Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weird Dream

I had a weird dream last night.

It involved two people I hadn't seen in years. The first being a really fat ethnic Polish DFL/union activist who was into RPG/wargaming back in the Early 80's. The other being a former friend who somehow didn't get the sex change operation in the real world and was shacking up with a woman who strongly resembled his mother.  There was a cheaply printed magazine that had parts of an article highlighted with bright pink and blue markers.  And the whole thing was set to a hard folk soundtrack.

This may have been the result of having gone out for a long -- three hour -- walk before crashing for the night.

I do need more exercise.

Climate Change

In my view what appeared to be inherent in the Global Warming Alarmist viewpoint was a belief in a steady-state climate.  But in reality the terrestrial biosphere is a dynamic environment within a dynamic universe.  Climate change was and remains inevitable and natural.  There is clear evidence of natural climate change.  And evidence that these changes taking over periods of thousands of years.

Any questions?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Suggestion

One of the effects of having a gender- neutral primary name is that I do received telephone calls from people who assume that I'm a woman.  Just after I returned from a multiple hour road trip someone made a cold call to my phone number. An obviously young African-American woman asked me if she could speak to Miss Bates.

I said, "who?"

She immediately hung up.

This is clearly incorrect.

While my is voice clearly male in origin the caller apparently didn't think about what she was doing.  I could have been honestly asking to correctly state the name of the person she sought to speak to.  Furthermore she didn't give any thought to the possibility that a husband, son or other male guest may have answered the phone.

But then it really doesn't take any thought to be an African-American.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Thought For The Day

If you asked a Special Needs Child if they would want to deliberately cause harm to another person they would most likely say no.  But if you asked a "Progressive" if they would want to deliberately cause harm to another person they would most likely say yes and then tear off on a hate-filled rant as to why.  It would then appear that a Special Needs Child has a better understanding of basic ethics than any so-called Progressive.

Horrible thought, isn't it?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Repeating Myself

Yes, I am repeating myself.

The  Left cheers as every new manifestation of barbarism rises and slaughters good people and innocent children. The chattering classes willingly support and serve the enemies of mankind and will viciously slander and condemn those who dare to raise a hand in defense of the defenseless. They sit on their fat asses in progressive coffee houses and cook up paranoid conspiracy theories about how Christian Conservatives are planning to exterminate their own particular and pathetic social fringe group.

But if the stupid conspiracy theories of the Left were true they would all be dead.

Let’s see -- if rational people were to treat the Left the way that Great Comrade Stalin treated anyone he suspected of being an opponent let alone someone who was an actual opponent -- would any of these pathetic lunatics still be breathing?  Let alone continuing to rant like a mob of mentally disconnected lunatics who are off their medications?

No, I wouldn't think so.

If Conservatives dealt with the adherents of Modern Liberalism the way the Left has dealt with humans in general whenever the Left has obtained unrestrained power, there wouldn't be any Liberals left standing. Of the universities and the urban centers of Liberalism there would be nothing left but smoking ruins, and there would mass graves from coast to coast.

We need to face the fact that the present day Left, like the unschooled barbarians who plagued civilization before them, are essentially parasites. If the Huns or the Mongols were to take "no" for an answer to their demand for food and other material goods they would die very quickly. Control of the productive population is essential for their survival and well being. Compulsion, taking things and persons by force, is inherently necessary to the parasite manner of existence. Those who resisted the parasites had to be killed as an object lesson for others.

The Left, our present-day literate post-Marxist barbarians, not only need material support they also need spiritual support as well. They need to feel that their victims are not only submitting to them today but will do so tomorrow as well.

Barbarian chieftains and tribal witch-doctors demanded degrading and often dangerous acts of worship from their subjects, up to and including human sacrifice, in order to assure themselves that they would still have a roof (or a tent) over their heads and food to eat the next day. Those refused to obey were worked over by the goon squad or simply killed.

In the classrooms, editorial offices, and coffee shops of the Left the demand is for unquestioned agreement without regard to the actual facts of reality. The self-styled intellectuals of the Left are the first to demand “speech codes” and other forms of censorship lest they be identified as frauds and poseurs and subsequently bounced out of their comfortable ivory towers, no longer insulated from a real world that demands real thought and real labor.

The Left, being dependent upon others for their sustenance, must stand in opposition to the society of rational consent and openly support systems of compulsion, be it various species of Socialism or the witch-doctor rule of Islam, because to do otherwise is to condemn themselves to death.

If the Left would just die it would be nice.

Friday, May 16, 2014


I was taught in Infantry Basic Training at Fort Benning was that the maximum effective range of an excuse is zero.  In short, there is no such thing as a valid excuse. In spite of the clear record of the great and bloody failure of Communism the adherents of the doctrine continue to emit invalid noises in our general direction.

For example there have been calls for massive taxes on people with high incomes in order to fight "inequality." Let's step back and examine the larger picture.

Material inequality is the natural result of differences in the application of knowledge and labor in the production of goods and services.  The resulting in differences output have no adverse impact on actually productive people.

In fact there is no problem of material inequality.

That productive people will limit their income in order to limit tax liability never enters their minds.  The limitation of income reduces spending power and thus the ability to purchase the goods and services produced by others leads to the general impoverishment.  That their program has these and other negative effects on a people has no meaning to the Reds. 

And then there's the issue of the violation of rights by force.

The fact is that material inequality is simply an excuse for the use of force against the productive to support the parasites.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Global Warming?

We've hit the half way point in the month of May and the National Weather Service has issued frost and freeze warnings in the state of Minnesota. 

Climate Change Skepticism has a basis in reality.

Oh, I saw an actual wild turkey in the parking lot of the apartment building I live in.  This was in an urban area that's developed over a century ago.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

MIssion Log

What you are about to read is a transcript of a play session of the game Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.  There has been a bit of editing and the name of one secret project has been changed to protect my philosophy.



We’re alive.

We have landed somewhere on the surface of the planet Chiron in the Alpha Centauri A system.  This is after a series of errors, accidents,  and an outright assassination. So far we have survived the disasters -- barely.

The atmosphere of the planet is mostly nitrogen and carbon dioxide and therefore we are unable to breathe it.  But we can walk around in normal outdoor clothing with oxygen tanks or an oxygen generator.  And we can grow the Terran plants that were brought on the Unity.  We immediately planted farms in the vicinity of the base. 

Of the eight colony landing pods, one was apparently destroyed during the launch sequence from the Unity and the locations of the other six remain unknown to us.  Our apparent location is near a sea on a continent. The only result to our attempt to locate the other colony pods by radio is static.

We have picked up the transponder beacon of a Unity pod nearby.  I sent out an ad hoc scout team to investigate under the command of a former Gunnery Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps, George Strong.  He reports that it was a probe unit from the Unity that located a nutrient rich area of soil.  We’re seriously going to need it.

We have begun formal organization of our colony and the training and equipping of a proper scout team.  Once we are finished with that task we shall attempt to explore and locate possible spots for further settlement.

And we shall also try to understand what happened and how the Unity mission came to this appalling state.



There have been a number of changes in the last mission year.  The first is the establishment of our political organization and goals. 

