Saturday, July 31, 2004

The best face America has projected is...

I Don't Care If He Is Funny, I'm Still Not Going To Worship Him

The Maker of Worlds is having fun with Comrade Botox:

Another Reminder

Why we fight the War on Terror.

Thought for the Day

The Despocrats as part of their program to gain power through class warfare are promising to raise taxes on "the rich". Which in practice means plundering the more productive members of our society in order to buy off those persons who are less productive.

What the Despocrats fervently hope is not noticed by their marks is that every dollar that is forcibly taken from the real economy is a dollar that will not be used to create new businesses, and new jobs, or used to expand existing busnesses, with more new jobs or increased pay for existing workers. In any case the money that is taken from the real economy to pay off the supporters of the Despocrats will never be part of the paycheck of a real worker.

In short, the Despocrat's claim of being the friend of laborers is only so much effluvient matter.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Needs To Work On Delivery

President Bush speaking about Vice-President Cheney:

I appreciate my running mate. I tell you, he's not the prettiest man in the race -- (laughter) -- but he's got sound judgment -- (applause) -- and he's got great national -- he's got great experience in national security. He's a steady man. I'm proud to have him by my side for four more years. (Applause.)

The first thing that came to mind when I read this was a line from a movie:

"She' got huge ... tracts of land!"

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

Hugh Hewett On Why President Bush Must Be Re-elected

NRO: Why does my life depend on W. winning?

HEWITT: Because hundreds of thousands of Islamists are trying to kill you. George W. Bush isn't going to try and stop them on the cheap or pray that we get lucky. He's committed to preemption when he believes it is necessary.

John Kerry is not so committed. In his acceptance speech he said "[a]ny attack will be met with a swift and certain response." This is not the question, and by refusing explicitly to answer the question of when if ever he would act preemptively, we can only conclude that Kerry will not move preemptively against gathering threats. Like Clinton, he will judge the intelligence too vague, the country insufficiently prepared for battle, or the undeniable costs in the lives of Americans and American dollars too great.

George Bush is trying to kill the terrorists before they kill more Americans. He will not always succeed. But I think fewer Americans will die from such attacks if Bush wins reelection, far fewer in fact.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Read the whole interview here.

News of the Future

November 4, 2004

President-elect John Forbes Kerry was arrested for the war crimes he confessed to committing during the Vietnam War...

He did make a public confession.

We didn't even have to bring out the comfy chair.

Elsewhere in Boston

Blue Falcon on Little Green Footballs describes the lengths the local business-folk are going to in order to stay afloat during the DNC:

Boston has been a ghost town the last week besides the hordes of pass wearing delegates. Local bussiness that had tons of pro-Kerry signs in their windows have now taken their stuff down and put out signs literarlly saying "Customers wanted, Republicans welcome". If anyone doesn't believe me go (or call someone in Boston and have them) walk down Newbury Street from Exeter to Arlington. Especially check out the Prudential Center or Batterymarch area bussinesses. Particularly, Dick's Last Resort, Huntington Avenue location, has had some of the more humorous signs begging for customers the past two days

Gosh, how will this impact the vote for Comrade Botox and the Ambulance Chaser?

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Doctor Asimov, Call Your Office

Oh, I'm still looking for a copy of the Sensuous Dirty Old Man by "Dr. A"

Uh, huh...

Fat shoplifters on the rampage in South Africa:

"The modus operandi is that some of them pick up a mock fight or cause commotion while the others fill oversized bags with clothes. They usually target clothes shops and cosmetic outlets and then sell them to streetside vendors at cheap prices."

Read said "several arrests have been made but some of these women are still at large."

An Unconventional Question

The Last night the Ambulance Chaser said of Comrade Kerry:

He wants to serve you...

With what, fava beans and a light Chianti?

I know its an alien concept to some people but I have to go do some real work to earn my living now.


A Deep Thought

If Someone were to say to me that, "Texas is short a village idiot", I will try to reply with, "that's odd, you don't sound like a Texan."

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Unfit For Command

From the Drudge Report on Comrade Kerry's home movies:

"Kerry carried a home movie camera to record his exploits for later viewing," charges a naval officer in the upcoming book UNFIT FOR COMMAND.

"Kerry would revisit ambush locations for reenacting combat scenes where he would portray the hero, catching it all on film. Kerry would take movies of himself walking around in combat gear, sometimes dressed as an infantryman walking resolutely through the terrain. He even filmed mock interviews of himself narrating his exploits. A joke circulated among Swiftees was that Kerry left Vietnam early not because he received three Purple Hearts, but because he had recorded enough film of himself to take home for his planned political campaigns."

This is vain beyond belief.

