Saturday, September 12, 2020

Thoughts For The Day

Never underestimate the stupidity of a self appointed superior being.  Revolutions (real revolutions, not Marxist ones) happen because the State fails or does something else stupid.

The pen and sword have always been together through the course of Western Civilization and can't be practically separated. 

During The Satanic Panic I told my mother one may as well classify the game of Monopoly as satanic.

Being a know it all means never having to check facts or do a background check on the people who work for you.  To give a historical example of what happens with a know it all attitude we can look to an event prior to the commencement of the Second War War.  The Wehrmacht had printed a French edition of it's primary work on the theory of armored warfare and gave copies of them to the French Army for distribution to their garrison libraries.  A year later the German military attache went through the libraries to see who checked out the book.  Most copies had never been touched.  The few that were checked out had been read by lowly lieutenants.  The leadership of the French Army believed that they knew it all.  They lost the war of 1940.  Of course past performance is no indication of future results.

A totalitarian, be it a Marxist or a Mullah, sees other people as either a tool they could use or as trash to be disposed of.  In their mindset there's no such thing as an innocent person.  That is, someone who is inherently exempt from coercion, punishment, or outright destruction.  They're capable of believing and doing anything.  There can never be a lower limit to the acts of depravity that they're capable of.

Under the Primacy of the State the function of law is to control the productive population for the benefit of the ruling parasites. The rulers, and their immediate servants, aren't subject to those laws themselves.  The actual interest of the actual citizens is irrelevant. What matters is the whims of the rulers and those who willfully serve them.  Under the Rule of Law all real laws must be applied to all citizens equally such as the laws prohibiting homicide and theft.  As our Socialist rulers and their willing servants regard themselves as exempt from compliance with the laws, on what grounds can they claim to be protected under them?

"Most Russians Urban-Americans don't care whether they are ruled by fascists or communists or even Martians as long as they can buy six kinds of sausage lettuce in the store and lots of cheap vodka overpriced gourmet coffee."

-- General Alexander Lebed The Other Les.

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