Sunday, June 28, 2009

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Most socialists, even the dumb ones who merely parrot the mouth droppings of their professors, have the sense enough to deny that socialism is in fact the revival of slavery.

But apparently there were exceptions:

In showing what a great social and economic model Communism is, Harrison Berry likened it to slavery by stating in a that "a Southern farm is the beau ideal of Communism; it is a joint concern, in which the slave consumes more than the master...and is far happier, because although the concern may fail, he is always sure of support."

George Fitzhugh, an influence on Berry, actually argued that slave labor was preferable because the slaves were ultimately free. It was property owners and free laborers that were the slaves. He advocated that taking decision-making out of the hands of individuals made the African slaves better off than free whites and claimed that not only all blacks, but most whites too, should be slaves.

Why didn't someone hang these motherf***ers?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just A Reminder

Humanity is not merely a physical condition, it is a state of mind. To be human is to be essentially rational and productive. The human mentality (or soul) looks upon the world, the land, the animals and plants, the natural forces, as things to be mastered for the benefit of himself and his posterity. On the other hand, the predator, or savage mentality does not seek to to master the world, but to be the master of men. The savage prefers not to sustain himself by his own effort, but to seize and consume the lives and property of others for material and spiritual sustenance. To the predator, justice consists of "getting away with it" -- those who rightfully resist the predator are to be punished or destroyed.

-- Leslie Bates, The Resister, Vol VI, N. 1, Page 42

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Suggestion For Democrats

Normally I'm not in the habit of making suggestions to Democrats (apart from "drop dead" and "go to Hell"), but I think I will today.

If you're going to point a finger at a bad guy and accuse him of doing bad things it really, really, really helps if you don't have the blood of innocents on your own hands.

According to Michael Ledeen, the supreme witch doctor of the theocratic stockyard of Iran has made this very point:

Even inside the U.S., one is amazed, during the time of the administration of these very Democrats, the Democratic Party in America, the time of the presidency of the husband of this so-called “lady” who expresses her opinions, 80, 80 something people who were a part of the Davudi sect, were burnt alive; there’s no room for denying this. These “excellencies” did this deed; it was these very Democrats…the Davudi sect which they themselves call BRANCH DAVIDIANS. For some unknown reason, these people incurred the wrath of American and inside a house…they went over there and besieged the place and whatever they did, they didn’t come out and so they ended up setting the house on fire and 80 something men, women and children burned alive! You think you know something about human rights?!

We have to remember that authority is based on knowledge. Moral authority is founded on the knowledge of moral law, something that Democrats have daily demonstrated their ignorance of.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

So What Else Is New?

Voice of America News reports:

On Friday, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called for an end to nearly a week of massive street protests by opposition supporters who claim the June 12th presidential vote was rigged.

In some places an election is nothing more than a voodoo ritual that is used to create the appearance of moral legitimacy for the regime in power. As in the cases of the Soviet Union, Baathist Iraq, and the City of Chicago.

We have to remember that Islam is a scam. Thus it should come to no surprise to us that the rulers of Iran, who hold themselves above accountability, would resort to fraud in order to keep their stooges in their positions in the apparatus of the state.

A state without a functioning mechanism of accountability, and a means of peacefully removing those who are unfit to govern, will eventually fall into corruption and a state of tyranny. (In the case of Iran that point is moot. It was a corrupt and tyrannical state from day one.)

It is unlikely that any real reform will occur in Iran. The scam religion of Islam was created in part to legitimize the tyranny of the false prophet Mohammad. Any legal mechanism that holds the apparatus of the state accountable to the people would be deemed a man made law, and thus would be null and void according to the doctrine of Islam. And since Islam denies all of the rights of man any attempt to defend those rights is an offense against the false god Allah.

In order for Iranians to truly obtain freedom they must abandon Islam altogether.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Even More Old Stuff

A reply I once posted to some moron many years ago: (Joe) posted the following piece of cognative excrement:

Well, it's official. One of the bombers has been arrested in Perry OK. He is a member of the Michigan Militia. He is alive you miserable bastards. Two of your ilk, brothers, are currently holed up in their rathole in Michigan with the Feds surrounding them. They'll probably elect to take Koresh's way out rather than show their lily white faces. They are also in the Michigan Militia.