But there's more:

"On February 28, 1969, now in charge of PCF 94, Kerry came under fire from an enemy location on the shore. The crew's gunner returned fire, hitting and wounding the lone gunman. Kerry directed the boat to charge the enemy position. Beaching his boat, Kerry jumped off, chased the wounded insurgent behind a thatched hutch, and killed him. Kerry and his crew returned within days, armed with a Super 8 video camera he had purchased at the post exchange at Cam Ranh Bay, and reenacted the skirmish on film."

And here's something to add to the reading list:

UNFIT FOR COMMAND, Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry, will be unleashed next month by REGNERY. [It ranked #1,318 on the AMAZON hitparade Wednesday morning.]

Got Paid Today

And I'm going out for a drive in the old pickup truck.

After this damned thunderstorm comes roaring through.

While I'm waiting for that here's a cartoon from the Conservative Punk site:

"And Every Cop Is A Criminal..."

Wisconsin Gun Owners is reporting that the Oshkosh police is illegally confiscating legally held guns:



Shooting of Oshkosh police officer results in knee jerk neighborhood gun grab

Oshkosh, Wis. -- Following the shooting of an Oshkosh police officer Saturday night, area residents were forced from their homes, their lawful firearms being confiscated by police.

The Oshkosh Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics Unit responded to the area, with a K-9 police dog in pursuit of the perpetrator who was reported to have fled on foot.

Citizens' guns were seized through searches of area homes. The police promised to return the firearms after forensic tests proved they were not involved in the crime. The injured officer's name was withheld, but media reports indicate his condition is not life-threatening.

"The message is: Hand over your guns, now!" said Corey Graff, executive director of Wisconsin Gun Owners Inc. "This is a blatant case of guilty-until-proven-innocent and an abuse of police power."

Still, residents in the area are furious about the home invasions by police and what they see as theft of their property. Although early reports are unclear, they indicate a search warrant was issued for two homes, yet additional home owners also had firearms confiscated.

"We want the perpetrator of this crime caught and brought to justice just like everyone else," said Graff. "But that doesn't mean the police should trample citizens' 4th amendment protections, steal lawful private property and enter the home without reasonable suspicion or warrant."

One homeowner in the area said his guns were taken by police, guns that hadn't left his gun safe since last hunting season. Another victim of the police searches -- an elderly women -- reported waking up to officers' searching her home in the early morning hours.

The Oshkosh Northwestern reported, "Residents were not being allowed to return to their homes by press time."

We need to remind these people that "following orders" is not an excuse.

Yes, I like Buttermilk Biscuits!

An apparently demented fellow who calls himself "SkippytheMarine" wrote in a (registration required) Film Threat forum:

In fact President Bush, and all Republicans in general, worship the Pagan god Jeff, the god of biscuits. If you think back, Republicans have existed at all times of Human history. Sure we have had different names at different times: the Romans, the Macedonians, the Hithites, the Meiji Zaibatsu, and etc. But each of these groups had one thing in common, a love of buttermilk biscuits. Every single one of them was absolutely crazy about them. I have no idea why, it just is a fact of life for Republicans.

So if you understand that, then everything that we do is to either prop up the Buttermilk Biscuit industry, or to force other nations to eat them in mass quantities. Why did President Bush go to war with Iraq? Biscuits. He realized that if the Iraqi people could only take a savory bite of the warm, buttery, flaky biscuit, then all hostilities would end, as long as a stable supply chain could be created.

Having just revealed the deepest and darkest secret of the Republican Party, Skippy will now have to be killed.

Dammit! I just cleaned my guns too!

Thought for the Day

The point of constitutionally insuring a free press is so we may have an honest press.

An honest press would tell us that the Democratic Party is (at best) unfit to govern.

Michelle Malkin gives us five specific reasons to fear the Democratic Party.

There's A Difference?

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Uh, Huh...

Yes, I know its Monday's strip but I just had to use it.

The Democrats want to exterminate the Republican Party

Gerard Jackson at BrookesNews.Com writes:

It is patently obvious that the Democratic Party — meaning its intolerant activist core — is ceasing to be democratic, except in the Leninist sense of the word, and that a totalitarian undercurrent now runs throughout the party.

So what else is new?

The Democratic Party has become toxic to us. Like any other hazard to human life it will have to be removed from our society and it must be isolated from us. And ultimately it will be morally necessary for us to destroy the Democratic Party.

They have chosen to be toxic to us and as a consequence they will have no one to blame for their ultimate fate but themselves.

Sometimes, I Hate My Life

So anyway, my landlady wakes me up from my morning slumbers in order to borrow my keys for something. While I'm waiting for her to return the keys I switch on the idiot box in order to catch the rerun of LAW AND ORDER on the TNT channel.

It was one of the anti-gun propaganda episodes.

I'm going back to bed now.

Confused At Last!

Ann Coulter confounds the editorial board of USA Today.

