Sunday, December 21, 2014

Thought For The Day

I just posted this updated version of a previous thought on Instapundit:

I would not be surprised if this comment is deleted by the moderators

Were it not for the adverse precedent of The Holocaust our nation and the rest of Humanity would be well on the way to performing a final solution to the problem of Islam.

The fact is that in the past the basic response to a barbaric action by primitives against an advanced society was to massacre them. There is no question that the most consistent adherents of the doctrine of Islam would have to work their way up to qualify as primitive with respect to us. Islam has rejected the basic moral laws of even the most backward societies which is the prohibition of theft and murder.

The most consistent adherents of Islam are effectively indistinguishable from predatory animals. And the war of Islam against Humanity will not end until we identify and deal with the most consistent Muslims as such.

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