It's over, militialoons and assorted gun nuts. Do not leave your homes. A Federal agent will be visiting you shortly. If you can't bear the thought of undergoing questioning, now is the time to start thinking about doing the honorable thing. It will save the taxpayers a lot of money.

To those who merely incited others to violence, a hope you never have a restful sleep the rest of your lives.


I'm sure that Comrade Joe really fells good about himself. I don't doubt that his friends (such as they are) will hold him in high esteem for the pose he has struck. And who knows, Tovarish Josef might even get laid.

One of the unpleasant characteristics of the self-styled "progressives" is their tendency to treat their wishes as being superior to the objectively verifiable facts of reality. Although "Joe" may believe that he has performed some kind of courageous act, he has in fact shown himself to be a craven and slavish servant of those who seek to subjugate us. He has accepted without question the stream of cognitive garbage that has spewed forth from the major "news organizations" without any apparent question.

However, on one point Commandante Jose has gone one step further than his intellectual masters. He has openly stated his wish to see the extinction of American gun owners. Will "Joe" accept the responsibility of carrying out his desires, will he take arms to act out his genocidal fantasies? I doubt it. He will obediantly bleat out "BABY KILLERS!" And cheer while the three-letter death squads carry out their campaign of extermination.

And he will be an obedient slave for the rest of his utterly worthless life.

There are few things in existence that are as utterly pathetic as a Self-Appointed Superior BeingTM. Those, like Joe, who scream for the blood of others have surrendered any and all claim to the title of Human Being and any and all rights of same. I simply couldn't repeat this enough, killing a socialist has never been and never will be an act of murder.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Some More Old Stuff.

Years ago I was corresponding with the Editor of The Resister when the subject of advice columns came up:

Dear Biggles,

We've caught Slick Willy, but I don't want to waste any ammo on him and we don't have enough rope for a proper hanging.

What can we do?

C.M., Salem Village, MA

Dear C.M.,

First, you need to be certain that you in fact have the Slickster. As you may recall, there were a number of impersonators who were making public and television appearances. There should be a fingerprint record in the FBI files. Failing that, the Russians may have something from the Slickster's days as a commie stooge. If that doesn't work you may have to ask someone who saw the more private parts of his anatomy--such as Ms. Gennifer Flowers or Mrs. Paula Corbin Jones--to I.D. him.

Second, he must be tried for his actions. While a trial at this time would be a formality, it will save you a great amount of historical grief later on. For a jury I suggest that you contact a college or university Objectivist Club. They are objective, and since they are atheists, YOU won't get a reputation for being nutty religious persecutors.

As for the method of execution, I would suggest stoning. Its old fashioned, but everyone regardless or age or gender can participate (If your patriot committee tries to ban women from the event, try to get the fake beard concession).

As for burial, any old municipal landfill should do quite well.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Do NOT speak God's name during the stoning, there have been some problems as a result.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You Know...

The basic difference between the Democrats and the National Socialists is that the Democrats don't have to refer to the Jewish members of their party as "Honorary Aryans."

(A bunch of 'em in the Luftwaffe apparently...)


Friday, June 12, 2009

Moron of the Day

The old Indian from North Dakota driving a Ford Windstar at five to ten miles an hour below the posted speed limit on US Highway 212 between Montevideo and Granite Falls, Minnesota.

It's not an area that I would dare to try passing another vehicle.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Morons of the Day

Our Mainstream Media, for example:

“In a way Obama is standing above the country, above the world. He’s sort of GOD. He’s going to bring all different sides together.”

- Newsweek editor Evan Thomas

Our motto really is not Apotheosis Now.

Ayn Rand used to describe the "mainstream" of modern thought and culture as a stagnant swamp.

The fact of the matter is that there is nothing divine about Barack Obama. In fact the man could be reasonably described as ignorant and stupid. What this says about those who voted for him I will leave as exercise for the reader.

Before one can lie to another one has to lie to one's self. I don't see why I should waste my time reading or listening to a bunch of liars.