Genocide As Usual

According to Jim Dunnigan at Strategy Page:

Britain and Australia have offered to send over 5,000 troops (mostly British) to Sudan. But the Arab world has united behind Sudan to prevent any peacekeeping, or even blaming the Sudanese government for the violence in Darfur. While the victims in Darfur are Moslems, they are also black Africans, and Arabs have, for centuries, treated black Africans with disdain and cruelty. Moreover, most of the criticism of Sudan is coming from Europe and North America, which to Arabs means infidels again trying to interfere in Islamic affairs. Among the Arab population in general, the idea of driving a million black African farmers from their land so that Arab nomads will have more pastures for their herds, makes perfect sense.

And of course some of the usual bastards have their hand in this too:

Russia and China have also refused to back calls for sanctions against Sudan. Russia sells weapons, and other goods, to Sudan. Chinese companies are involved pumping oil in Sudan. Russia and China can block any UN attempt to impose sanctions on Sudan.

So what else is new?

More Clinton Than I Can Stand

Big Bubba is whining about the GOP again:

"They [Republicans] need a divided America, but we don't," Clinton said.

Republicans find certain distinct mental categories to be intellectually and morally useful. Such as the distinction between citizens and criminals, the distinction between patriots and traitors, and the distinction between human beings and socialists.

"We Democrats want to build a world and an America of shared responsibilities and shared opportunities"

Which brings us to the distinction between the producers and the parasites.

The Democrats at least since FDR have taken the funds from productive citizens and used them to create an ecological niche for the parasites who support them. They are in practice, taking money and destroying opportunity in the real economy, and using it to construct an economic and political fantasyland for the parasites who vote for them.

In the immortal words of Ayn Rand, "they need us, we do not need them."

"On the other hand, Republicans in Washington believe that America should be run by the right people, their people."

It's because the right people insist on being right.

Get it?

Being right, which is knowing the truth about a person or a situation and acting on the basis of that knowledge, is a morally necessary part of being alive.

By insisting on being wrong, the Democrats (and socialists in general) must force others to pay the economic and moral price of their various fantasies. Like other socialists, the Democrats must become a despotic ruling class that disarms, subjugates, plunders, and through direct or indirect means inflicts death upon the productive inhabitants of their domain.

This may explain why the Democrats, and liberals in general, virtually worship socialist dictators and object strenuously when one is taken down.

Why we continue to permit these walking hazards to Life and Liberty to actually stand for and hold public office, let alone allow them to continue to waste oxygen, is simply beyond my comprehension.

Evolution in Action

"BLEEDING and bruised after being bashed and robbed, a security guard struggled to her feet and, in a lethal response, shot her attacker dead."

Note to Aussie Politicians: This also works for ordinary citizens too.

But I wouldn't be surprised if some liberal loony tried to disarm the private security officers.

Oh! They're a mortal hazard to the poor, oppressed, underpriveleged...

Pardon me, I have to go clean my guns again.

Monday, July 26, 2004

More Fraud and Hate

A posting on Kiro5hin (via Blackfive) points out another one of Michael Moore's falsehoods:

A visit to Yahoo! Movies for Fayetteville, NC, doesn't reveal any theaters showing Fahrenheit 9/11. A visit to Fandango shows that the film has a single showing at 7:30 PM at the "Cameo Art House Theatre".

I could chant "liar, liar, pants on fire", but we already have one sun in our solar system.

Meanwhile in La La Land

I used to think that Wisconsin ticks were bad:

Speaking on tour in California, Governor Schwarzenegger said:

During the campaign I made it very clear about the special interests. I said I would not tolerate them, because right now they are standing there at the Capitol, all over the Capitol. Every day when the legislators make decisions the special interests are right there, dug in like Alabama ticks, and we cannot get rid of them.

The Face of the Enemy

Jim Warner was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. In addition to the physical abuse that he suffered at the hands of his captors he and other prisoners were constantly subjected to attempts on the part of NVA political officers, basically missionaries of Marxism, to demoralize and ultimately to convert the American's held captive to the Marxist faith.

During one of these sessions Mr. Warner was shown a set of press clippings about "The Winter Soldier" hearings:

Suddenly, I read an article about my mother testifying. Unlike the leftists, she did not condemn the U.S., she merely stated that she hoped the war would end soon and I would be released. The next article mentioned testimony from my father. His was like my mother's testimony, merely expressing hope that the war would end soon and that all who suffered from war would find relief. Nothing they said fit with the virulent anti-American sentiments that the leftists had expressed. But having their testimony included in with the "testimony" of those who claimed to be veterans, and the left wing activists present, seemed to give a dignity to the whole proceeding that it did not merit.

When Boris returned he asked me what I thought. I told him that I was from Detroit, but did not recognize any of the names so I assumed that they were Communists brought in from around the country. "Not so," he cried. Look at this. He showed me a picture of an unforgettable face. "This man was an officer in your navy. He says that the war is illegal, immoral and unjust. Read what he says." I read the words of John Kerry.

At best Senator Kerry is a fool who has demonstrated his unfitness to hold public office and has also earned the contempt of soldier, sailor, and airman of the United States. Being of a more hardened frame of mind I will say that Comrade Kerry is clearly an enemy of the republic and should ultimately be dealt with as such.

Drop by for breakfast comrade.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Random Thought

The French objected to the Liberation of Iraq because of their sweetheart oil deal with Saddam.

The French are objecting to the possible intervention in the Sudan because of a sweetheart oil deal with present regime.

When Czechloslovakia was sold out in 1938 France's biggest trading partner was National Socialist Germany.

So what else is new?

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Who Is Really Being Stupid Here?

Up in the former French colonial city of Montreal:

The November elections may still be ahead of him but U.S. President George W. Bush came out a big winner Friday - at the World Stupidity Awards.


This load of ideological effluent is getting really, really, really f***ing old.

I'm also compelled to ask: What constitutes intelligence to these bozoids?

Non-Thought for the Day

"Beavis and Butthead do Mecca," that I would like to see.

"Like dude, what is that big ugly black thing?"

(Pay no attention, Les is watching 100 Metal Moments on VH1.)

Meanwhile in La La Land

After quoting Frank Rich's (oddly negative for a liberal) review of the re-imaging of THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, Nick Queen has this to say about the

Ladies and gentleman we need to begin voting with our pocketbook. Hollywood feels they know what is best for us, and wants to spoonfeed us hate and lies, and I'm getting tired of it. They are trying to destroy Bush however they can, and are packaging movies as political fodder. We have a voice, and until we use that voice collectively they will win.
I'm in!

Friday, July 23, 2004

What A Difference Thirty Years Makes

Hugh Hewitt writes about the difference in how our Established Media treated Rosemary Woods three decades ago versus how they are dealing with Sandy Berger today.

When I was a callow youth I once thought I wanted to become a journalist.

I got better.

(Then what do you call this blog?)

Aircraft Carrier For Sale

Ex-British/Brasilian light fleet carrier is still up for sale.

Cheap, real cheap.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Wages of Sin!

From Sinfest:

Hey, try working the Libertarian Party booth at the state fair.

Staff officers say the strangest things...

... (UNCLASSIFIED) Part Five, from the Strategy Page:

"Mark my words, this internet thing is gonna catch on someday."

A Second Opinion

As I have said, document theft is an effective means of drawing unwanted attention to someone or something.

Wretchard at The Belmont Club writes:

The presence of countermeasures almost always indicates the presence of real information which the jamming is intended to protect. One of the reasons that coverups are so dangerous is they create the danger of "home-on-jam", where the source of jamming signal is itself targeted. The significance of catching Sandy Berger in the act of purloining classified couments is that it enables investigators to "home-on-jam", to find the beneficiary of the coverup. Where will it lead? Stay tuned. Remember that jamming needs to work just long enough for the real bandit to accomplish its mission.
Our couriousity is piqued.

Stay tuned.

But He Speaks For The Trees!

Meanwhile in Oklahoma:

Blake Champlin, a Tulsa lawyer and environmental activist, died Monday at his home when a tree supporting a hammock fell and crushed him.
Death to the merciless despoiler of the ... oh ... never mind.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Homeland Security Action

I used to order stuff from these people back when I worked in private security:

Agents executed search warrants at Galls Incorporated on Palumbo Drive and a warehouse on Russell Cave Road.

Galls is a national supplier of police and emergency services equipment.

Among the agencies involved in the investigation are the Homeland Security Cabinet and the Department of Defense. A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's office tells 27 NEWSFIRST, Federal officials are investigating whether the company had a license to send gear to restricted countries. They're also looking into any wrongdoing by company employees.

Declassified Information

The Strategy Page on the things that staff officers say.

For example:

"Ah, the joys of Paris: a unique chance to swill warm wine and be mesmerized by the dank ambrosia of unkempt armpits..." LCDR (NAVEUR)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Sometimes, I Wonder About These People.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the results of the 2004 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest:

God help you. (Assuming of course that there is a God and that he, she, or it, is benevolent.)

Some Flippant Remarks

A message for Mr. Sandy Berger:

Stealing and destroying secret documents (you did destroy those documents, right?) is a extraordinarily effective way of calling attention to the contents of those documents.

It also has an adverse effect on the credibility of any testimony that you give.

