Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Moral Position

Once upon a time ago the name of this blog was Living In The Surreal World.  During that time I mainly commented on the mental disconnection of other people from reality in general.  But not everyone got the in joke of the original title.

Once in a while a moron comes up with a dumb request of someone in a position of authority.  In this case a user of the TUMBR system made the following demand of the administrators:

dear staff please delete blogs that explicitly state they're 'anti-feminism' as they tend to be assholes that the world is better off without

Would it be too much trouble for this blogger to simply explain why the alleged opponent is wrong?

In many cases it's because the opponent is in some way correct and the proponent of the position is in fact wrong.  Or the proponent insists on holding a clearly false worldview and cannot withstand a rational examination and dismantling of it.  Thus their constant demands for censorship.

Censorship is the negation of the human mind.  As rational thought is necessary to living a human life the censor, and those who demand it, are Enemies of Mankind.  In my view censors are vermin fit only for extermination.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Movie

I just viewed a local film society showing of The Interview.  I spent most the show moaning about how stupid the Dave Skylark character was. I don't know what else to say.

A Reminder

It is better to kill one hundred innocents than to let one guilty person go.

-- Dolores Ibarruri ("La Pasionaria"), Spanish Communist

We on the Right tolerate the long and drawn out appeals process for death penalty cases, as frustrating as it is, because in we want to be certain that we will not put an innocent person to death. The Left, when it is in absolute power, simply doesn't care.

We on the Right believe in justice. The Left on the other hand, doesn't care how high the pile of human corpses is as long as they are firmly seated on top.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thought For The Day

As a pizza delivery driver I've found that as a rule children, Blacks, and overt Democrats (identified by the yard signs) don't tip.  And some of them will go out of their way to be nasty about it.  The worst case was when a black man wearing a MLK tee shirt had me wait outside during a pouring thunderstorm as he counted out every last penny and not one cent more.

Racial collectivism sucks.

Friday, December 26, 2014

More Stories

I wrote two short stories about an office within the EPA that dealt with mad scientists but was not able to sell them to a market.   They are now posted on an Alternative History fiction website.

The first story was a parody of the novel The Final Programme by Michael Moorcock and the film derived from it.  The second story was a parody of the Church of Scientology.

Both stories were posted here with the Scientology tale beginning at the post number 4.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Another Short Story In Progress

This one is on my Live Journal page.

Thought For The Day

Newspeak has become the dominant dialect of the academic and media establishment.

In Newspeak those who uphold, defend and spread economic and political liberty are called Conservatives while those who seek to lock humanity down under their total control are called Progressives. In the political context the practical meanings of the political labels are reversed.

A function of language is to serve as the operating system of human thought. But the function of Newspeak is to prevent correct identification of the facts of reality. Thus blood soaked tyrants are called liberators and actual liberators are called oppressors. Since clarity of thought which is the correct identification of the facts of reality is necessary for humans to survive and prosper a language form that obscures facts and disconnects thought from reality has the effect of being toxic to human life. Each subsequent revision of Newspeak, with its increasing disconnection from reality, is increasingly toxic to human life. An ultimate version of Newspeak in which any thought is impossible would be completely lethal.

Thus if we are to survive and prosper as individuals and as a society we must remove the practitioners of Newspeak  from the educational and media establishments and if necessary isolate them from society altogether.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Thought For The Day

Those who ideologically separate themselves from Humanity shouldn't complain about being identified and treated as a hazard to Human Life.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Step Back - Part 38

On the ground it was another bright and sunny morning in Nevada.

Evelyn Boatman had fully resumed his role as the Mission Commander at the ground base and it was now time for breakfast. The young woman acting as an assistant was reading the schedule for the day as he dug into a sausage and cheese omelet with hash browns, coffee and toast.

“Sir, the first item for this morning is a visit by a junior member of the British House of Commons for the Conservative Party,”

“Who is it?” He asked.

“Francis Urquhart from Southampton , sir.”

Boatman was sipping coffee when he heard the name. He suddenly spit out the coffee.

The assistant was visibly shocked.

“Sir, is there a problem?” She said.

“No.” Boatman replied.

It’s only a visit by a man who could give Big Bubba some serious lessons on how to permanently dispose of walking problems. He thought.

“Not a problem at all.” He said.

I’m over two centuries old with serious political experience and I should be able to handle a young Francis Urquhart.

British agent John Cross watched from his position of concealment as Evelyn Boatman greeted Francis Urquhart at the front gate.

Who the Hell is that bugger and how did he get in? He thought.

Boatman spoke first.

“Mister Urquhart, it is good for you to visit us.”

Let’s just keep this short and pleasant.

“Thank you, Mister Boatman.”