Our group was originally centered around Academician Prokhor Zakharov, a major scientist from the Russian Republic.  The groups, or factions of colonists, formed after the mission commander Captain Garland was murdered by an unknown party.  This in turn happened after the major failure of the main fusion reactor on the Unity.  It appears to be a bloody miracle that any of us are here at all.

Before we were able to separate ourselves from the Unity there was an attempt to seize the landing pod by another faction led by the executive officer, Sheng-ji Yang.  There was a fight and Doctor Zakharov was mortally wounded.  Before he died I promised him that I would raise his daughter Katerina and lead our people to safety.

Before our respective departures from the Unity there was a strong discussion of how we should carry out the Unity mission of assuring the survival of Humanity on the planet Chiron.

Doctor Zakharov had the idea that the most effective way to assure our survival was to focus on the rediscovery of the technology that allowed us to come here and to discover new technology to assure our survival and the ultimate utopian future.

To a large part I did agree, but in my opinion it is not enough to focus solely on the development of technology.  We must assure intellectual and political freedom across the entire spectrum of human endeavor because though this we can survive and reach our full potential as a people.  To this end we have established the Republic of Chiron as our political body.


We have doubled our population and are sending out a newly constructed colony pod. 

Meanwhile Katerina is clearly growing up.  The boys her age are noticing.  As a result I have to upgrade my vigilance.


We now have a theory of how to perform systematic terraforming on this planet.  The commons kitchen has also learned to make something other than flavorless glop.  It’s about bloody time too.


Founded our second base on this planet.  We called it Second Base.  Perhaps that was too obvious and simple?


Our first Terraforming unit is now actually operational.  And another scout patrol has been equipped and sent out.


Started work on a second colony pod.

Katerina is dating, but she is also complaining about finding the boys at her age boring.

What can I do?


The scout patrol from Second Base found another Unity probe that landed on nutrients.  They also encountered swarm of an animate lifeform they called mindworms.  As named these animals use an apparent psychic power to paralyze the victims of the attack to directly enter the brain.  A damned good thing that some of the team survived. 


The boffins have just designed a rover with a fission power source that we can theoretically build with our available resources and facilities.  The fun part will be to actually build it.


The scout patrol from Second Base thought they had detected a Unity pod beacon in a patch of pink xenofungus and proceeded to investigate it.  They found what the team leader described as an alien monolith with unreadable inscriptions on it.  The team members also report that their health has improved and that they are feeling more confident after encountering the monolith.
Katerina has completed her masters degree program.  She’s proceeding towards a doctorate in biology and continues to complain about being bored with young men of her age.


A swarm of mindworms came within sight of Second Base.  They were detected, engaged and destroyed.  The Second Base security team has gained combat experience.

Primary Base has produced a second colony pod.  The workshop is now cleared to build a recon rover.


The scout patrol from Second Base has found a second monolith.


The scout patrol from Second Base has found another monolith.

Who put up these things?

We built Third Base.  To do this we sent a colony pod across and group of islands and shallows and set up the base on the other side of a channel.

The question has been raised.  Where is everyone else?   Where did the other landing pods land?  Are their passengers still alive?


Our researchers claimed to have found the Secrets of the Human Brain.  I’m not so sure about this.  One of our researchers actually quoted Immanuel Kant when the paper was published.  In fact Kant was to a large degree responsible for the cultural disintegration of our civilization prior to the launch of the Unity mission.  The boffins also worked out how to build functional water craft.  Meanwhile Second Base has built a colony pod.  They will now construct our first water craft as there is a Unity pod transponder beacon going off right in the channel north of the base.

Katerina now has her doctorate in Biology.  She continues to express disappointment with the young men around her.


Second Base scout team found a Unity pod with a working rover in it.  Good job guys!

Katerina and I had an interesting conversation.  It happened as we were waiting for her to undergo her first session of antigeria treatment.  The age of thirty five may seem a bit young to start an anti-aging program but why otherwise wait?

She started with a question.

“When are you getting married?”

I was shocked.  I really hadn’t thought about it and said so.

“I‘ve been busy.”  I said.  “Working on our survival and raising you to be a proper adult.”

“I’ve noticed.”  She replied.  “And you’ve succeeded on both counts, but you really should live a fully human life.”

“But I’m in charge of growing and protecting our civilization!”

“Yes, but you are still a human being, and you’re missing part of a full human life.”

“Okay,” I said, “Did you have anyone in mind for me to marry?”

“Me.”  She replied.

I was stunned.  And my initial reply may not have been the brightest.

“Katerina dear, I was your legal guardian.”

“And you clearly did it well, but I’m a fully rational adult now.  I have to live by my own rational judgement and I am doing so.”

“Kat,” I said, “there are other men on the planet.”
“And you are the standard by which I judge them and I haven’t found one that matched up to you.”

“I’m in a position...two positions of authority with respect to you.  Authority is not something to be abused.”

“Authority is based on knowledge.  What do you know?”

I was stunned again, it took time for me to answer the question.

“You are a rational young woman who...who would be a wonderful partner for someone for life.”

My brain may have kicked back into gear at this point.

“You do understand you that you are following the path of least resistance here?”

“So we’re supposed to live our lives the hard way?”

She clearly had me there.


Our little terraformer has just complete setting up farms, solar collectors and access roads in the grid square north west of Primary Base.  It’s still running.  Good.


Found another Unity rover pod.

Katerina and I have formally married.  There was some criticism and much rejoicing.


Fourth Base founded.  One wag suggested that we call it Home Plate Base.  While I wasn’t a baseball fan back on Earth I do understand the jest.

Our fist son was born.  We named him Prokhor for his maternal grandfather.


Our first daughter was born.  We have named her Alice.  In some respects this planet is a wondrous land.


Second Base has finished the prototype water craft.  It is a hydrofoil configured as a transport.  It was sent out to investigate the pod beacon north of Second Base and found something else.  An alien artifact.  They’re bringing it back to base.


Researchers at Second Base believe that the alien artifact is having a positive impact of their research operations.

What?  How?

Apparently they literally hardwired it to the base computer mainframe.  Whatever gave them that idea?


Fifth Base founded.  Complaints about the lack of imagination in naming our bases are rising.

The rovers and the hydrofoil are making progress in our exploration of the planet in spite of the numerous xenofungus patches.  With the rovers now in action we are converting the foot mobile infantry scout teams into base security units.


Primary Base has completed the recycling tanks base facility.

A rover scout team encountered a mindworm swarm and was forced back to survive.


The hydrofoil has reached the northern end of the channel that divided our continent.  During the survey the crew has seen swarms of mindworms on the shoreline of the channel.  The current theory on the mindworm phenomena is that they appear as a response to the presence of intelligent life, such as humans or the aliens that may previously inhabited this planet. 

The presence of mindworms that we have not provoked clearly indicates that there may be someone else on the yet unexplored part of this continent.  Possibly another group of human survivors.

A rover team also survived attacks by two mindworm swarms.


We have begun a more extensive exploration of the region west of Third Base.  Yes, I know the statement sounds silly and pompous but it’s about bloody time we got around to it.


Mission Log Part 2


The Third base expedition found a Unity pod with useable supplies.  The rated value of the supplies under our current economic system is 200 energy credits.  Oh goody!

Our son Prokhor has completed the secondary level of education. Also he now normally uses Pro as the short form of his given name.

Hey, it works.


