the five-sided funny farm is actually engaged in rational thought.

(We should point out for our readers that active and former military people have every right -- Hell, every duty -- to be critical as to how the folks in the Pentagon run things. More so than any of the totalitarian-socialist-thug-hugging brain-death cases who filled out the ranks of the so-called peace movement.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

It's The End Of The Universe As We Know It!

I found my copy of GALAXY 666 by Pel Toro, a.k.a. R. Lionel Fanthorpe. This is by reputation the worst Science Fiction novel ever published in the English language.

Having become acclimatized to the pink-tinged light, which gave everywhere a strangely roseate appearance, and which had the effect of lulling their senses into a rather dreamy false security, the four explorers looked down at the ground beneath their feet. The ground beneath their feet was a very odd sort of terrain - - though “terrain” is not, strictly speaking, the kind of word that ought to be used to describe the ground of a planet that was not earth. Like so many of the old earth words, it has crept into the vocabulary of the empire. So they examined the terrain.

I wonder who owns the film rights to it.

Maybe another excerpt tomorrow.

Update at 0842 CDT:

I found his homepage:


And now, back to reality...

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Midnight Movie

I just saw a midnight showing of CLERKS at the Riverview Theater.

I would be happy to do a film that was half as funny.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Think Of It As Evolution In Action

Wildlife author killed, eaten by bears he loved

A California author and filmmaker who became famous for trekking to Alaska's remote Katmai coast to commune with brown bears has fallen victim to the teeth and claws of the wild animals he loved.

Alaska State Troopers and National Park Service officials said Timothy Treadwell, 46, and girlfriend Amie Huguenard, 37, were killed and partially eaten by a bear or bears near Kaflia Bay, about 300 miles southwest of Anchorage, earlier this week.

Scientists who study Alaska brown bears said they had been warning Treadwell for years that he needed to be more careful around the huge and powerful coastal twin of the grizzly.

Treadwell's films of close-up encounters with giant bears brought him a bounty of national media attention. The fearless former drug addict from Malibu, Calif. -- who routinely eased up close to bears to chant "I love you'' in a high-pitched, sing-song voice -- was the subject of a show on the Discovery Channel and a report on "Dateline NBC." Blond, good-looking and charismatic, he appeared for interviews on David Letterman's show and "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" to talk about his bears. He even gave them names: Booble, Aunt Melissa, Mr. Chocolate, Freckles and Molly, among others.

A self-proclaimed eco-warrior, he attracted something of a cult following too. Chuck Bartlebaugh of "Be Bear Aware,'' a national bear awareness campaign, called Treadwell one of the leaders of a group of people engaged in "a trend to promote getting close to bears to show they were not dangerous.

An "eco-warrior"?

In other words, an enemy of mankind.

I should send the bear a thank you note.

"I told him to be much more cautious ... because every time a bear kills somebody, there is a big increase in bearanoia and bears get killed,'' Miller said. "I thought that would be a way of getting to him, and his response was 'I would be honored to end up in bear scat.' ''

No shit.

Too bad the poor bear who did it was hunted down and killed.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Idea For A Movie

Or for a mock trailer thereof:


We now return you to your reality.

And Now...

My car is in the shop again.

Aren't you glad you looked at this page today?

Friday, October 03, 2003

An Interesting Website

Zulfikar Khan has a site that details the history and effects of Islam

Hinduism tells us that the "Self" which dwells in each and every being in this universe is one and the same with Godhead. Every soul in this uinverse is a reflection of this Supreme Self. Thus every individual has the potential to realize Godhead by the realization of this "Self".

Realization of the "Self" is possible only when someone is free to think on his/her own and act accordingly. The most heinous and barbaric crime in this world would be to stop an individual to think freely. And when such a crime is legalised in the form of a religion, one can easily imagine how disastrous it can be. Islam is such a religion.

Islam imposes a threat to the whole world which is far worse than deforestation, nuclear destruction or AIDS. It is an insidious, devilish disease creeping into the veins of the world. Every individual must realise the destructive and evil nature of this religion, for it eats away at the very foundation of humanity which is an individual's ability to think individually and act accordingly. The following articles logically analyse different aspects of this so called religion and bring forth the true nature of Islam.

