Friday, September 25, 2020

Thoughts For The Day

If I've a complaint about The Right it's that we've shown infinite  and godlike patience with the behavior of The Left.  Leftists can assault in public those who won't submit to them.  Destroy property, call for the mutilation ("Lobotomies for Republicans") of opponents, and the murder of elected officials who're carrying out their constitutionally mandated duties, we'll not lift one finger to hurt a single hair on the otherwise useless head of a leftist.  I once told an editor that I worked for that we needn't rhetorically dehumanize our opponents, all we have to do is accurately describe their ideology and behavior because they've by their own choice dehumanized themselves.

Projection is when the self appointed deity, sitting on a throne of human skulls, points a finger of a blood stained hand at those who seek to stop his rampage and screams "murderers!"
I've found through direct experience that the opposition really believe they're the good guys. 
The worst enemy of any nation are it's politicians.  Having a Democrat whine about someone else engaged in the sexual abuse of others, being corrupt, or having a dictatorial lust for power is like Larry Flynt complaining about someone else being obscene.  If we're to have a future then governmental power has to be limited.  Those who demand unlimited power have to be treated as the Enemies of Mankind they actually are.  But the fact of the matter is that collectivists see people as something to be used. And if a person is unusable by the collective, why keep them alive?

For an atheist nothing needs to be worshiped. 

If the Democrats get their way there will be a Second American Revolution.

Barack Obama needs to be treated as the Enemy of Mankind that he actually is.

During an Obama Administration I called Biden an idiot.  Now Biden and his supporters are fundamentally deranged.  said:

"This BLM / antifa bitch name needs to be put out there she says quote don’t be fucking Trump supporter in Portland and you won’t get killed."

She as may well said: Don’t be a Jew in National Socialist Germany.
Sacred Cows should be machine gunned.

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