A sea swarm delivered two mindworm swarms directly to Primary Base.  The security teams under George Strong stopped them.  George led the fight himself armed with a flamethrower.  We need to work out a better operational plan for stopping direct attacks on the home bases.

The hydrofoil also encountered a sea swarm.  In the unprotected transporter configuration they had to retreat to survive.


Our son Pro, has decided to pursue a military career.  This is over the objections of his mother.  He has enlisted in the Exploration and Defense Corps, has started out in a base security unit, and he is training to operate a scout rover.

Our daughter Alice has started university with the intent of obtaining doctorates in history and psychology.


Our long range scanners have picked up signals from a human group, possibly a rover team, fighting a mindworm swarm to the north of the area we have explored and settled.


A mindworm swarm was driven off from Third Base.

The transport foil is conducting exploration operations in the ocean south of Primary Base.


The transport foil was attacked by a sea swarms.  They barely survived.  They have been recalled to Primary Base for refit.


Fourth Base was attacked by two land swarms.  The boffins have begun to design personal and vehicle armor based on synthetic metal.  We also need a theory on better weapons than standard firearms.


Have detected communication signals from another fight between humans and mindworms.  Who are they?

Third base built a colony pod.  This will be our second colony on the other side of the channel.


We have broken the previous convention by naming our 6th base after Sir Isaac Newton.  And the fabrication works at Third Base is working on the prototype for infantry armor based on synthetic metal.  Yes, I know it sounds silly, but we are doing it for real.  I’m concerned about our yet uncontacted neighbors on the continent and I want to be ready.  And if thing suddenly go bad we’ll still need better weapons.


What the Hell?  We just had a drone riot at Primary Base.  We basically ended up sweet talking and bribing the lot of them to behave themselves.  As soon as the current unannounced secret project is finished I’m sending the lot of them off in a colony pod to fend for themselves.  Let them learn through direct experience how hard it is to run a functional society.

As to why I didn’t publically announce the secret project?  It’s a secret project, silly.


A scout rover team has just rounded the north end of the channel.  No sign of any other humans. 

I’m keeping the transport foil at Primary base until the new colony pod with the former drone rioters is ready to go out.

Good riddance.

And the synthetic metal armor prototype is complete.


The security team with the new synthetic metal armor just easily wiped out a mindworm swarm.  Good job!


We have completed The Merchant Exchange project at Primary Base.  This will radically increase energy production at this base.  We’re now on to building the colony pod for those damned drones!

We completely lost a rover team to a mindworm swarm.  Another rover team found a series automated farms set up from a Unity pod.  This usually doesn’t happen unless someone activates the pods manually.  The rover team then encountered another mindworm swarm.


Our 7th base is named Seventh Base.


The 8th base is named Science Library.

A mindworm swarm near Third Base delayed the departure of a colony pod and the escorting security team.

The mindworms are becoming very annoying.


The colony pod with the former drone rioters have departed from Primary Base on the transport foil.  Oh goody!

We have also started work on building a Research Hospital facility at this base.


Another (EXPLETIVE) drone riot at Primary Base!  What can be done about this?


We lost a terraformer to mindworms. 

Our boffins have developed a laser weapon replacement for Mother Deuce.  (I had to explain the reference.)  A rover mounted laser weapon.  We are now using a terraformer to clear a xenofungus zone before developing it.  Our remaining scout rover team in the northern exploration zone has found another area of farms built by an automated Unity pod.  And of course more mindworms.


Drone riot at Fourth Base.  And another rover unit was wiped out by mindworm swarms there as well.

Where and who are the neighbors?

Upgraded the security unit there with synthmetal armor.  Also accelerated work on the rover unit under construction there.  It will have the new laser weapons system mounted on it.

We also accelerated work on a secret project at Second Base.
We have a new base on the west side.  We’re naming it Ayn Rand Collage after Ayn Rand.


We finished the Human Genome Project at Second Base.  It appears to have a positive effect of the general population of our nation.  They’re now  building a colony pod, too many drones there.  We tested the new laser armed rover on a swarm of mindworms near Newton Observatory.  It worked.  We are now upgrading our remaining rover units to carry this weapon.


Sent out the colony pod from Second Base with the drones.  The base is now building a new facility called the recreation Commons.  This may have a positive effect on the drone problem.


There’s been another super-massive mindworm attack at Newton Observatory.  The primary security team is gone.  It’s like the “GAME OVER MAN” scene from the flat movie Aliens.  (Of course I had to explain that reference as well.)


Newton Observatory was successfully reinforced and more mindworm swarms destroyed.

Finished the Virtual World project.  It also appears to have a positive effect of our drone problem.  They are definitely calming down.

The colony pod from Primary Base with the drones has made landfall and a new base was set up.  They’re calling it South Park.

Gosh, what a surprise.


Where the (EXPLETIVE) are the mindworm swarms that are attacking Newton Observatory coming from?  These swarms are the largest ones we have seen yet.  The base is receiving more reinforcements.


The transport foil was swept away by a tidal wave as it approached a Unity pod beacon.  The pod seems to have disappeared.

The signals section has found clear indications that someone has set up a base at the north end of the channel.  I have ordered a rover team to make contact with our neighbors.


The other human base at the top of the channel appears to have gone off the air.  The rover team continues to move forward to investigate.  The transport foil was hit by another tidal wave.  They’re going to Seventh Base for repairs.


The rover team almost made it to the location of the other human base when they were hit by a mindworm swarm.  They survived.


The rover scout team finally reached the site of the other human base at the top of the channel.  They were clearly hit by mindworms and there were no survivors of the attack.  From the examination of the ruins and data we the team could recover we have determined that the base was called Parade Ground and it was built people who called themselves The Spartans.  The leader of this group is Corazon Santiago, the former security chief aboard the Unity.

My lack of God!  If the brain-dead bitch had properly done her job Captain Garland would not have been murdered and we would have been in better shape to deal the problems we were facing at the time. We clearly wouldn’t have been in the particular mess we were in!

Instead of doing her job and making a reasonable effort to identify and arrest the murderer of the captain she instead would go off about her ideal for a society.  She was always yammering about the right to keep and bear arms without any attempt to actually understanding why that right is necessary in a rational human society.  (I will admit that I was angry at her and I also had to explain that there those who -- like Yang -- sought to establish “alternatives” to a free society.)

Given our -- excuse me -- my previous experience with dealing with “Colonel” Santiago I’m not thrilled at the prospect of contact with her and her followers.

The boffins here said that they can design armor based on the newly developed plasma steel technology.  In light of the recent discoveries I see no rational alternative but to do so.

We also built a new base north of Fourth Base.  We named it Academy Base.


The boffins have designed an improved weapon they call a particle impactor.  It’s clearly an improvement over the basic laser.  It should help if we actually get into a fight with Santiago and her followers.


In addition to mounting the particle impactor on our rovers the boffins are now building a rover with plasma steel armor.  Meanwhile our rover team in the north is following the river channels in search of the others.  No contact yet.


One hundred standard years we have survived on this planet.  We are firmly established and have made clear progress.  Barring any major disaster our survival, and of Humanity, is assured.


We found another alien artifact and we also founded a new base, Goddard Center.


