Saturday, June 05, 2021

Thoughts Of The Day

If the stupid conspiracy theories of The Left were true they would all be dead.  One can’t achieve balance if one's nose is stuck in the sacred Marxist instruction manual.  The idea that one should be able to live one's own life in accordance to one's own judgement is such an alien idea to a Leftist that it may as well come from the planet Mars.  One of the functions of language is to serve as the operating system of human thought.  But the function of Newspeak is to prevent correct identification of the facts of reality.  Thus blood soaked tyrants such as Fidel Castro are called liberators and liberators are called oppressors. 

UPDATE 1030 HRS CDT:  Comrade Fauci needs to be treated as a Enemy Of Mankind.  We need to set up the gallows again.

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