Monday, September 07, 2020

Questions And Answers

Do Democrats cheat?  Yes.

Why?  To Democrats the fundamental value is power.  Freedom is the negation of power and therefore must be opposed.  Or at least in public Freedom must not be supported lest the victims come to understand their actual position within the socialist order.  A Democrat wouldn't be caught dead standing up for an actual Human value.  Cheaters, like The Democratic Party, need to be taken off the political playing field.

Has anyone noticed that the Republicans are clearly once again the party of liberation while the Democrats have resumed, through their advocacy and support for the various forms of Socialism, their old role as the party of subjugation?
What is the difference between the Democratic party and a criminal gang?  There isn't any.

Why would anyone have a problem with a substance that is known to harm only the disease carrying insects that kill?  Because once upon a time ago a morally sick woman by the name of Rachel Carson told a lie.  She said that DDT was killing the cute little birdies before they were hatched from their eggs.  This assertion has never been verified, but so what?  Politicians who posture as "environmentally conscious" chose to ban the use of DDT as a pesticide anyway.  The result's a bodycount through malaria that apparently rivals that run up by the followers of Hitler or Stalin.  If there were in fact a Dark Lord of Hell, he'd have to pat the shade of Rachel Carson on the head and say in the tone of voice used by the teachers of mentally retarded children, “GOOD JOB!”  In reality the life of a human being must have a superior value in any valid moral system.  Even if a bunch of cute little birdies have to die so a child can live we shouldn't have an ethical problem with that.  Anyone who does have a problem with that shouldn't be allowed to hold any position of political authority.

At what point does one declare that enough is enough?  When will we hang a few members of Anti-fa?

Has anyone else noticed that the United States of America no longer has a government?  We now have a bunch of raving lunatics who're pretending to be a government. 

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