The transport foil survived an attack by a sea swarm.  We are now  making synthetic fossil fuels and related chemicals.  As a result our boffins have also designed a missile launcher weapon system for our rovers. 


There were more mindworm swarms at Fifth Base, the new impact rover killed them.  The rover team in the north have found a site with automated construction of solar panels. 

The signals section believes that another base has been set up on the site of Parade Ground.  A rover team will check it out but I don’t expect actual sanity from the lot.


Damn it!  We just lost an impact rover team to a mindworm swarm.


Alien artifact brought into Rand.


Second Base has completed a sea former.  This system will allow us to build kelp farms for food, tidal harnesses to generate energy and mineral extraction platforms on the continental shelves.  It gives more options for survival and prosperity.


Mission Log Part 3


We have finally made contact with Santiago and her people.  Of course she began yammering about her ideology.  In her vision of society she has emphasized the buildup of military strength over everything else.

Yes, firepower is necessary for driving off the mindworms but it doesn’t grow food or extract minerals.  It doesn’t discover knowledge, and it certainly doesn’t have a positive impact on the overall quality of human life.

In my view she is clearly following the wrong path.

Santiago also wanted to exchange her current world map for the technology of synthetic fossil fuels. Is she serious?  Really serious?

Look. I’m as curious as the next guy about the geography of the planet.  But the technology she asked for allows the construction of missile weapons and may allow the revival of aviation on this planet.

The answer was simply no.

The result of our discussions is that we established diplomatic relations, but let’s look at the big picture.  Her people only have 3 bases and we have 11.  How pathetic is that?  And that is simply on material terms, we are moving forward in art and science.  They are still stuck on an idea of simply surviving.

It is not enough to simply survive, ultimately humanity as a species must thrive.

In other news we have established New Unity Base.  It is located south of Santiago’s Bunker 118 Base.

Seriously, what kind of name is Bunker 118?  Was it named for something?  I actually did a search on the term in our database and found literally nothing.


We just reinvented aviation, at least in theory.  You should have heard Santiago go on and on about the military value of air power.  This is clearly not a technology that we will ever give or trade to her.

There has been some questioning as to why we don’t go to war and wipe out the lot.


She is leaving us alone and we are also building the forces necessary to contain her if she does something stupid.  And it will take time to build the force necessary to defeat her if that were necessary.

And perhaps in she time she, or more likely her followers, will see that our approach to the problems of living on this planet are in fact correct and adopt them.

Until then we can play nice doggy with her.


A rover team found a scout chopper in a Unity pod.  So what?  What good could it do for us?  We ended up breaking it up for scrap to something useful.  In this case a missile rover.


Even though we have established diplomatic and trade relations with the Spartans there is no actual commerce between them and us.


Santiago, by establishing an essentially barracks society based on ancient Sparta on Earth has chosen an invalid model.  This was an unproductive social order that was historically shown to be a failure. 

Santiago is, unfortunately for her followers, a walking brain death case with plucked eyebrows.  She doesn’t understand that force only can function at the direction of the rational mind.


Another new base for us, named Tsiolkovski Institute.


The prototype aircraft has been tested and subsequently updated with a missile launcher system.

Some of the younger people, including Kat, are referring to the planet Chiron as simply Planet.


Something really weird happened.  The rover driven by Pro disappeared at one location and reappeared at another.  He described the event as effectively dropping through a dimensional gate.


We founded the Planetary Archives base.


We lost the transport foil to a sea swarm.

Founded Lab Point base and finished the Hab Complex at Primary Base.


Mind worm swarm appeared near Second Base.  Used the Missile armed aircraft to kill it.


A rover patrol met a Spartan foot patrol at out mutual border.  The Spartans have learned to make plasma steel armor.  Our other rover, driven by Pro, dropped through another dimensional gate.  He came out near what appears to be the souther tip of out continent.  He named it Cape Storm.


We started work on The Command Nexus project at Primary Base.


The missile armed flyer unit killed another sea swarm.

Pro drove his rover to investigate another Unity pod beacon.  The pod was apparently home to four mindworms swarms.  The unit subsequently went off the air.

Katerina was devastated.  Although we have other sons and daughters Pro was her first and favorite.  I haven’t seen her like this since her father died.

I don’t know what else to say.


We built the Academy Park base in the Western Jungle Zone.


The boffins have designed a cruiser hulled maritime unit.  We will begin construction of the prototype at Seventh Base next year.  We will also being construction on the Maritime Control Center project at Fourth Base as well.


Multiple mindworm swarms have attacked Planetary Archives.  All were destroyed.


The Spartans have built their 4th functional base, Defiance Freehold,  just east of Bunker 118.  (Seriously, they really do need to rename that base.)


Another mindworm swarm hit Planetary Archives.


South Park (Those bastards) along with Third Base and Ayn Rand College have launched transport hydrofoils.  It’s not only the Unity pods that we are searching for.  We’re seeking answer to an important question.  Where are the other survivors?  Our records show that 7 of the 8 landing pods successfully separated from the Unity.  Where are the other surviving human communities?


Built New World Lab base.  Katerina had suggested Mir Lab as a name.  Overruling her may have been a mistake.


Built Pavlov Biolab base.  Again the name was Katerina’s suggestion.  When I accepted it this time she made the first real smile in the years since Pro died.


Built Relativity School base.


We finished the Command Nexus project.  This is expected to improve the training and field performance of military units.

For a bunch of rabid (I had to explain that concept) militarists the Spartans are certainly being left behind.

A foil brought in an alien artifact to Planetary Archives.

Another foil found a human community.  Unfortunately they are being led by the former psychologist-chaplain of the Unity, Miriam Godwinson. She has adopted the titles of Sister and Voice of the Believers. 

She started the electronic meeting by mentioning her “virtually invincible” impact gun equipped infantry units.  And then after issuing the implied threat she declares that our republic is in violation of some BS (I also had to explain that concept) doctrine called the Conclave Oral Law and demanded that we pay a fine.  In effect she made up some BS to rule her subjects and now she’s using it as an excuse to demand a blackmail payment.  Of course I refused to comply.

She then declares that she, “will derive great pleasure from having me executed.”

BS!  Godwinson is clearly nothing more than a predatory animal who has fully renounced reason.  The only thing that can be done is to kill her, and that will not be a source of pleasure for anyone.

We will need more information about her faction and the area they settled in before we can take action against her.  In the meantime we are beginning to build up air and ground forces.


We have commissioned a probe team.  This is clearly not a nice thing to do.  The team should be able to infiltrate the Believer information network and extract useable data.

Also we are starting to have issues with pollution.  As this would have an actual effect on human life we will maintain a watch on the issue.


A base we named Hope Base founded.  At this point we have 18 bases to Santiago’s 4, why does she bother to continue?


We have finished the Maritime Control Center project at Fourth Base.  The movement performance of our units at sea has clearly improved.


We lost a another transport foil to a sea swarm.


The air forces are proving to be very effective at destroying mindworm swarms.


The probe team has infiltrated the Believer network and returned.  In addition to being at war with us Godwinson has apparently picked fights with two other factions, led by Deirdre Skye and Nwabudike Morgan respectively.  Skye was in charge of life support on the Unity and Morgan financed the mission and thus bought his own ticket. 

Godwinson appears to be at peace with another faction led by a South Asian U.N. bureaucrat named Lal.

