Sunday, August 23, 2015

On The Big Bitch

I once wrote this about Hillary Clinton:

Do I want Hillary to be elected president?

I certainly do not.

Whereas I usually have a deep loathing for the ordinary socialist, who is either a moron or a parasite with delusions of cleverness. I have to admit that I am afraid of Hillary. This individual appears to have no internal moral governor. No sense of shame or decency. None of the respect that ordinary people have for other persons.

Whereas Republican Presidents, and Jimmy Carter, were Christian gentlemen and behaved appropriately, Hillary appears, even as the so-called First Lady, to have assumed the demeanor of the totalitarian ubermensch. Showing what appears to be utter contempt for mere mortals, even those who are tasked with the protection of her life.

For all of his monsterousness even Adolf Hitler was not so stupid as to piss on his own security detail. Hillary, on the other hand, appears to be asking for it. I simply cannot imagine any Secret Service Agent taking a bullet for her.

The fact of the matter is that I am afraid of Hillary and what she will do if she were to be elected to the office of President.

She appears to have an unrestrained lust for power. She appears to look upon those of us who rationally refuse to submit to her will as criminals.

And I simply cannot imagine her quietly stepping aside were she to turfed out of office by the voters. She appears to the kind of individual who would order a reign of terror and murder against those who oppose her. And many of her supporters appear to be the kind of individuals who would be happy to obey such orders.

And I''m fully in favor of a military coup to overthrow her.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


U.S. Airman Spencer Stone and Oregon Guardsman Alek Skarlatos will likely be charged with a Hate Crime at the direction of The Big Zero for interfering with an act of Islamic worship.

Seriously, I do believe that The Big Zero is in fact that stupid.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Comment of the day


Monday on Newmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” political commentator and former Clinton adviser Dick Morris said it was a held belief within the Clinton camp that President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and the president’s chief adviser Valarie Jarrett were behind the email scandal leaks.

 Granted the belief is paranoid but it's also seriously disconnected from reality.  Such a conspiracy requires a level of competence well above anything shown by The Big Zero and his minions.

Do I have to go on?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dealing With The Depraved

Thanks to Mark Urbin for this image:

Where do I begin?

This being (I won’t call it Human, let alone an American) is openly calling for the mass murder of innocent people.  People who have clearly done nothing wrong and are living a proper and productive Human life.

We’ve seen this before and it’s a very old story. 

The users, those who live as parasites and value power above all, see people as things to be used.  Because Users see people as things to be used a person's Right to Life and the right to protect their own lives is nullified.  And thus the armed individual and an armed population are effectively mortal enemies to the Users.

In this case the User has adopted the Collectivist tactic of identifying the armed individual as a class enemy that is to be exterminated.  He has also adopted the Islamic tactic of identifying the armed individual as an infidel that is to be murdered.

As properly armed citizens of the United States we have made every effort to reason with those disagree with us.  But like this being some have rejected reason and embraced the desire to murder the innocent.  As history has clearly shown such individuals can only be put to death.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another Step Closer To Starship Troopers

Mark Urbin has posted this report of non-sentience on his Tumbr site:

Seriously, I have to wonder how the individual overheard (and others like him, her, or it) saying this could get out of bed (at whatever time of the day) without accidentally killing themselves.

What should be known to everyone at this point in our civilization  is that a laser is simply a beam of light.  Nothing more. And the light emitted by a bar code scanner is actually weaker that the light emitted by a flashlight, a household light, or especially the Sun.

Seriously, The Stupid is strong with this one.  In apparent fact The Stupid is so strong that the peace activist fools that provoked Robert Heinlein into writing Starship Troopers are effective geniuses in comparison.

So why did he write it?

Heinlein wrote the novel to be the part of the juvenile series of science fiction novels published by Scribners and as a response to pro-Soviet peace activism. In the novel a young man grows from a naive high school student to a junior officer in the army. The narrative of the novel also serves as the framework for a series of lectures about the nature of man, morals, war, and government. The most controversial concept in the novel is that not everyone should be allowed to vote. In the place of universal suffrage Heinlein proposed the idea that the legal status of Citizen, who is a member of the sovereign class of the nation with the authority to vote, has to be earned.