Urquhart was given the grand tour of the surface facility but it was very obvious to him that he was the actual center of everyone’s attention on the dirtside base.

“I didn’t expect this level of attention during the visit.” He said.

“Francis,” Boatman replied, “your counterpart on the original timeline was the longest serving Prime Minister of the United Kingdom before the Final War and Planetary Unification.”

Urquhart was very shocked to hear this.

And there is the body count too, but we should not mention that.

“I wasn’t expecting to become the Prime Minister.” Said Urquhart.

Boatman replied.

“Unfortunately the immediate predecessor simply wasn’t up to the job and someone had to step in to clean up the mess.”

And over some cold dead bodies as well. He thought. And tossing poor Mattie Storin off the roof of the House of Commons was clearly an appalling move.

“Oh.” Urquhart replied.

“Francis,” said Boatman, “we’ve taken the liberty of putting together an information package for the Conservative Party, it’s a basic history of the original timeline plus some suggestions for things the party should do and to avoid.”

Urquhart nodded.

“And when you do return to London please say hello to Maggie for me.”

“Mrs. Thatcher?” Said Urquhart. “Why?”

“Her counterpart was second longest serving Prime Minister.” Boatman relied.

“Of course.” Said Urquhart.

Boatman thought as his British guest departed.

Well, that wasn’t too unpleasant.

Later in his official residence on Downing Street the current Prime Minister Harold Wilson was throwing a major fit.

“Who visited the base in Nevada?” He shouted.

“Francis Urquhart a Tory member of the Commons from Southampton, sir.”

“But they still won’t speak to the actual government?” Said Wilson.

“No sir.”

Fuck me. Thought Wilson.

Thought For The Day

I just posted this updated version of a previous thought on Instapundit:

I would not be surprised if this comment is deleted by the moderators

Were it not for the adverse precedent of The Holocaust our nation and the rest of Humanity would be well on the way to performing a final solution to the problem of Islam.

The fact is that in the past the basic response to a barbaric action by primitives against an advanced society was to massacre them. There is no question that the most consistent adherents of the doctrine of Islam would have to work their way up to qualify as primitive with respect to us. Islam has rejected the basic moral laws of even the most backward societies which is the prohibition of theft and murder.

The most consistent adherents of Islam are effectively indistinguishable from predatory animals. And the war of Islam against Humanity will not end until we identify and deal with the most consistent Muslims as such.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thought For The Day

The more I look at the ongoing disaster in Washington the more I want someone in our armed forces to step up and overthrow the morons who call themselves an administration. 

We need an Augusto Pinochet.

What are your questions?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thought For The Day

Were if not for the adverse precedent of The Holocaust we would be well on the way to a final solution to the problem of Islam.

The fact is that in the past our basic response to barbaric actions by primitives against advanced societies like ours was to massacre them.  And there is no question that the consistent adherents of Islam would have to work their way up to qualify as primitives with respect to us.  The fact is Islam rejects the basic moral laws of even the most backward societies, the prohibition of theft and murder.

In practical effect the consistent adherents of Islam are practically indistinguishable from predatory animals.  And the Islamic war against Humanity will not end until we identify and deal with Muslims as such. 

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


If I hire a young woman to have sexual intercourse with--I am participating in prostitution and thus breaking the law.

But if I hire a young woman to have sexual intercourse with and make a video record of the act for possible public dissemination--I'm making pornography and therefore it's legal.


Monday, December 15, 2014

So Anyway...

I just spent some time writing something that strongly resembles a rewrite of MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE.

The thing is that I'm writing it as science fiction.  The observed phenomena will have a scientific, not supernatural, explanation.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014


My Conservative friend Mark Urbin linked to a post on Tumblr by a "proudblackconservative":

"Do hardline atheists start religious wars and kill people for believing differently? No."
Let me tell you the story of soviet Russia…

Now it is correct to point out that Atheism alone is not inherently a virtue. To be a proper Atheist should be the result of practicing the virtue of rationality.  But the Proud Black Conservative has apparently bought into the fraud that Communism is an inherently atheist doctrine.

From the absolute origin the doctrine of Communism was the result of the rejection of Reason.  In fact the doctrine of Communism is essentially an excuse to behave as predatory animals.  Thus all conceptions of a moral law, including virtually all laws based on the doctrine of a religion*, must be rejected outright.  As God is held to be the author of moral law in the Western Monotheist Tradition his existence must be denied by the practicing Communist.  This leads to the posture of Communists of being Atheists. 

The fact is power over productive people is fundamental goal of the practicing Communist and therefore they will use any excuse, or body of excuses such as Liberation Theology, to obtain it. 

*The obvious exception being Islam.


On this day in 1960 someone was born.

Monday, December 08, 2014

A Note

I just saw the initial trailer for the next episode of the Star Wars series.