I’ll reserve judgement on the others until I have more information.


Back at home the boffins have developed silksteel.  A substance as strong as spider silk from Earth.  They believe this will be the basis of a more effective form of armor.

We have also built Cosmograd base and the Spartans have built Blast Rifle Crag.


Built Library of Planet base.


We have contacted the faction under the command of Yang, the former Executive Officer of the Unity.  He now calls himself the Chairman of The Hive.  (Does he rape little girls like Chairman Mao did back on Earth?)  He is clearly on a power trip as was his norm on the Unity.  We should have spaced him back on the Unity.  Who knows?  Perhaps we would have been better off as a result.

Being the thug that he is Yang just had to open the virtual meeting by mentioning his impact squads.  We don’t even use that weapons system anymore.  Then he made an extortion demand.  It was when I refused to comply that he finally calmed down and made a proper deal for diplomatic and trade relations.

Given that Godwinson is physically closer and is currently in active conflict with us, dealing with her has the higher priority.  For now we are in the Nice Doggie mode with respect to Yang.

At Primary Base we accelerated work on the Supercollider project.

And then we held a policy meeting on our war with the Believers.  For some reason the AV records of the meeting were lost and the transcript of the minutes have somehow become unreadable.


We founded Climatic Research base.  There was a Spartan unit within the new boundary.  When we contacted Santiago to get them to withdraw she briefly threatened us with the mention of a new missile artillery unit.  When she failed to intimidate us she withdrew her unit.

Nice Doggy.


Another alien artifact was brought into Planetary Archives.

The signals section is saying that Morgan has been eliminated by The Believers.


With a bit of extra effort the Citizens Defense Force project has been completed.  We are now better able to defend our bases with fewer military resources.

Science Center base has been established.

We taken Belly Of The Whale base from The Believers.  We will use this as a forward operations base for aviation units. 


A rover team landed from a transport foil to investigate a Unity pod on the shoreline.  This triggered a massive earthquake and destroyed the foil.  The rover appears to be on a small continent or a major island.  They will continue to explore.


The Exploration and Defense Forces have published a new doctrine on police operations.  This should help us on the drone riot problem.


Mission Log Part 4


The Believers have established an ocean base just off our shores. 


Post Grace, the Believer base offshore has been destroyed.


We lost the rover team on the large island to mindworm swarms. 

The signals section also reports that the faction under Skye is off the air.


Founded Discovery Base.  The governing team sent a video of themselves singing “Daisy.”  I had to explain the reference.


With massive support from the air forces our ground units have taken Time Of Salvation from The Believers.  We have renamed it Freedom Time.


We have taken The Voice Of God and renamed it The Voice Of Reason.


We have completed the Hunter-Seeker Algorithm project.  Our networks are now secure and we are effectively immune to probe team actions.

We founded New Panama Base at a very narrow part of the Southern Peninsula.  This base effectively acts as a canal for sea units.

Why?  How?

The Spartans have built a new base called Training Camp.

So what?


We’ve taken Divinity Base from The Believers.  Have renamed it Insanity Base.


We have captured a Believer base called The Rapture.  We have renamed it The Rupture.

Godwinson now wants to talk to us.  Why?

We have also taken Godwinson’s Hope base.  She again attempts communication with us.  Out of curiosity I open the channel.

“Were you aware that my mortal enemy Chairman Yang of The Hive, spends his most of his time torturing the wretched fools who chose to follow him?  Let us join forces an end to his brutal nihilism!”

I respond.

“Right, let’s totally ignore your own lust for power that you have covered as acts of faith.  Yes, we will eventually deal with Yang.  But we will not leave a mortal enemy in our rear.”

This statement apparently went past her with no effect.  She then demands 525 energy credits to forgive my alleged past offenses.

For Godwinson the simple act of rational thought is an offense.  The refusal to submit to what is in fact her will is also an offense.

The answer to her demands is no.

Then she demands a “blood truce” to stop the fighting.

“No Godwinson, I will accept nothing less than a complete surrender.”


We changed the name of Godwinson’s Hope to No Hope.

We’ve also initiated communications with Lal.  He calls his faction the United Nations.

As if we’re supposed to be impressed.

He is also posturing as if he were in charge of all human communities on this planet.  To this end he promised to enter into a Pact of Brotherhood for beginning combat operations against Yang and The Hive.

Oh really?

Is this so-called Pact of Brotherhood actually worth sacrificing the lives of our combat operators?

Hell no.

Yes, Yang and The Hive is a problem but we are not simply not ready to deal with him yet.

Lal then mentions his impact squads.  Why am I not surprised? After all he is a South Asian bureaucrat which back on Earth was a step short of being a proper socialist thug.

He then demands that we hand over the technology for Orbital Spaceflight.  As this has military uses I had to refuse.

Deal with it, Lal.


Had another chat with Lal.  Again he promised to swear a Pact of Brotherhood if we attacked Yang and The Hive.

Desperate are we, Lal?

He then tried to BS me to give him the Orbital Spaceflight technology.  If that wasn’t enough he asked for a loan of energy credits.

What are we, a bank?  Hell no.


We have regained the technology of Fusion Power.

And our fight to take New Jerusalem base is beginning to resemble the Battle of Stalingrad.  Godwinson is highly dependent on the use of infantry units.  But we are massacring them as fast as we can.

The Believers also had a Unity scout chopper they threw into action.  We killed it but not before some losses.

War sucks.

After we seized the base we renamed it Lake Emerson Palmer after the old Earth musician group Emerson, Lake and Palmer.  (I had to explain the reference on this.)


We took the Valley Of The Faithful and renamed it the Valley Of The Dolls.


We took Terrible Swift Sword base and renamed it Kalashnikov.


We launched our first satellite.  We can now see the entire planet.  And we have located all opposition bases.

The boffins have worked out the technology for building mag tube transportation systems.


We have liberated Song Of Planet base.  There are still people there who remember what it was like to live in freedom.  To think and speak without having to be on the watch for Believer chaplains, who were the practical equivalent of Soviet commissars.

In reality salvation is slavery.


We liberated Last Rose Of Summer.  The people cheered as we ejected the Believer clergy out the airlocks.  We also liberated Autumn Grove.  We are finding it very easy to raise local security units from liberated populations.


Destroyed Redemption Base.  It was apparently too small to survive combat operations.  No survivors.

Liberated Gaia’s Landing.  The original base structure was beautiful.  The modification made by The Believers were abominations.


We rushed work on the Fusion Lab at Primary Base to completion and started work on the Theory Of Everything project.  Godwinson apparently had to rant about it but I cut her off.

What is the value of a noise source that is solely concerned about literally nothing?


We finished the Xenoempathy Dome.  As a result we are now making real progress on dealing with the native life forms. (Perhaps someone should explain that to me?)

We built Baikonur base just north of Cape Storm.

We overran Memory Of Earth, there were no survivors.  And destroyed The Lord’s Gift with no survivors.


Chairman Yang called and he wants us to attack Lal.

Out of the question.

He then demands that we have over the files on Orbital Spaceflight technology.

Well yes, we are in violation of the United Nations charter for the Unity mission by not sharing technology with him.  But there’s no way in Hell that I’m going to give any aid or comfort to that power tripping predator.