Islam Delenda Est!

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

And I Thought That It Was French Incompetence That Killed Her


[Agente France Presse] PARIS

French police and government officials announced Tuesday that Skynet, a computer system designed to control the United States' "Star Wars" ballistic missile defense program, was responsible for the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

"Skynet became self-aware at 2:14am EDT August 29, 1997," French President Jaques Chirac said in a news conference. "Originally, it was feared that Skynet would launch a global thermonuclear war. Anyone not wearing two million sunblock would have a, how do you say in English, a 'real bad day'."

The truth, according to French officials, is even stranger. It is believed that Skynet will remain operational until at least the year 2029. At that time, according to Jean-Paul Renault, France's Minister of Science, the computer system will develop a time travel system.

Renault claims that Skynet will use this time travel system to send agents back to 1997 to kill Princess Diana.


Noted screenwriter and science fiction author Harlan Ellison filed suit against the French government for violations of his intellectual property rights...

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

My Horoscope from THE ONION

Sagittarius: (Nov. 22—Dec. 21)

The worst of it all seems to be behind you, especially if you were serious about that whole "death would be a mercy at this point" thing.

I Hate My Life

My car broke down today.

I was going to visit the campus of one of the local county vocational schools as part of oning project to get my life back on track. And the fucking car would turn over but it wouldn't fire.

I hate my life.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Yes, I'm An Atheist, But This Is Still Funny

Bob G. in Little Green Footballs sez:

Jesus saves, Moses invests, Mohammad plunders.

On The Other Hand, The Photos Suck

September 27, 1998

Independent Persecutor Kenneth Starr has been offered a job... at Hustler Magazine! "After a reading of the Starr Report I am impressed by the salacious and voyeuristic nature of your work, I am offering you a position as Advisor On Pornography for Hustler Magazine," Larry Flynt said in a letter to Starr. "The quality and quantity of material you have assembled in the Starr Report contains more pornographic references than those provided by Hustler Online services this month. I congratulate you for opening the doors of libraries and schools to pornographic literature. Those of us at Hustler need your assistance in extending the parameters of pornography to a wider community of adults. You have opened a new era in promoting explicit sexual material to the public." Last month Hustler Magazine had 44 graphic references to genitalia, but the Starr Report has over 50 graphic references to genitalia. Ken Starr has yet to accept the position at Hustler.
No comment.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Objectivist Answers Really Dumb Question

Wayne Dunn writes

QUESTION: "Do you think socialism was able to 'civilize' or 'tame' capitalism by 1914? Or do you think that capitalism did not need to be 'civilized' or 'tamed'."

First we must define our terms. Socialism is state ownership of the means of production. Capitalism is private ownership of the means of production.

To be civilized is to deal with others only through their consent, through persuasion rather than brute force. Civilized men understand that physical coercion is out of the question, that any relationship between individuals must be voluntary. An uncivilized man, by contrast, has no reservations whatsoever about applying a club to any perceived adversary's noggin. Force and intimidation characterize his actions; coercion is his modus operandi.

Friday, September 26, 2003

When I grow Up I Want To Be A Movie Director Just Like Sir Ridley

Sir Ridley Scott said in an interview:

To me, the smallness of a film is really the size of the characters in the movie. If you've got great characters, then you can say the film has no particular smallness attached to it. You can watch a $150 million piece of (garbage) and call it a big movie, but actually, it's a very tiny movie because it was driven by a tiny brain.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

British Jurist Exercises Rational Judgement

Judge strips boy of damages

Clare Dyer
Thursday September 25, 2003
The Guardian

A judge has stripped a schoolboy of a £4,250 damages award after his school argued that it would be "madness" to compensate him for breaking his arm after falling off a swing as he played Superman during a sports day at Chillerton country primary school near Newport.
Ryan Simonds, from Rookley, Isle of Wight, was given damages by a county court judge in March for the injury.

