Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Thoughts Of The Day

Joe Biden is a senile old man who should be in a nursing home instead of the White House.  The basic point of the First Amendment was so that the citizens, who're the sovereign authority of our nation, can read the facts in a free press and make correct decisions in the realm of politics.  But our present day Mainstream Media are now deliberately lying and are refusing to publish the facts about the current administration in Washington.  A child can be forgiven for their lack of knowledge but an adult has absolutely no excuse.  A “Peace Activist” has absolutely no excuse for the facilitation of criminal predation within Our Republic and the assistance given to foreign aggressors by the so-called peace movement.  The fact is that those who call themselves pacifists are vilest Enemies of Mankind of all time.  There are some things we need to understand.

One of the problems with seeing one's self as being infallible is that one tends to take a slack attitude towards doing one's own research.  This usually leads to the tendency to commit errors.  The overall effect is that those who believe in their own infallibility are inevitably finding themselves in the failure mode.

When dealing with Scientology one has to use the Saigon Rules.  In the absence of the Rule Of Law, anything goes.  As far Scientologists are concerned the Rule Of Law doesn’t apply to them.  Scientologists use the term “Wog” to refer to non-Scientologists, it’s their equivalent to the N-word. Members of the Sea Org should be treated like members of the SS because they are functionally equivalent to members of the SS.

The disarmament of The People only benefits the criminals.  It benefits those within The State by intent.  It benefits those outside of apparatus of The State by accident.  The claim that members of the public will be protected by their own disarmament is an absolute lie.  Disarming the citizens of the nation is clearly an act of treason. 

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