Wednesday, June 09, 2021

On Peace Activism

If there's one thing I've certainly noticed, it's that Peace Activists in general have no objection to enjoying the benefits of civilization but are unwilling to take the measures necessary to defend it from foreign and domestic barbarians.  Such as National Socialists, Soviet Socialists, and the home grown Socialists of the Democratic Party.  Contrary to their general delusion of virtue, Peace Activists are in effect, moral and political parasites upon civilized society.

Peace in the real world is simply the absence of those, such as the Socialists, who seek to deprive you, I, and our fellow citizens of our own Life, Liberty, and Property.  Real peace can only be achieved by the physical isolation or outright elimination of those who seek to subjugate, plunder and murder us.  This can only be done through the use of physical force.   In short, true peace can only be achieved only through the possession of superior firepower and the moral will to use it.

The narcissistic trash that makes up the membership of the so-called Peace Movement simply don't care whether you and your children live, die, or suffer under the yoke of an unwashed barbarian.  Peace Activists plaster their cars with bumper stickers, carry signs, bang on drums, throw Frisbees, and perform other useless rituals so that they can feel good about themselves and show the world how morally superior they are.  Never mind that Peace Activists openly deny the fundamental fact which is the foundation of all valid moral law.  Human Life as a rational being in control of one's own life is the standard of all moral values.  Those who would damage or destroy Human Life must be removed from society and if necessary be destroyed.  The adherents of pacifism have so inverted their own mental processes that they look upon the perpetrators of mass slavery and mass murder as good and those who take up arms to defend the society of consent as being evil.

Now there’re some folks who regard themselves as morally superior beings who question why the other bastard has to die.  The answer is that the other bastard is attempting to impose his will, or the will of his leader, upon you by force.  It's the act of coercion by force that makes what General Patton called the other bastard an enemy.   Peace is simply the absence of enemies.  But there's folks, who pretend to be morally superior beings, who would have us believe that "peace" could be achieved by submission to the will of the other bastard.  In reality this isn't peace, it's slavery.  There’re some well meaning people, some of whom that I respect, who believe that there're times that one can't have both peace and freedom at the same time.  I have to disagree.   Liberty is simply the condition of existence in which the person is free to live his own life in accordance with his own rational judgment.  This does of course require the absence of some other bastard who is attempting to impose his will upon the person by force.  In practical terms real peace and real freedom are inseparable.  I'll go further is saying that to a civilized person, peace, freedom, and security, are simply three words that can be used to describe the identical condition, the absence of another bastard imposing his will upon the civilized person.  Contrary to what those who describe themselves as peace activists would have us believe, and as General Patton has ably demonstrated, the path to real peace invariably takes us over the real dead bodies of those other bastards who insist on violently imposing their will upon us.  Unfortunately this process is by no means a safe one.   Let us take this day to remember those who died on the path to real peace.

A rational study of the real world would show that a real state of Peace is indistinguishable from a state of Liberty.  Peace, Liberty, and Security are simply three words that a rational person uses to describe the same condition, the rightful ability to live one's own life without coercive interference by others.   A rational study of actual history would show that the state of peace for the citizens of a free nation is the result of the violent elimination of the would be conquerors and their pet quislings. If we rationally examine those who constitute the membership of the so-called Peace Movement we find that virtually every one of them is an open advocate of the coercive subjugation of the productive members of the Human Race.  The occasional exception being a self blinded fool who isn't paying attention to what they're ideologically in bed with.   In short, a Peace Activist and the Peace Movement are in fact enemies of Peace.

Peace is only an affirmative value to those who live in the condition of liberty, that's being in charge of one's self and able to set the goals for one's life.  Peace can't be a value to the subjects of a totalitarian socialist state.  To the victim of such a state, the ordinary worker who's bullied by a commissar, the inmate of a slave labor camp, or the occupant of a darkened cell awaiting murder at the hands of the local chekists, war, either an internal uprising against the socialist masters, or an invasion by an army of liberation, is in fact the positive value.When I was in the United States Army and stationed at Fort Benning, a bunch of Peace Activists were parked at the front gate and singing songs.  Most Peace Activists openly supported the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

I know how to deal with an enemy.

If I was in charge of dealing with the Rainbow Warrior, I wouldn’t send out a bunch of secret agents to place a bomb aboard her, I’d blow her out of the water on the high seas.

I could go on about what I really think of peace activists but I'll keep it short by paraphrasing Keith Richards: I don't have a problem with shooting peace activists, I only have a problem with the police.

Conscience and Liberal are two words that don't go together. 

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