But, overturning the ruling that the school was negligent, Mr Justice Gross said at London's high court that if "word got out" the boy had won his case "the probability is sports days and other pleasurable sporting events will simply not take place ... Such events could easily become uninsurable, or at prohibitive cost."
And the fifth horseman, Absurdity, fell off his mount, and there was much amusement.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

The University of Texas Online Map Collection.

Speaking of Filmmaking

On 20 Sep 2003 12:08:49 -0700, [FNORD] (Tom R. Rastell) wrote in red.arts.movies.production:

My idea is to make a movie that´is so bad, that it will be the new definition of bad.

It should be so bad, that "Plan 9 from outer Space" is Oscar-material against my movie.

What do I need for a really bad movie ?

My reply was:

A subject that you are really and truly passionate about that no one
else could give a rat's posterior for.

Stock footage.

Speak down to the audience with badly written diologue and exposition.

Stock footage.

Cut corners on production values in a way that is clearly visible on

Did I also say stock footage, you can never have enough stock footage.

I have enough untalented amateur actors, a story that makes no sense at all but equipment for decent quality.

A well known but washed up actor or actress is often an asset. Should
he or she drop dead in mid-production you should replace him or her
with someone who isn't quite a proper double.

Above all, have fun doing it.

A British Filmmaker Rants and Rages

Martyn Finn writes:

What we want to see is a glamorous view of Britain, America does it, why shouldn’t we? Why is it that we always make films about the poverty of Britain, or the crime, or the hatred of Britain? The reason, it’s easy. It’s easy to do because it’s easy to show something as it really is. The difficult thing, the thing we don’t want to do is try and make something its not. We all know how fake Hollywood is, that’s because they make the effort to create the sets and lighting to make us believe what is not really there. So pull your finger out Britain and make something worth watching, not something to slit your wrists over.

I'll have to keep that in mind. Minnesota weather sucks worse than British weather.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Froggish Behavior

A member of a mailing list for Russian movie camera fans describes the behavior of the
"bereaved" relatives of a deceased French expatriate cinematographer:

I was looking through the material left over
after the estate of a French DP had been (for
want of a better word) plundered by his family.

In the "trash" pile there were some French "Cine
Techique Reguard" (spelling may be off for the
reasons later listed)-- and in one of them was
the article and picture about the 16mm gate and
magazine. I asked if I could have the magazines
since they were in the trash pile, and they were
ripped out of my hands. After a few moments of
angry discussion the family switched back from
French to English to inform me that I was no longer
welcome, please leave, and keep my hands off of
everything as I left.

He had not been on speaking terms with the rest
of the family, and had moved to the US twenty five
or thirty years ago. Within hours of his death in
Africa (on a shoot) the family had hired someone to
make sure his ex-wife did not "get away" with
anything, and within a month had flown over, packed
up almost everything and was preparing it to go back
to France,

In the back yard was a large pile of "trash" that
they were planning to burn before they found out
that we had a no-burn because of air quality order
in effect. (And they took that personally, too.)
After I asked about the magazines they picked up
the trash, putting it into bags.

And then they have the bloody nerve to call us barbaric.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

What Does Bin Laden Want?


Donald Sensing writes:
I see no evidence that bin Laden has ever had any plan except violence itself, committing it where he could, when he could. He commits violence against Western targets with no vision apparent beyond the violence. He has no idea of how to constitute a true nation state. He is a man whose vision extends no further than more fighting, which is to say, he has no vision at all.

This should not be a surprise since the Islam and the Koran are simply the collected mouth droppings of a thief, murderer, and rapist whose goals were the acquisition of power, plunder, and what our urban underclass commonly calls "booty."

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Linux Developer Gets Laid

Philadelphia, PA - In news that is sure to excite the Linux community, long time Linux developer Todd Stanton got laid.

Monday, September 15, 2003

An Interesting Website

The Scampton Veterinary Optician

Which has an interesting phrasebook page, and a collection of short and strange films.

