Tuesday, December 09, 2014


My Conservative friend Mark Urbin linked to a post on Tumblr by a "proudblackconservative":

"Do hardline atheists start religious wars and kill people for believing differently? No."
Let me tell you the story of soviet Russia…

Now it is correct to point out that Atheism alone is not inherently a virtue. To be a proper Atheist should be the result of practicing the virtue of rationality.  But the Proud Black Conservative has apparently bought into the fraud that Communism is an inherently atheist doctrine.

From the absolute origin the doctrine of Communism was the result of the rejection of Reason.  In fact the doctrine of Communism is essentially an excuse to behave as predatory animals.  Thus all conceptions of a moral law, including virtually all laws based on the doctrine of a religion*, must be rejected outright.  As God is held to be the author of moral law in the Western Monotheist Tradition his existence must be denied by the practicing Communist.  This leads to the posture of Communists of being Atheists. 

The fact is power over productive people is fundamental goal of the practicing Communist and therefore they will use any excuse, or body of excuses such as Liberation Theology, to obtain it. 

*The obvious exception being Islam.

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