Seriously Mr. Berger, no one is going to trust you any farther than they can throw you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Someone Else's Thoughts For The Day

The Kleinfelds have something to say to the Euroweenies:

When foreigners see us as cowboys, they are not mistaken. As a people, we still exhibit a high degree of courage, independence, aggressiveness, competence, and spirit. Diplomatic Europeans have responded to tyranny over the latest century mostly with accommodation, like the townspeople in "High Noon." Cowboy Americans, on the other hand, have hungered to confront and defeat tyrants, in real life as in legend. Our Western experience--love of freedom, little deference to wealth and status, an idealistic drive for justice, and a willingness to be ferocious toward these ends--continues to drive much of what is best about America.
Read the whole thing here.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Just For The Taste Of It!

"You've taught me a valuable lesson, never drink anything without first looking at the can."

-- Dana Wolfe, Landlady
Dana came downstairs to my lair (for want of a better term) and negotiated the purchase of a can of Diet Coke for her caffeine fix.

Dana apparently believed that I was so much a conservative creature of habit, that it was absolutely and utterly inconceivable that I could have anything other than Diet Coke in my fridge, that she simply grabbed a can without looking at it.

About a minute later she came back down to the lair and accused me of playing a practical joke. She had grabbed one of the cans of Shasta caffeine-free root beer that I use for making root beer floats.

Apparently the sudden discovery that she had a can of root beer was as she put it comparable to someone turning on the tap for a refreshing drink of water and instead ingesting gasoline.

I then spent the next five minutes or so laughing hysterically.

Friday, July 16, 2004

A Sense Of History

At the time I am writing this about ninety percent of the U.S. Navy is at sea and seven carrier battle groups are headed for the Taiwan straits off of China for an exercise. This is the most powerful deployment of American aircraft carriers off of China since the end of World War Two.

Granted that navy ships are radically less vulnerable to terrorist strikes (or any other form of attack) while at sea, some people may wonder why President Bush would stage a major and apparently intimidating naval exercise off the coast of China.

For one thing, the Communist rulers of Mainland China are insisting that Taiwan is a "lost province" and have repeatedly declared their intention to carry out a forcible anschluss of the island. (In the typical predator mode of speech they use the word "liberate.")

The Chinese communist armed forces have been carrying out a series of exercises that simulate an invasion of Taiwan which includes one fleet exercise involving our former ally France. (The French state apparatus are as their predecessors were a century ago shopping for allies, but that's a topic for another time.)

Some persons of a pacifist bent will object to the present American deployment on the grounds that the Mainland Chinese are America's biggest partner in international trade. That it makes no sense for Mainland China to prepare for a war with the United States.

What most people do not know is that in August of 1939 the biggest trading partner of National Socialist Germany was France, and that in May of 1941 the biggest trading partner of the Fuherereich was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Do I have to mention what happened in the subsequent months?

Neither pacifists nor Despotcrats in general have a love of Liberty nor a sense of history.

Yay Moxie!

Moxie gives us another reason to not sign up with America Off Line.

(And the Les-bot thinks that anyone who links to us is way cool too!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Payback Is A Bitch. Isn't It?

Whoopi Goldberg will no longer appear in ads for Slim-Fast products.

Florida-based Slim-Fast said it was "disappointed" in Goldberg's remarks at last Thursday's $7.5 million star-studded fund-raiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

"Ads featuring Ms. Goldberg will no longer be on the air," Slim-Fast General Manager Terry Olson said in a statement, adding that the company regrets that Goldberg's remarks offended some customers.

No kidding?

A Suggestion

Kim du Toit has a suggestion for us:

Here's what I'd do, if I were a Republican lawmaker.

I'd go back through the past thirty years of legislation passed in similar fashion (with special reference to legislation supported by the socialists, of course), and file an identical brief under the Equal Protection auspices.

Let's see if we can get a whole bunch of Democrat legislation overturned in similar fashion.

Anyone from Minnesoduh listening?
I'll see if I can pass that suggestion along.

Local Wolf Attack

A judge in Ramsey County has overturned Minnesota's concealed carry law on so-called constitutional grounds as a result of a suit initiated by a coalition of churches (some people wonder why I'm an atheist), social service groups and the so-called government of the City of Minneapolis. One of the attorneys for this group of anti-human vermin said:

"As of today, conceal-and-carry disappeared into the Minnesota sky."
This particular mouth-dropping was emitted by David Lillehaug, a known associate of the late marxist stooge Paul Wellstone, who was appointed a Federal district attorney by President Clinton. Scott Hippert, another walking waste of mass and energy, claimed that Minnesota is now a safer place for children.

The actual fact of reality is that the only persons who are safer as a result of this decision are the violent criminals. This doesn't bother the left because their political program actually requires predatory assaults on the innocent. And the socialist, like any other criminal, has an aversion to their victims fighting back under any circumstances.

Needless to say, all of us living in Dana's house are not at happy about this.

Media Bias? Where?

