Sunday, November 17, 2013

On Assassination

A Leftist -- especially a formally indoctrinated leftist -- will believe anything except the truth.

For example  the New York Times has published an editorial piece claiming that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as a result of the collective will of the City of Dallas, Texas.


The fact that President Kennedy was murdered in a Democrat controlled state by a Communist apparently did not enter the non-existent mind of the author. Nor did the fact that there is no such clearly identifiable thing as a collective will.  That belief is simply a Marxist myth.

The fact is that the assassination of a significant political figure is essentially a suicide mission. The term assassin is derived from the Islamic cult of the Assassins.  A group whose members were induced into performing suicide missions through the use of hashish.

Even though more than sufficient grounds have been provided for a seizure of the Federal Government by force it will not happen because those who can do so understand that Barack Obama is not the cause of the problem, he is merely the symptom.  The actual problem is the subculture holds the rights of individuals in contempt and is willing to use force to reach their goals.  A single assassination will not solve this problem.

Though there is no shortage of trained individuals who are able to carry out the mission it will not happen because we who have the necessary skills understand that it would be futile.  If Barack Obama were assassinated it will be the result of someone who identified him as insufficiently Marxist or Islamic in action.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?


 I attempted to post most of the text of this article on an Objectivist mailing list.  The list owner replied:

Even to write about why you *won't* assassinate the President is both inappropriate and likely to bring the FBI down on you.

I replied:

I understand your point.  But I've been tempting fate and the FBI for about two decades now.  I've posted The Resister online and contributed to it.  And I've stopped believing that the failure of the Feds to act is due to an affirmative action diversity hire failing to do her job.

But then perhaps I've been insufficiently provocative.
Any further questions?


Perhaps His Imperial Majesty would be emotionally damaged if he were told that he wasn't worth the bullet.


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