Think Of It As Islam In Action

Iranian Officials Raped Reporter, Then Killed Her

A Toronto-based lawyer, Hamid Mojtahedi, told Radio Farda, the American-funded radio station beamed into Iran, that Kazemi was raped by intelligence agents who worked with Tehran prosecutor Said Mortazavi, a man referred to as the “Butcher of the Press” by Iranian dissidents.

Mr. Mojtahedi, who traveled to Iran last month with a delegation from the Canadian chapter of the group Lawyers Without Borders, also told the radio station that a forensic autopsy of Kazemi’s body might be impossible since Iranian authorities injected it with chemicals to speed its decomposition.

I'd rather live nest door to the Manson Family than to step foot in the abomination that is the "Harb el Islam."

-- Les

Sunday, September 14, 2003


Bob G wrote:
Imagine there's no Muslims
It isn't hard to do
No damn Mohammad
And no Bin Laden too
Imagine all of Islam
Under a mushroom cloud,
You may say I'm lizard
But I'm not the only one
I hope one day you'll join us
So the world can sleep again.


It may very well come to that.

Just A Reminder

I have this Traveller fan-fiction project called Friends In High Places.

If Ditzie invites you over to play tea Party, say NO.

She insists on using mini-frag mines as a substitute for scones.

Another Comment On Islam

Camel Prophet Says

Muslim = Traitor
Muslim Immigrant = Infiltrator
Two Muslims = Jihad
Muslim Cleric = Parasite
Muslim With Money = Terror Financier
Muslim Without Money = Terrorist
Muslim Mosque = Terror Incitement Center
Muslim Heaven = Hell
Muslim Martyrdom = Ticket to Hell
Muslim Woman = Sperm Receptacle #1-4
Uppity Muslim Woman = Punching Bag
Muslim Veil = Human Dog Collar
Muslim Prayer = Joke
Muslim Prostration = Carpet Humping
Muslim Cult Founder = Pig-One
Muslim God = Mohammed's Cartoon
Muslim Koran = Mohammed's Fabulations
Muslim Sex = Rape
Muslim Economics = Plunder
Muslim Mathematics = Plunder Accounting
Muslim Foreign Policy = Aggression
Mohammed's Muslim Fantasy = Pedophilia
Muslim Beauty Model = Camel
Muslim Sufi = Hindu In A Hurry
Muslim Sunni = Shit-for-Brains
Muslim Shiite = Brains-for-Shit
Muslim Theology = Slave Contract
Muslim Fatwah = Slave Contract Interpretation
Muslim Fun = Murder
Muslim Success = High Body Count

And then there's Muslim Truth, otherwise known as bullshit.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

A Description of Islamic Behavior

Quark in the comments section of Little Green Footballs said this:

We need to be careful here, this is another important kufir situation that the islamonazis will steal for their own, just like christian and jewish history and religions.
They are not only the world's greatest liars they are also the world's greatest thieves.
They steal life
They steal love
They steal hope
They steal morality
They steal peace
They steal diginity
They steal history
They steal goodness

They give war
They give fear
They give hate
They give death

Do I need to say more?


Thursday, September 11, 2003

Dealing With Religious Fanatics

Vodkapundit tells us how it shoud be done:

In the suburban American experience, "religious nuts" means people coming to your door to give you copies of "The Watchtower." Or in rare cases, people like Paul Hill, who assassinated an abortion doctor.

It's easy to deal with Jehovah's Witnesses. You can politely ask them to leave. Or you can answer the door holding a 12-gauge. Or there's my preferred method, which is to invite them in, sit them on the sofa, offer them a glass of lemonade, and return from the kitchen after having removed my pants. Do that, and they'll avoid your house in the exact same way a good Catholic avoids meat on Friday – with saintly fervor.

And Paul Hill? I don't mean to lessen his terrible crime, but he did seek his vengeance upon only one person, whom he considered guilty of murder. Frankly, I don't care what Hill's motivation was – he was a killer, and our justice system knows how to deal with killers. We try them, convict them, and jab them in the arm with poison. One killer, one victim, one tried and true way of dealing with him.

Absolutely God-Damned right!

But that isn't all.