Then as now there were people who clearly didn’t understand the concept of government. Then as now there were those who sought to exploit the ignorance of the mere voter in order to obtain political power. And worse to obtain power without restraint.  Heinlein had proposed the idea of earning the sovereign franchise as a filtering mechanism to prevent obvious fools--such as peace activists--from influencing government.

The idea of the restricted franchise is not new. In the Polis of Athens the franchise was restricted to property owning members of the tribe but there was no legal restraint on the state. As history had shown this led to dysfunctions such as legal murder of Socrates.

It was not enough to restrict the powers of government but to restrict who could actually participate in the process of governing.  In effect to idiot-proof the system.

So is it actually necessary to fully implement the system that Heinlein proposed?

The fact is that all forms of authority are based on knowledge and political authority is no exception.  But in the present system political authority is granted to any warm body without regard to their the actual state of knowledge. As a result some warm bodies have traded their votes for a material object such as an IPad or a wad of cash. Or worse they have traded their votes for the warm and fuzzy feeling of having been compassionate.

The result is out present state of our nation. Those who lack knowledge or simple concern for consequences should not have authority over another person, let alone the fate of a nation.

My solution to the problem is simply proper education in the obligations of citizenship.

The course would be similar to a driver education course as presently taught. The first part of the class covers The Constitution, the proper functions of each branch of government, the function of each clause and amendment, the duties of the citizen as a member of the sovereign authority of the nation, and what is expected to happen when the Federal Government enters the failure mode.

The second part of the course covers the function and use of the instrument of political authority, the personal weapon. This covers rifle marksmanship and maintenance. Also covered is the basic organization and tactics of the citizen militia unit.

While the citizenship course will not be mandatory, completion and a passing grade will be required to exercise the authority to vote.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Quote Of The Day

“It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” 

– Voltaire

Thoughts For The Day

Pinball is not a spectator sport and if I were riding in the back seat of a Cadillac with Ann-Margaret wrapped around me I would smile like an idiot too.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Pop Quiz

Thanks to Mark Urbin for posting this--seriously I should check out the Dry Bones site more often.

We should remember that the so-called Palestinian people are are the descendants of those who conquered the ancient Kingdom of Judea--the Roman Empire and the Muslim Jihad--along with the collaborators.   And as Islam flat out denies the Rights of Man no Islamic state can claim sovereign status.

Quote Of The Day

“THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them.”

 – L. Ron Hubbard, “Off the Time Track,” lecture of June 1952, excerpted in JOURNAL OF SCIENTOLOGY issue 18-G, reprinted in TECHNICAL VOLUMES OF DIANETICS & SCIENTOLOGY, vol. 1, p. 418's no wonder that evil POS Hubbard went into hiding.

Thursday, August 06, 2015


On this day 70 years ago the first operational nuclear weapon was used against a nation that initiated a war against the United States and I fully expect The Big Zero to openly condemn the action.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Blast From The Past

The scientific concept, dictatorship, means neither more or less than unlimited power resting directly on force, not limited by anything, not restrained by any laws or any absolute rules. Nothing else but that.

-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Without the restraints of real legislation or of the natural and permanent moral laws we are left with one thing--the law of the jungle--to kill or to be killed.

It is impossible to reason with, negotiate with, or otherwise peacefully coexist with any person, any group, or any nation, that believes that it has the right to control you or to take things from you by force. Such persons or entities can only be physically isolated from you or ultimately destroyed.

Peace is the absence of enemies but it is not, as some wish to believe, priceless.

As long as there is one Communist who lives there will be no peace. This also applies to Islam.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Fact Of Reality

The walking brain death cases are making a fuss over the apparent poaching of Cecil the Lion because it allows them to ignore the insanities and outright atrocities being committed here in the United States.

Update at 1735:

An SF guy had this comment: