Friday, September 04, 2020

Thoughts For The Day

The Left abhors the thought of being judged by their character because they have none.  What's present is the black hole of their lust for power.  A desire for control over every aspect of our lives that distorts or destroys everything that comes within their influence.  The positive side is that if we don't drop below their moral event horizon we can escape from their influence.  But we will be damaged as a result.  The problem with painting the streets with the blood of our enemies is that we have to clean up the mess later.  I still wonder how folks on The Left manage to get out of bed without seriously hurting themselves.

An election in a constitutional republic is a process of hiring someone to perform a constitutionally defined task.  It's not a mystical collectivist ritual for the anointment of a stone age god-king.  We don't believe in The Leader Principle. We don't believe that the stone age god-king that Democrats believe in is in any way the embodiment of a collective will.  And we certainly don't believe that we're in any way subject to what's in fact a Democrats personal whim.  We aren't and never will be a living prop in a ideological fantasy.  We won't bind ourselves with the chains that a Democrat offers us.  And we will never embark on the path that always leads to the anonymous ditch outside of a town.   A Democrat is a believer in what Ayn Rand used to call the Primacy of Consciousness, a belief that reality isn't inherently real but is in some way alterable by a ruling consciousness.The Collective, which in many versions of Socialist doctrine has a distinct consciousness of its own. Some Leftists have gone as far as to claim that the individual perception of actual reality, which invariably contradicts the doctrines of the collectivists, is a form of false consciousness.  This explains why the Left has made the effort to gain control of the Mainstream Media, and why they insist on "shaping opinion" instead of simply reporting the facts.  Democratic supporters in the media are through the deliberate issuance of falsehoods trying to alter reality.  But reality is inherently real.  Facts are facts.  Or to put it in the simplest terms: A is A.  If Hitler could be Democratically elected, then maybe the Democratic process isn't so good after all. 

The Democratic Party's nomenklatura, being essentially a bunch of parasites, feel that they are entitled to rule over us.  How else does one explain the utter contempt of the nomenklatura for "the democratic process", and their ongoing desire to disarm us.  They feel threatened by the expression of the common citizen's rejection of the will of the nomenklatura and the presence of the citizen body's mean's of enforcing that rejection.  To a parasite, rejection is death.

The basic problem with the "know it all" mentality is the belief that they really do know everything. Thus any new information that contradicts their existing belief structure is often dismissed as being false.  The real results in the real world are a series of disasters that are too numerous to list.  Never underestimate the ability of the committed Leftist to willfully ignore the most obvious piece of verifiable evidence.  Just because someone else is holding the gun doesn't change the fact that someone is engaged in the act of robbery.  Peace is what happens when you run out of targets.  To deny free will is to deny personal responsibility for one's own actions.  In an age when one can kill more people with the stroke of a pen than with a lifetime's use of a personal weapon that's a pretty useful excuse.

The point of the First Amendment was to protect the right of the people, including what we now call the Media, to speak and publish the truth, no matter how unpleasant it may be to those in (or wishing to be in) government.  The problem isn't only is this right being openly abused but any attempt to deal with this abuse would only create a power that'll with absolute certainty be abused by the other party should it regain power over us.  Laws are enacted, both respectable and contemptible, because someone acts in a way that is harmful other persons.  The point of having a First Amendment was that the voters would be properly informed about their elected officials and those who were seeking public office.  Instead we have an Established Media whose members have, on the basis of party affiliation, slandered a sitting president with very obviously forged documents and refused to report on the malignant behavior of a presidential candidate.  This is a gross and deliberate violation of the public trust.  And while this would not necessarily bring about a repeal of the First Amendment it may cause some to interpret it in a manner that is less tolerant of the present forms of media malfeasance.  This could lead to further problems in the future.

H. Beam Piper once wrote that political revolutions occur in a nation because the politicians become discredited.  The Republican Party has to a large degree discredited itself by their continued insistence on practicing politics as usual and their continued practice of making deals with the other side.  I still remember Waco.  We've reached the end of the era of politics as usual.  In the other party we're no longer confronted with fellow citizens with legitimate concerns but with a barbarian horde screaming for absolute power over all aspects of human life, demanding blind submission to doctrines that have no basis in reality, and the enforcement of policies that have been proven destructive to human life and civilized society.  And when we raise rational objections to their dogmas and actions we're commanded to be silent and are subjected to punishment for disobedience. In every problem we face as a civilized nation the other party is either the primary cause or the primary aggravating factor of that problem.  The fact of the matter is that those who make up the membership of the other party are no longer our fellow citizens, they're our enemies.  Enemies of our Republic and Enemies of Human Kind in General.  We need to face up to the fact that our laws and customs have been corrupted by our enemies and now form a virtual Gordian Knot which binds us on a path that leads to our destruction.  We need to cut the knot and we need to do it now.

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