Dread is for the weak; defiance is, perhaps, the American virtue.

I'm saddened for 10,000 children who lost a mommy or a daddy that day. I'm angered every time I see a picture of the altered New York skyline. I know a wearied irritation that this instinctively isolationist nation has been dragged into yet another world war. There is real, physical pain in my belly when that sound comes back, unbidden. You know the sound I mean – the thunk-splat of meat hitting pavement, of living people who chose to jump rather than be burned alive.

Americans are defiant, even regarding the manner of death chosen for us by others.

Now go on and let yourself relive that day, just a little.

Remember the first reports that "a small plane" had crashed into the World Trade Center. Firemen who didn't just run into a burning building, they ran up into collapsing skyscrapers. Grounded planes. The stock exchanges, closed. The doubt, the fear, the "what will they do next?" And the realization: Oh my God, we're at war. War in the Old Testament sense, when the barbarians came to rape and to slaughter.

Islam is rape and slaughter, robbery and murder.

Islam is barbarism given the veneer of divine sanction.

It is tempting to respond to the Jihad as if we were the Great Khan himself, to crush the muslims and listen to the wailing of their women. No, I just want them dead.

They want to die for the false god Allah. I just want them to die.

-- Les

Friday, September 05, 2003

I Still Hate My Life

I put in one and an half hours writing a comment on AMIR TAHERI's editorial piece in the New York Post.

And then I lost the work in progress.

I'll try again later.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Bad Copy Editing Will Kill Me

In my previous post I wrote:

My life is still a mess, but any young lady (Ages 10 to 45) who has a white cat can reach me at my Yahoo mailing address: lesbates_traveller@yahoo.com

This has been corrected.

Dreams and Visions

I was dreaming that I was stuck in high school again, and that it was also [SHUDDER!!!] homecoming day. I used to hate the pep rallies. MY (lack of) GOD, those damned things were a [BLEEPING] waste of time. I actually preferred to be in class, any class, on any subject than to attend one of those things. Not even the presence on the stage of both of the young ladies who were the basis of the characters of the psychic sisters in Friends In High Places (they were cheerleaders and should know who they are by now) could ameliorate the ordeal.

And then my Mom (with whom I'm speaking again) calls me at 8 AM sharp (waking me up) and asks me if I want to go back to school.

According to Objectivist doctrine there should be no such thing as psychic phenomena.

But I keep seeing things in my sleep, and I once wrote to Art Bell about it:

In late August of (2001) I had a vision of people choking on toxic fumes in an unfamiliar office building followed by the collapse of the building. I originally dismissed it as just another weird dream, but then we all remember what happened on September 11.

(In January of 2002) I had a vision of workers tunneling underground to add space to one of Saddam Hussein's existing secret underground project sites, Saddam himself appeared in the dream to inspect the work . . . If I had to offer a predictive interpretation of these visions I would say that Iraq is going to hit us or it will be struck by us . . .

And I watched in fascination on Fox News and MSNBC as the Marines explored the tunnel system under Baghdad.

And then there was this:

What I find particularly disturbing is the dream I had (January 17, 2002). I had a vision of a white female cat wandering around in an unfamiliar bedroom "marking" (to use that charming euphemism) copies of LIBERTY magazine and clothing items I recognized to be mine. I am allergic to cats, none of the other residents of the house I live in has a white cat. If this is a predictive dream them someone owns a white cat, or worse, is symbolically represented by the white cat is about to walk into my life. As if my life wasn't already a mess.

I may have been wrong about the gender of the cat.

My life is still a mess, but any young lady (Ages 18 to 45) who has a white cat can reach me at my Yahoo mailing address: lesbates_traveller@yahoo.com

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Friday, August 29, 2003

No license? No pop stand, St. Paul tells 2 youngsters
Kevin Duchschere, Star Tribune

Published August 29, 2003 POPS29

Mikaela Ziegler, 7, and her 4-year-old sister, Annika, were selling refreshments Wednesday afternoon near the State Fairgrounds when a woman approached them. But she wasn't there to buy.

"She said, 'You can't sell pop unless you have a license,' " Mikaela said.