The Assistant Managing Editor of Newsweek says:
There's one other base here, the media. Let's talk a little media bias here. The media, I think, wants Kerry to win and I think they're going to portray Kerry and Edwards I'm talking about the establishment media, not Fox. They're going to portray Kerry and Edwards as being young and dynamic and optimistic and there's going to be this glow about them, collective glow, the two of them, that's going to be worth maybe 15 points.

Thanks to Red State for the link!

Loopholes for Rich Liberals

It seems that liberal democrats John Edwards and John Kerry want to raise taxes, but aren't wild about paying them.

An honest picture

My Horoscope from The Onion

July 14, 2004

Sagittarius: (Nov. 22—Dec. 21)

Scholars have decided that you probably don't exist at all, and are just a composite character based on several minor figures from the writings of George Sand.

And Now For Something Completely Different

The Dumb Plumber has some advice for Doctors, Lawyers, Stock Brokers, and others with high end educations.

The seventh bit of advice being:

Please don’t try to tell the Dumb Plumbers wife, in painful detail, what that little that annoying popping sound is like coming from your gas water heater, after she has told you that I will not be home for a few hours. It’s not that she doesn’t sympathize, but her degrees are in anthropology and finance and is politely answering my phone, while busy with her own career. These protracted descriptions will most likely delay any repairs

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Who Is Really Being Stupid Here?

Hugh Hewitt quotes former comedian Chevy Chase after the lastest Despocrat hatefest:

"I'm frightened by Bush, if you want to know the truth. He's a narcissist, as are we all. But, eh, he's managed to, ah, you know, form a few hate groups into a, ah, an entire Islamic jihad, and I, ah, I don't trust him. I don't like him. And I think he's venal, and I just don't like him, for the record. I want him out. I want Kerry in."
Gee Chevy, what would it take for you to get it? Would it take some self-styled "holy warrior" hacking your head off with a dull butcher's knife? Will you finally understand that there really is such a thing as an evil ideology and willfully evil people even when your mind is slowly blacking out as some masked savage waves your disconnected head around in front of a video camera?

Somehow I would doubt it.

Alexander Marriott has another quote from this astonishingly talentless jerk:

"Socialism works ... [and] Cuba might prove that. I think it's conclusive that there have been areas where socialism has helped to keep people at least stabilized at a certain level."
Of course to anyone with a functional set of neurons the island of Cuba is a tropical slave labor camp where the mass of the inhabitants are kept in a state of enforced poverty while the Castro family and the other elite overseers of the socialist plantation live in conditions of luxury and privelege.

Believe it or not, this particular state of affairs actually bothers some people.

I'm also sorry to say that I actually paid money to see a Chevy Chase movie, twice.

My barracks roomate at the Benning School for Boys dragged me out to see National Lampoon's Vacation, I ended up spending most of that time in the video game area playing the STAR TREK game. I also sat through Deal of the Century.

My lack of God, what a piece of pro-soviet propaganda, and a total waste of the talents and time of Gregory Hines and Sigorney Weaver.

I used to believe that Comrade Chase's repeated reminders that Francisco Franco was dead was merely an attempt to create a pythonic sense of surreality during the first year of Saturday Night Live, but given his continued adherence to the doctrine of socialism he may have been simply giving voice to his confusion as to why the people of Spain didn't rise up and restore the socialist thugocracy that Franco overthrew.

In any case to say that I -- or anyone else -- is not Chevy Chase should qualify as a complement.

Thought for the Day

Anyone who would believe that a fighter pilot with a Masters degree in Business Administration is a moron will believe anything.

Respiratory Protection Is Required On This Page.

The Scampton Veterinary Optician has an interesting set of phrases in French which you may or may not find useful.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Someone Else's Thoughts For The Day

David Horowitz asks:
How can you love your country if you want its enemies to win? This is a question that should be put to all those "liberals" who want to be seen as patriotic but who have embraced America's enemies, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly by embracing anti-American supporters of the terrorists like Michael Moore, and through him the Zarqawi "resisters" in Iraq.
Good question.

Another good question is what do the protestors, and liberals in general, really stand for?

Someone Else's Thoughts For The Day

Walter E. Wallis wrote at Little Green Footballs:
We really need legislation that defines "Peacably to assemble..." to specifically exclude any assemble that impedes the progress of others about their daily functions. Freedom of speach does not include freedom to force listening.

However, the socialist, like any common criminal, will not accept the refusal to submit to his or her whims and for the most part will not even bother to ask.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Brilliantly Clear

Fox News recounts this exchange between President Bush and some reporter:

When a reporter noted that Edwards was being described as "charming, engaging, a nimble campaigner, a populist and even sexy" and then asked "How does he stack up against Dick Cheney?" the president immediately responded, "Dick Cheney can be president. Next?"
This is almost as sharp as President Coolridge's reply to the young lady who had wagered that she cause President Coolridge to say more than three words.