And then after the refusal to turn over the tech he calls me arrogant.  No. I’m just doing my job.

Then Godwinson sends a message.  She wants to talk peace.


We overran two more Believer bases with no survivors.  We are now using air units in clear out Believer units in our rear areas.

We seized He Walked On Water.  It’s amazing what these idiots will believe in.

We finally liberated Greenhouse Gate.  During this operation we discovered as a result of building the Xenoempathy Dome that xenofungus areas no longer act as barriers to ground movement but instead function as roads.


We have completed the Neural Amplifier project.  This psychic stuff gives me the creeps.

We also liberated the Morgan Industries base.  As originally built the structures emphasized creature comforts over other functions.  And Morgan insisted on being extremely flashy in decorating the facility.  In short the base as built was seriously pimped out.  The Believers in taking over the base engaged in the old Terrestrial Protestant practice of slighting the facility.

Alice then wrote a dissent from my description of slighting.  She says that it was the practice of the Commonwealth government after the English Civil War of destroying the useful defensive features of castles or the complete demolition thereof.  Upon further examination of the relevant data on file I now have to agree with her.       

Still, what the Believers did to Morgan’s main base was clearly nihilistic and ugly.


The signals section has reported that Yang has engaged in combat operations against Lal and appears to be prevailing.

The Lord’s Truth base was overrun with no survivors.

Lal opened communications again.  Now he wants me us to go to war against The Spartans.  He’s apparently being stomped on by Yang but is now picking a fight with Santiago.  Why?

Of course Lal just had to mention his impact gun equipped infantry again.  And then there’s this:

“My brilliant President, it has become customary for a minor faction leader such as yourself to remit me a small, ah, let us say “contribution” to compensate me for the services my forces provide...”

Before he finished I said no.  As a result of refusing his blackmail demand he has declared war on us.  I had planned to take on Yang after we had finished with Godwinson.  But Lal has jumped up to the head of the line.

Lal apparently had the fantasy of being THE planetary leader.  In fact he was never more than a standard issue U.N. Bureaucrat, completely corrupt and absolutely useless.  He has never exercised any real authority on this planet.  But now as a result of his actions he has bought himself a date with the executioner.

Let’s get this absolutely clear, the Republic of Chiron is not a minor faction.  We are the dominant human community on this world.  This fact may explain why an aggressive bastard like Yang has behaved like the proverbial nice doggy with respect to us. 

As to Lal’s claim to being the planetary government?  It is pure nonsense.  Everyone has gone to war at their own convenience and for their own benefit.  Where was the so-called United Nations planetary government and their “peacekeeping forces” when Skye and Morgan were dropped into the recycling tanks?


Blasted the sea base Water To Wine to scrap.  No survivors, including Godwinson.  The Believer faction is no more.

We are now focused on operations against Lal.


Drone riots in South Park.  Those bastards!


We have noticed a Spartan troop build up near Climatic Research.  Even though Santiago voted for me in the last election for the so-called planetary leader I will continue to keep a watch on her.

We have built North Point base across the bay from Sparta Command.  I named it after a song I once heard back on Earth.  Kat looked at me funny when I mentioned that.  She looked up the reference.  North Point was written by Mike Oldfield and is about a visit to a prison.


We have infiltrated the U.N. data network.  Apparently Lal is at war with everyone, including The Spartans.  Even though he has no means to project power off of his continent he insists on fighting everyone.  And the Spartans are basically minding their own business and haven’t said a word about the war with Lal to us.

Clearly Lal is insane.


The signals section reports that Yang lost a base to Lal.  Darned sloppy of him

We just literally landed troops on top of the U.N. Headquarters base.  We also seized U.N. Planetary Trust.  Bloody Hell!  There are no end of to the number of drones there!

Yang has also planted a sea base just off of our west coast.  It appears that he’s preparing for war.


We seized U.N. Temple Of Sol.  Lal wanted to talk before we did so.  No, this lunatic (I had the again explain this term) has to be put down.


U.N. High Commission base has been lost to The Hive.

We seized U.N. Information Agency.  Lal wants to talk again.

Lal wants peace on his terms.  He wants us to attack the Spartans because they are bent on taking over the planet.  (And pay no attention to what Lal is doing.)  And, of course, he again boasts about his actually pathetic army.  Our front line units of the EDC are using Chaos Guns and the Tachyon Laser has just entered production.  What an idiot!


Mission Log Part 5


This was a busy year for us.

During our forensic examination of The Believers as a faction someone read from the collected sermons of Godwinson:

“The Morgans fear what may not be purchased, for a trader cannot comprehend a thing that is priceless.”

Oh really?  For something to have an actual value it must actually exist.  All that Godwinson ever offered to anyone was literally nothing.

We seized U.N. Equality Village.  This effectively separates Lal’s remaining bases from Yang.  How Yang responds to this would remained to be seen.

Yang then opened a channel to us. 

First he repeats his demand for the files on Orbital Spaceflight.  I again refused.  I then requested that he remove the units he was going to use to seize U.N. Equality Village from Lal.  He blows up and declares war on us.

It’s about bloody time.  We’ve been putting off solving The Hive problem to solve other problems.

Again, Lal wanted to open talks.  No Lal, We’re still not talking to you.

We then seized U.N. Planning Authority and U.N. Commerce Committee. 

Of course the U.N. has to run commerce through a committee.  One wonders how they deal with sex?

We wrecked the sea base Deep Community with no survivors.  As a result Yang declares on the air that he is looking forward to having me executed.

Fat chance.

Finally we seized U.N. Aid Agency and U.N. Great Refuge.  Lal and his so-called United Nations is no longer a problem.

Good riddance.


We were nice to Santiago, we bought a map of Yang’s dominion from her even though we already had the data.  This allowed us to conceal the fact that have already mapped the planet from space and was a continuation of our Nice Doggy policy.

Nice doggy, Santiago.

We seized U.N. Education Agency from Yang.

We had a meeting after the advance team returned from that base.  It took some gentle prodding to start the conversation as they were all in a high level state of shock. Even the military members of the team were prone to silence.

“It was bad,” said Alice, “very bad.”

Commandant George Strong of the EDC only had one word initially: “Auschwitz.”

It appears that Yang runs his bases as if they were concentration camps from the 20th Century back on Earth.

In material terms the basic civilian comfort level has been eliminated as unnecessary.  The common mess hall still served the flavorless glop from the landing period.  There is no provision for higher comfort level quarters for talents and management.  The security units are squashed into barracks that we would regard as unfit for trainees.  And ordinary workers are crushed into very basic barracks with absolutely no provision for privacy.

In the wreckage a base facility was found that was called the punishment sphere.  It included a mechanism for stapling the nerves of the victims.  In effect it performs an instant lobotomy.  A significant number of people in the base who would normally be drones clearly have scars from nerve stapling.

“It’s as they were simply animals.”  Said Alice.

One of our combat operators asked an administrator why?  His answer was, “there is no why.”

But in reality there always is a why.  It is through the gathering, examination and integration of the facts that we can reach an understanding and thus see the big picture.

The Hive as a whole is simply the manifestation of the will of Chairman Yang,  No other person matters.  To Yang everything and everyone exists only to serve him. The conscious mind and thus the knowledge and goals of the individual are irrelevant to him. 