That's how it came to be that an inspector with St. Paul's Office of License, Inspections and Environmental Protection shut down Mikaela and Annika's pop stand.

Their outraged father, Dr. Richard Ziegler, called City Hall for an explanation. He was told that St. Paul is cracking down on unauthorized merchants and that his daughters would be free to hawk their beverages once they obtained a $60 license.

"Is there anything sacred anymore?" he asked Thursday. "We're not running a business here. This is fun and games for kids. I think [Mikaela's] netted, after paying me, a whole $13.

But Licensing Director Janeen Rosas said Mikaela was violating St. Paul Legislative Code Chapter 331A.04(d)(24), which requires a license for "A temporary establishment where food sales shall be restricted to prepackaged nonpotentially hazardous foods or canned or bottled nonalcoholic beverages; operating no more than fourteen (14) days annually at any one location."

Rosas said the city has received more complaints than ever this year about sellers at the fair, although she said no one had registered a gripe about the enterprising Ziegler sisters.

"If someone were to get ill from one of these products, with a license we're more able to track them back," she said. "And at the fair it's an equity issue. Allowing some people to sell without licenses gives them an unfair advantage over others."

In fact, any lemonade stand in St. Paul must be licensed to operate, Rosas said. Not that the licensing department is out randomly patrolling for juvenile scofflaws.

"But if we get a complaint, an inspector would go out and respond to that kind of call," she said.

In June, police in Naples, Fla., responded to a neighbor's complaint by closing the lemonade stand of a 6-year-old girl who didn't have a permit. After fielding indignant phone calls from around the country, embarrassed city officials waived the $35 permit fee and allowed her to reopen. The story won national attention.

Before she was shut down at her stand on Como Av. a block or two from the fairgrounds, Mikaela had been in business for four days, offering passersby an assortment of packaged lemonade, orange juice, water and pop. What the city did made her sad. And mad.

"I don't think that was right," she said, "Cause you should be able to just sell stuff without having something that you don't know you're supposed to be having."

Kevin Duchschere is at kduchschere@startribune.com.

Think of it as socialism in action.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

A Rising Problem

Chinese Imperialism

In 2000, China increased its defense spending to 13 percent of its gross domestic product, followed by another augmentation to 17 percent in 2001. One analyst observed that recent purchases by Chinese generals tend to “emphasize power-projection forces” to apply military power “at a distance.” Though the actual reasons are decreed as protective measures by the Chinese government, some correlation can be drawn to recent maneuvers, such as its claim of 80 percent of the South China Sea, which is against international law, and by its direct colonialism over the Paracel and Spratly Islands, also in possession of Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. A former Philippines defense minister called this a “creeping invasion” when asked to comment on its possible ramifications. China has also laid claim to the Philippines’ Mischief Reef and has established military installations on four other disputed reefs; moreover, has been a notable increase in Chinese naval traffic around the Philippines’ territories that makes many countries “uneasy that China may want to resume the imperial status it had in earlier centuries,” according former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.
Furthermore, the Japanese government has reported that Chinese military vessels sail into Japanese waters approximately 20 times per year. This has prompted the Japanese Defense Ministry to begin a massive project for mapping its coastal seafloor to observe China’s growing fleet of submarines. This is not to mention that Japan moves 70 percent of its crude oil and fishing through the South China Sea, of which China has called for the “immediate eviction of foreign military vessels or vessels owned by foreign governments and used for noncommercial purposes that violate the laws and regulations” of China.

My comments:

1. The United States should recognize the fact that peace has never been brought about or extended through any arms control process. The United States should repediate all treaties that limit Nuclear and Conventional forces and amend the Constitution to prohibit such agreements in the future.

2. The United States should arrest, prosecute, and where possible execute all persons responsible for the transfer of military technology to the PRC. This includes BOTH Clintons.

3. The United States should outlaw trade with the PRC and all other totalitarian socialist states.

4. The United States should be prepared to militarily crush the PRC at if necesssary erase it from the face of the Earth.

Zhong Guo Delenda Est!