A recording of this exchange was used as a "Moment of Zen" at the end of a recent broadcast of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show". A moment of zen was usually a short video recording of someone doing something stupid in public. In this case the liberals who produce "The Daily Show" are apparently still chanting the "Bush is Stupid" mantra.

This continued manner of behavior may cause one to wonder how much force would it take to pull a liberal's head out of his or her own posterior orifice.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Thought for the Day

Of course I'm somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun, Attila was a f***ing looter.

French Security In Action!

Heroic French security men prevent terrorist highjacking of an English tourist flight:

Two-year-old twins had their dream Disneyland holiday ruined – when French airport customs officers swooped on them for carrying plastic swords.

The Luton girls, dressed in Peter Pan outfits, were making their way home through Charles de Gaulle airport when they were stopped for 'posing a security threat'.

At the security check, Olivia and Eva Ryan proudly walked up wearing their outfits, bought at Paris's Disneyland Parc France and bearing the plastic swords which are part of the outfit.
Tres studly, oui?

Friday, July 09, 2004

Uh, Huh

While visiting a branch of Shinder's news I noticed that someone had placed Traci Lords' autobiography Underneath It All on display next to Bill Clinton's autobiography.

Where Do These People Come From?

Hugh Hewitt reports on his blog:
Today, on the floor of the United States Senate, Barbara Boxer referred to the Madrid bombings as a "rail accident." Honest. A rail accident. Boxer is a Senate accident. What an embarrassment.
I would suppose that dumbass Senator Boxer believes that Pearl Harbor was an aviation mishap.

Mr. Hewitt has even more to say on the growing state of lunacy in the Democratic Party

I once told the fellow who hired me at FLS (they do telephone fundraising for the GOP) that I'd "eat my gun" before I would do anything to help the Democrats.

The fellow at FLS thought I was a bit over the top at the time.

Someone Else's Thoughts For The Day

Mr. Jeff Brokaw has a few things to say to the liberal establishment.

I won't quote any of it, its all a really, really, really good rant.

Meanwhile In Eurotopia

Spartacus linked to a story by John Lichfield:

By his own admission a "hunter of virgins", a man who "needed" to kill young women twice a year, who persuaded his wife to help him and then to watch in a mirror while he raped and murdered them.

The full extent of the crimes of Fourniret, 62, may take weeks to emerge. In recent days, he has admitted nine murders on either side of the French-Belgian border, making him one of France's worst serial killers of recent times. His wife has implicated him in several other killings.

Investigators on Wednesday began to check his possible involvement in a series of other unsolved murders further south, in the Auxerre area of northern Burgundy, including the killing of the British student Joanna Parrish in 1990. At least thirty unsolved murder cases are to be reopened.
Mr. Lichfield raises and in part answers the question:

Why, despite a long record of sexual crimes, was he let out of jail so soon without any attempt to follow his movements? Serial killers become serial killers because the police fail to catch them.
Rape and Murder are actions that in some respect imitate the behavior of predatory animals.

When an animal maims or kills a human the proper response is to hunt it down and kill it. But the Europtopian socialists and their American imitators are loathe to do anything to punish or otherwise suppress acts of violence against persons or the theft and destruction of property because they themselves are by ideology a pack of predators as well.

Not only would treating independent hominid predators as predators be contrary to their own sympathies it would also bring closer the day when the population in general weighs the socialist collective and properly finds them wanting.

This would be a day that couldn't happen soon enough for me.

Dr. Hurd on John Edwards

And I don't think that he meant the psychic:

John Edwards made a fortune suing doctors and other professionals in an out-of-control, irrational court system. Now he wants to increase taxes on the most productive. Just because he earned his money the way he did, why should the rest of us have to pay for his guilt? What good does it do society to raise taxes on the most productive, the ones who actually create the jobs and innovation?

Just what we really, really, really need in the White House, a limousine communist liberal and an ambulance chaser.

Seriously, the traitor junior senator from Massachusetts and the looter senator from North Carolina should do us all a favor and simply drop dead.

Someone Else's Thoughts For The Day

Actually, Michael Moore should go f**k himself.

(Okay, I went back and edited this. I'm suspecting that some people may be reluctant to link to this blog because of the language.)

Thursday, July 08, 2004

No Surprise

Doctor Helen Caldicott was a willing and active servant of the enemies of mankind.

Let's take a quick look at her record. Back in 1980 Caldicott started to agitate, with the warm support of Pravda and Isvestiya, against American defence proposals, quickly making it clear by her actions that her anti-nuclear and anti-American activities were entirely motivated by socialist ideology and pro-Soviet sentiments.