In The Hive every effort is made to suppress the independent function of the conscious mind.  In practical effect the inhabitants of The Hive are reduced to mere animals. 

Why is this?

The idea that any one person has a right to a thought or a thing is irrelevant to him.  A right is a concept that defines and morally sanctions the freedom of individual action in a society.  A right has the effect of directing and restraining the actions of the state and thus of the leader. 

For Yang to restrain himself and follow the directions of others was an unbearable affront to him.  In practical effect Yang was a predatory animal, for him to function as such he must in turn reduce those under his control to mere animals as well.

We found that there is no culture in The Hive.  All media -- visual, literature and music -- exists only to extol the rule of Yang and to promote the worship of and to obedience to him.  All day -- every day -- The Hive is drowned in the readings of the sayings of Chairman Yang.   In practical effect no functional conscious mind is allowed to exist.  To the extent that anyone lives at all it is virtually on autopilot.

Here’s an example of the noise generated by Yang:

“Learn to overcome demands of flesh and bone, for they warp the matrix trough which we perceive the world.  Extend your awareness outward, beyond the self of body, to embrace the self of group and the self of humanity.  The goals of the group and the geater race are transcendent, and to embrace them is to achieve enlightenment,”

In short reality is unreal. 

This is absolute nonsense.  He has declared that the path to the truth is to ignore the truth.  You are to reject the reality of reality and submit to what is in fact his own fantasies. 

And the way to overcome your suffering in this life is ignore the fact that Yang is the source of that suffering.

The fact that there are other people with active functional minds outside of The Hive is a complete surprise to the inhabitants.  All records of an independent human history, including that of China from which Yang originated, have been erased from existence.  Even the physical storage media that held that information in the captured U.N. base have been removed and destroyed.

There has been criticism of my policy toward Yang and The Hive.  This is right and proper in an actual human society.  The ideology of The Hive was never a secret to us and it was obvious through open examination of the known effects of those doctrines that we have a clear picture of the conditions within The Hive.

So why haven’t we acted on this knowledge before?

We are subject to limits.  The material aspect of our being is subject to material limits.  Even under the best of conditions we must establish priorities in the goals that we pursue.

Furthermore we as political authorities must solve the most dangerous problems first.  This is true for all sides, while it was clear that Yang had treated us in the “nice doggy” mode, this was due to the limitation of his resources.  Including the ability to project power.  Once we were physically on his continent and within his reach he immediately went into the predator mode.  In due course we shall deal with him as a predator.

Another criticism is that we have acted as if we were a mindless stream of water.  That by following the policies of “Nice Doggy” and “One War At A Time” in dealing with our opponents we have followed the path of least resistance instead of determining a course of action and forcing our way on to it without regard to cost.

So are we supposed to do everything the hard way?

Again, our resources are limited, and some of those resources are the people we send into combat.  Soldiers do die in battle.  I am not Yang, I will not and cannot treat our people as if they were a mere material resource.  They clearly are not tools to used and disposed of when they wear out.

As the political leadership of our nation I am under the obligation to identify and pursue our national objectives at the least cost in lives.

There is simply no other way to do this.

Final question: If we are stomping out the oppressors each in turn why don’t we remove the obvious militarists such as The Spartans?

Simply because they have left us alone.  They are certainly aware of our military strength and would reasonably not want to engage it.  Or they could as survivalists simply want to left alone.

Which is good enough for me.

We continued combat operations by taking Sea Collective intact.


The Hive is doing a major buildup of forces east of Education Agency.  We may be facing as possible Stalingrad.

We also seized Hole Of Aspiration.  Who names these bases?

On examination of further data it appears that grabbing Hole Of Aspiration right away may have been a mistake.


We finished The Theory Of Everything project at Primary Base. This will have a positive effect on out research efforts.

We also massacred Yang’s buildup outside The Hole.


We have begun combat operations out of The Hole.  We seized fellowship City, Socialism Tunnels and Great Collective. 

It appears that Yang has in fact lost a large chunk of his army.

We then took Paradise Swarming and Huddling Of The People.


We’ve taken Seat Of Proper Thought and Laborer’s Throng.  We have also hacked into The Hive data network.


Yang offered a very pathetic bribe for us to stop stomping on him.  He apparently does not understand that energy credits are simply a means to pursue self interest and that it is our general interest as Human Beings to remove him from existence.

There was a drone riot at Pavlov Biolab.  I really should pay more attention to our internal issues.


We overran Deep Passages, no survivors.  We also seized The Leader’s Horde.


We’ve completed The Living Refinery.  This project uses genetically engineered microbes to extract minerals.  Why didn’t we do this on Earth?

We seized Manufacturing Warrens and also seized Yang’s headquarters base, The Hive itself.

Santiago then staged an election for the post of “Planetary Governor” with the apparent intent of taking it herself.
I won the election, as if it made any difference.


We’ve finished two major projects, The Longevity Vaccine and The Efficient Virtues.

The benefit of The Longevity Vaccine is obvious.  A wider availability of life extension at lower cost.  The Efficient Virtues is a different story.

As originally proposed it was a bad idea and I had to reject it.  Of course the boffin who drew up the proposal wanted to speak to me.

“Sarah,” I said, “this is a social engineering project.  In the history of Earth the practice of social engineering almost always led to a disaster.”

I could swear that she was just staring at me. I continued.

“And I have serious doubts that you actually understand the concept of ascetics.  In Terran history the various doctrines of ascetics would actually ignore the nature of human life.  When put into practice they would result in suffering for the practitioners.  In actual effect asceticism was in practical effect a form of moral nihilism. If we were to actually adopt asceticism we would have to give up our fight with Yang and surrender.”

She was stunned.

“Sir?”  She said. “I was thinking in terms of efficiency.”

“Sarah,” I replied, “efficiency is simply making more with less.  And that’s is actually a benefit to us.  Why don’t you think more of what it takes to be efficient.  Redraw your proposal, and I’ll look at it again.  Okay?”

“Yes, sir.”

So that’s how we got The Efficient Virtues.

Later in that year we took Yang’s last base, Communal Nexus.  He has been downloaded and disposed of.
In the end there were only the Spartans remaining. To resolve this we held a vote. 

Our argument to them was essentially this: “You have without question survived, but have only survived, we have thrived.  We are living full spectrum Human lives, come and join us.”

It worked.

Now we all look to the future.

Thursday, May 08, 2014


On a whim I decided to go out to eat.   There is a drive in restaurant associated with the Frostop brand of root beer in Taylor's Falls, Minnesota.  I drove out there.  Upon arrival I found the manager and other people doing exterior maintenance on the place.  He told me that he didn't expect to be open as a result of the weather, which is still a bit cold and overcast today.  As it is an outdoor establishment and a tourist attraction I do understand. 

Upon returning home and making lunch I took an afternoon nap.  During this I had a dream where I attended a political event at the Minnesota state capitol building ( Tea Party, of course) and somehow lost my pants.  Given that I carry my car and apartment keys as well as my wallet with identification, debit and building access cards this would be a disaster for me.

Seen This?

A shop class film that would never be shown in a present day industrial shop class in a public school.

Building the AK-47 magazine.