I'm open to further suggestions at lesbates_traveller@yahoo.com

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

And Then the Guru Said...

From Jeff Cooper's Commentaries, September 2003

"Tolerance, like moderation, is a virtue best observed in moderation." (In essence, tolerance means that you don't really give a damn.)

Reports from the front indicate that the Arabs cut down all their power lines in order to steal the copper, and then complain bitterly that power is out. Nation building, indeed, has its problems.

We hear curious accounts from the front concerning the disarming of our own troops. Some people in authority seem to have got the idea that we must not let our people appear hostile to the local Arabs. This has caught on more with the Army than with the Marines. We hear from a couple of sources that the locals have discovered that while they may shoot safely at American soldiers, it is very dangerous to shoot at American Marines, who are inclined to shoot back, and they cannot tell the uniforms apart.

On the other side of the world, it has just been made possible in Alaska for the private citizen to go armed without a license. Alaska and the state of Vermont are today sparkling bastions of liberty remaining in the world. God Bless America - regardless of what they say in Alabama!

Robbing The Teachers In Florida

Michelle Malkin at Townhall.com writes:

Three months ago, this column wondered if the New York Times would ever cover the abominable Democrat teachers' union scandal in Florida. Investigators from the FBI and Miami-Dade's Public Corruption Task Force raided the powerful United Teachers of Dade headquarters at the end of April. In July, they raided the Tallahassee home of union President Pat Tornillo.

This week, Tornillo -- the Ken Lay of the Left -- finally confessed to massive looting of teachers' union dues.

Here, in its 69-word entirety, is what the nation's paper of selective record found fit to print on Aug. 26: "Pat Tornillo, the longtime leader of the Miami-Dade County teachers union who had been accused of billing the union for $650,000 of luxuries, pleaded guilty to filing a false tax return and mail fraud in exchange for a two-year prison sentence. Court records showed he billed the union for four Caribbean vacations, several cruises, a trip to the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and other first-class travel expenses."

The Times' news brief, recycled from an Associated Press dispatch, was buried on page A16.

And here are some of the juicy details:

When he wasn't bullying union members into sending students home with notes endorsing Democrat candidates and causes, Tornillo oversaw a disastrous spending binge on real estate and used the union's political and economic clout to secure lucrative construction and insurance contracts for cronies. Miami Herald reporters unearthed records showing "how Tornillo lived the life of royalty on the union's dime, expensing everything from round-the-world vacations, $20,000 hotel bills and antique furniture. The union also paid for his phone, cable and power bills, his housekeeper and his home insurance."

While teachers pleaded for pay increases and fought layoff measures, Tornillo used their union dues (at $843 per year, they're the highest in the nation) to buy tailored suits from Hong Kong and python-print pajamas from Neiman-Marcus. The Herald also reported that after Tornillo returned in 1995 from an extravagant African safari junket with executives of a troubled health maintenance organization, Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York, he awarded the company a $195 million insurance contract against the recommendation of union staff.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Separation of Education and State.

2. Ban public employee unions.

3. Ban public employee participation in elections and other political activities.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

My Horoscope According To The Onion

Sagittarius: (Nov. 22—Dec. 21)

The movement of planets in your sign foretells amazing romantic events this week. The stars, however, just pour out endless amounts of electromagnetic radiation.

Uh, okay...

And Here's To You, Demi Moore ...

By BRAD SMITH bsmith@tampatrib.com
Published: Aug 26, 2003

TAMPA - Opening an e-mail at work one day, Melissa Schrader was startled by a colleague's invitation.
Would she be interested in a date?

Schrader considered it for a second, then decided no. For one thing, her admirer was a 25-year-old man. Schrader, a Tampa account manager, is single but 36.

``I thought he was too young and he showed his immaturity,'' she said.

Still, dating demographics have made such potential romances less taboo than once thought. Plenty of today's younger men appear interested in today's older women. That's personified by the high- profile Hollywood affair between 40-year-old actress Demi Moore and 25-year-old actor Ashton Kutcher.

This would imply that my ideal mate would be in her fifties.