Caldicott made it clear where here sympathies lay when she stated:

"Free enterprise really means rich people get richer. And they have the freedom to exploit and psychologically rape their fellow human beings in the process . . . . Capitalism is destroying the earth. Cuba is a wonderful country. What Castro's done is superb."
Apart from a child molester, I would be hard pressed to think of something more vile than an individual who would condemn other people to death and bondage under despotism in order to obtain their own euporia fix.

Not only would I not allow such an individual anywhere near a child, I would want that individual to have the most intense and direct experience of socialism from the victim's point of view as possible. This would be what a friend of mine once called the Lubyanka Breakfast, a cigarette in the morning and one pistol round in the back of the head.

(I did consider replicating a Soviet slave labor camp for this purpose, but it would have been expensive, there would have been some degree of pyschological trauma inflicted on the guards and overseers, and there is certainly no guarantee that the socialist agitators imprisoned within would get the point.)

And Now For Something Completely Different

Tim Curry has been cast as King Arthur in the Broadway stage production of Spamalot.

As long as there aren't any bloody vikings...

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Wolf Attack

Steve Barry, who used to edit and publish The Resister, once told me that as polemicists we had to de-humanize our opponents. I had to disagree. I said to him that our opponents on The Left had already de-humanized themselves, all we had to do was to simply and accurately describe what we observed of The Left.

Nick Queen at the Patriot Paradox had a story about Michele, a young lady from New York City had some personal doubts about her involvment in progressive causes and organizations and ultimately felt compelled to separate herself from them.

So now my birthday will marks the birth of my independence day. Today, I communicated with various political figures and organizations requesting they remove my name from their rolls, as I no longer want to be called or be associated with them or with their political positions in any way.

In return some of her former friends hacked her blog and effectively destroyed it.

Here's the proverbial thousand words on that subject.

This is not the behavior of free citizens, who may argue over the actual facts of reality and will take no for an answer to a request. This is the action of a gang of despot-wannabees, who will lie to get what they want and will treat the refusal to comply with any demand -- no matter how depraved the demand -- as a punishable offense.

Fraud'n'hate 9/11, Again

The correct URL for Mark's comment on "FU-9/11".

Has anyone else had problems with blogspot this weekend?

Monday, July 05, 2004


This is truly sick:

The Death Kabob
Something that Vlad the Impaler could get into.

I'll just stick with shooting the terrorist trash in the back of the head and dropping the remains into the sanitary landfill.

And Now For Something Completely Different

A god that I can believe in says:

Who the heck needs Allahu Allan, anyway?

Come worship me!

1. I don't bite!
2. I don't smite!
3. I don't ask you to smite in My name!
4. I never ask for donations!
5. "Drink beer and be fruitful" is My only commandment!
6. "Sweet Home Alabama" is a great and easy hymnal to sing in Mine name! (If that doesn't work, anything by Aerosmith or Grateful Dead is great!)
7. My words are written on the subway walls... and tenement halls...
8. If you ask Me an important question, I'll never give you a bad answer! (... because I probably won't respond!)
9. If a prophet comes in My name, it's easy to gauge the veracity of his claim!

And finally -

10. If the world ends, at least you'll know it wasn't my fault!

The False God:

Hard to be a raving fanatic when you don't know what to be crazy about!

Supreme coolness!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Doctor Is In

Dr. Michael Hurd on the Saddam Fan Club:
It's something beyond sickening to hear the news media fawn, almost in admiration, at how Saddam Hussein "still has spirit" and "found his way" under difficult circumstances in court today. Dan Rather’s gentle tone is particularly horrifying

Earth to media: The man is a violent, brutal and terrorizing dictator. He's an evil thug of the Hitler/Stalin variety even if his reach never got to extend as far. Why on earth do members of our media establishment speak with any level of reverence, dignity or even subtle admiration for this man?

Friday, July 02, 2004

Marlon! Mind The Oranges!

Marlon Brando dead at the age of 80.

Martin Sheen not sought for questioning.

Thought for the Day

A Fascist is basically a socialist who pretends to be a patriot.

Walter Williams Has Something To Say To Us

At Townhall on June 23, 2004:

History never repeats itself exactly, but we might benefit from the knowledge of factors leading to the decline of past great civilizations. Rome was one of those advanced civilizations. Rome was so caught up in "bread and circuses" and moral decline that it couldn't manage to defend itself from invading barbaric hordes who ultimately plunged Europe into the Dark Ages. The sooner we recognize the West is in a war for survival, the more likely we'll be able to escape the fate that befell the Roman Empire.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Someone Else's Thoughts For The Day

The Den Mother has something to say about Saddam's appearance in court today:

Calling Saddam a monster or an animal is letting him off the hook. Of course he is human and should be treated as such, which includes being held fully accountable for his crimes and punished as appropriate.
This is something that should be done to all socialists in general.

Um, Okay...

My landlady has invented a new school of philosophical thought but has asked me to not give any further details until she has all the details worked out.

It's going to kick ass.