Damn.  For some reason I have to use a normal link to the video.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A Suggestion

The head of the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram has stated that he intends to sell the school girls his gang had kidnapped into slavery.  My suggestion is that anyone found in possession of any of the victims should be put to death without exception.

No, it's not murder.  It's putting down a bunch of predatory animals.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Monday, May 05, 2014

Game On!

I'm now running another session of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.  This time from the beginning I am keeping a running log of the events in the session as well as a commentary from the perspective of the the faction leader.  In this session in the place of the University I am playing President John Rand of the Republic of Planet.

So far my handwritten notes have taken up 22 pages, that should be about 4000 words.  I plan on transcribing the lot and posting it here.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Game Over

From the running commentary I kept on my most recent session of ALPHA CENTAURI:
Mission Year 2289

We are barely holding on outside new Jerusalem.  Miriam is throwing everything she has at our troops on the ground.  And the solar storms are playing hell with communications between factions.

Mission Year 2290

We had drone riots at New Unity Base.  Not being the late Chairman Yang we didn’t have the lot of them nerve stapled.  Meanwhile we are making progress on cleaning up the mess that Yang left behind.

Finally, after several air raids we got the sensor tower outside New Jerusalem.  WOW!  She’s still at it.  Miriam is now babbling about the holy void of outer space.  The only void around here is the one in her head.

Mission Year 2291

We just developed the Plasma Shard weapons technology, this may turn the tide on Miriam.  We also started work on an orbital power station.

Mission Year 2291

We had another drone riot, this one at Planetary Archives. We bribed and sweet talked this lot to calm down.

Mission Year 2294

Question of the day: Can you imagine that idiot Morgan incorporating the Aesthetic Virtues into his society?

Mission Year 2295

Finally!  After a battle long than Stalingrad we finally seized new Jerusalem.  We renamed it Lake Emerson Palmer after the band Emerson, Lake and Palmer.  We also seized the Lord’s Wrath.  As if that would have scared us.

Mission Year 2300

I clearly have the impression that we have massacred most of the Believer ground forces.  This basically leaves the base garrisons to be dealt with.

Mission Year 2301

The solar storms are over.  Miriam wanted an end of hostilities.  She starts off by threatening to use her recently developed Gatling Laser technology.  We had the opportunity to develop a version of this system a century ago but didn’t bother. 

No, the Believers in the falsehoods of Miriam will continue to die for her lies.

We later took Divinity Base, the last of her original bases on land.  Now she only has the bases she seized from Lal to hold up in.

Mission Year 2302

The Believers just gave up the old U.N. Headquarters base without a fight.  Why?

Miriam is still threatening to obliterate us to the last man.  Perhaps she really believes the BS.  (I had to explain the concept of BS to my assistants as we didn’t bring beef cattle with us to Planet.)

Mission Year 2307

Miriam is down to her one base on water. 

No, Jesus never walked on the water, and it was clear that he never actually lived.

Mission Year 2308

It’s over.  Miriam has been captured, interrogated, and recycled.

Friday, May 02, 2014

A Game In Progress

During my present writers block I am playing Alpha Centauri.  I finally decided to write a diary of the game so far:
President’s Log:

What the hell was wrong with Morgan?

Seriously, he kept sending in probe teams as if it wasn’t a hostile act.  And I get a reputation of being ruthless as a result of having to go to war with him.  Whereas Santiago was a mere thug.  All I had to do was to make two discounted blackmail payments before we were ready to stomp her out of existence.  But Morgan?  He was a typical African kleptocrat who bought his way onto the Unity.  He was an otherwise complete waste of mass and energy.  We had no choice but to get rid of him.

As to Yang and Miriam?  They are both behaving themselves so far.  Perhaps a ruthless reputation is a defensive value.

Then there is Lal.  We haven’t contacted him yet.  If he’s being a typical UN bureaucrat I would expect him to be a pain in the ass.

And finally there is Diedre, she appears to be the only real friend we have on Planet so far.  But for how long?

-- President Leslie Bates, United State of Planet, Mission Year 2249.
Yes, I'm bored.

Update 5/3 0840 CDT:
President’s Diary:

Mission Year 2250

We finally contacted Lal.  He immediately demanded that we go to war with Miriam and the Believers. While Miriam is a pain in the ass and will have to be put down at some point we will not begin combat operations against her until we are ready.  And certainly not because a puffed up U.N. bureaucrat demands it.

Now that everyone is in contact we held an election for planetary leader.

Why?  It’s not as if the position actually meant something.  Does it really make a difference?

But now that Santiago has been recycled (grin) we had the time to read some of her propaganda.  Some of it would actually be funny if it weren’t for the seriousness of our situation on Planet.

“Men have killed men from the beginning of time, why should the future be any different?”

Let’s see, because robbery and murder is the behavior of subhuman predatory animals and we as humans want to be better?  Predatory action was morally intolerable back on Earth and here it simply cannot be allowed under any circumstances.  Surviving on Planet is difficult enough without having to deal with evolutionary rejects like Santiago.

Mission Year 2262

Swore pact of brotherhood with Diedre.  Declared war on Yang.  Let’s face it Yang has to go.

Mission Year 2272

That bitch finally did it!  Miriam declared war on me because I wouldn’t join her war on Lal.  I’m not about to behave like a subhuman predator animal because a witch doctor in a skirt demands it.  Lal may be a useless U.N. bureaucrat but he was never the waste of mass and energy that Miriam was.

That’s right I said “was.”  Miriam just bought herself a death sentence.

Mission Year 2275

Lal’s gone.  I can’t believe that I miss him.  That bitch Miriam still has to go.

Mission Year 2281

We have taken The Hive, Yang’s home base.  What a mess!  Yang essentially ran the place as if it were an old school Nazi death camp.  Without the showers and ovens that is.  He just sent dissenters straight to the recycling tanks without bothering to properly killing them first. Most of the base was dug in  underground.  Yang, of course, had the only decent quarters in the base.  Middle management were in basic worker conditions.  The security forces were in military training grade barracks.  And the workers were stacked in barracks straight out of Auschwitz. 

Morgan basically bribed his followers by giving them luxury quarters across the board.  What does Yang tell his slaves how to deal with the subhuman conditions he stuck them in?  Pretend that  it’s not real.  Damned good thing we are building better quarters for everyone above ground. 

Mission Year 2282

We’ve taken the first base from the Believers.  Miriam pompously named it From On High.  We’ve renamed it Fire On High. After the 1970's instrumental rock piece.  That should seriously twist her garters.  (I’ve been reminded that garters are considered a naughty undergarment and that Miriam likely wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them.)

Mission Year 2288

We’ve finally got Yang. 

Meanwhile Miriam is being a real bitch, she’s making a very serious effort to hold on to New Jerusalem.  We’ll need reinforcements on her continent real soon.   

Thursday, May 01, 2014

I Almost Forgot

Today is Mass Murder Day.  Today the slavers and mass murderers of the world who fly the blood stained banner of Communism celebrate their efforts to inflict harm upon Humanity.

On top of this Mark Urbin told me that this is his most visited page Tumblr page:

A day without Socialism is like a day without starvation, slavery, and murder.

Of course that was before illness caused brain damage.

Update 1220 CDT:

Russians continue to storm government buildings in the Ukraine.  And the first May day parade has been held in Red Square since 1991.

Can we nuke Russia now?