It appears to be a load of audio-visual noise and I have no intention of actually paying money to see it.

Sunday, December 07, 2014


On this day in 1941 the Empire of Japan made a very serious mistake.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Step Back - Part 37

A very rare Sunday meeting was being held at the KGB headquarters off of Lubyanka Square. Colonel Andrei Taganov, who was not related to the head of the Baikonur launch center, would speak to Chairman Yuri Andropov about the information gained on the mission to the Eagle.

“Quite simply Comrade Chairman, we are fucked.” Said Taganov..

“Fucked?” Said Andropov. “What do you mean?”

Taganov replied.

“The Soviet State will ultimately fail–there is simply no alternative.”

It was at that point Andropov could only stare blankly into space.

What would he tell the Politburo? He thought. And how would they respond? And then what will happen next?

Andropov spoke again

“So what would you suggest as a course of action, Colonel?”

“Comrade Chairman, we should lay out a plan for the peaceful transition to a non-communist society.”

Andropov blinked.

“Are you mad?” He said. “The Politburo will reject it!”

Taganov replied.

“It doesn’t matter what the Politburo believes, the Soviet state will eventually come to an end. How it will end is still an open question. We can see to it that the transition to another social order is peaceful. Or we could do nothing and have open chaos as a result.”

On a clear Sunday morning in Washington a mass prayer service was being held on the Mall. On the live television broadcast Katherine Grant first denounced the Uptimers as being the tools of Satan because of their peacefully meeting with the Soviet delegation aboard the Eagle and for continuing to hold her daughter on board their ship. And then she openly denounced the Nixon Administration for their continued contact with and support of them. The simple idea that the Uptimers were acting in accordance with simple courtesy and the actual facts of reality simply did not cross what passed for her mind and didn’t enter into her rant.

Alice and Judith aboard the Eagle silently watched the live broadcast of the prayer service.

President Nixon also watched the broadcast from the White House. On the ground the President had discussed the continuing issue of Grant and her followers with Commander Macdonald.

“Mister President,” said MacDonald, “we simply will not submit to their demands, and should the United States Government do so, we will pull out and go elsewhere.”

“Where would you go?” Nixon asked.

Without missing a beat Macdonald simply replied.


Of course they would. Nixon thought.

Across the nation the broadcast was also seen by numerous college students, many of whom were suffering from serious hangovers on this morning. In the living room of a three bedroom apartment in the Dinkytown area adjacent to the main campus of the University of Minnesota seven seriously unkempt and hung over students of both genders and a their guest for breakfast were watching the broadcast as well.

“Can you believe this nonsense?” One of them said with a British accent. “The Uptimers are from the future, of course they’re not going to believe in God, or any other nonsense.”

“They don’t believe in Progress either.” Said another student.

Mark Urquhart, the first student who was a British subject studying Engineering, replied to the second.

“Because it’s not actually a doctrine of Progress, it’s simply a body of excuses to use force on other people.”

And then Mark’s guest for breakfast, his oldest brother, spoke up with a clearly polished Oxford accent.

“Your first president, George Washington, once said something on this point: ‘Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.’”

Francis Urquhart was a junior member of the House of Commons for the Conservative Party. He had come to the United States on party business and decided to drop in on his youngest brother during the trip.

Now everyone in the room waited for his next word.

“The fact is that those who want power will stop at nothing to gain it--even to personally commit the act of murder–so lying for power is not a serious obstacle at all.”

The Americans in the room and his youngest brother all nodded in response.

What Francis Urquhart had not mentioned in the conversation, or even to his own brother, was that there were already two dead bodies buried under his own path to power in Cyprus.

Later in the day Francis would drop in on his sister Mary, who was married to a member of a wealthy American family, Richard Charles March II.

At the ground base in Nevada a letter with an information package that included color photographs was downloaded from the Eagle, printed, and sent by air mail to Diana Spencer, a student presently attending a boarding school in the United Kingdom.

For Francis Urquhart the lunch with his sister and her husband did not go well. The fact was that Richard March, in spite of his inherited wealth, was a true believer in the Progressive cause. In fact the way that Richard consistently looked at Francis gave him the clear impression that he was looked upon as a mortal enemy.

Richard was particularly upset at the Uptimers for their clear rejection of the Progressive cause.

Urquhart replied.

“The thing is Dicky, these people came from the 24th Century. There is no question for them as to what works and what doesn’t. And routinely working in the vacuum of space would very strongly discourage the kind of wishful thinking that you routinely indulge in.”

No one ever addressed march as Dicky, not even his wife. And the truth as stated by Francis was simply too much for him.

For Francis Urquhart the next stop on his visit to America was the Uptimer Base in Nevada on behalf of the Conservative Party.

Monday, December 01, 2014