Saturday, June 12, 2021

Thoughts For The Day

Politicians should come with warnings. 

What we have in the White House is the most ignorant and incompetent individual to have ever held the office of President.  He doesn't understand that reality is real.  He doesn't understand the nature of human life and human society.  And most importantly he doesn't understand the nature and purpose of government.  And with the apparent belief in his own infallibility he is clearly in the failure mode.  It's not at all surprising that the United States Government is in the failure mode.  

Should that totalitarian piece of filth Joe Biden attempt to violate the Constitution through the censorship of criticism of his regime then the members of the the Armed Forces must keep the promise they made to the nation and overthrow him by a military coup and put him to death.

A criminal act in a rationally governed society is a violation of an individual’s rights.  In a rational society it's also understood that because human beings aren't omniscient or always honest, it's therefore possible that an innocent person may be prosecuted for a crime by mistake or as a result of an act of malice.  It's this fact that leads to the creation of the Due Process of Law that is practiced by a rational government. (And which is all too often twisted around by criminals and their legal supporters to their advantage.)  But a parasite is dependent on the violation of individual rights for his sustenance.  Thus the parasite’s conception of crime and justice must be opposed to that of a rational society.  Justice to a parasite is simply getting away with the parasitic mode of existence.  Crime is simply any resistance, regardless of intent or degree, to the actions of the parasite.

Racial characteristics aren't chosen and therefore irrelevant to human actions.  What's subject to choice is a person’s beliefs and the actions derived from those beliefs.  For the record McVeigh himself was a racial collectivist who rejected human rights and human reason.   As a result he rejected human reality.  The actual Patriot Movement at that time fully rejected McVeigh, his beliefs, and his actions.  This rejection was based on the actual moral values that were actually chosen. 

A problem with The Anointed is that they are the last to suffer the negative consequences of their own insanity.

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