Thursday, June 03, 2021

Thoughts Of The Day

Antisemitism in politics is the practical equivalent of a dead canary in a coal mine, I can't say this often enough.  Antisemitism is a subset of Racial Collectivism.  We (Humanity) have to condemn all forms of Racial Collectivism.  We have to identify Black Lives Matter as the Racial Collectivist group that it actually is.  We have to see that Antisemitism is a symptom of a deeper philosophical problem.  So when someone attacks Jews they're attacking all of us.  Rejection of Racial Collectivism shouldn't be a radical idea.

We must take into account the fact that The Left's ideal of society is one where the State controls all aspects of human life and where the refusal to submit to the will of the State is a punishable offense.   Punishments which include the penalty of death.  In short, The Left seeks to establish a state of tyranny.  We have to remember that The Left regards existing societies as an evil to demolished in order to make way for their perfect fantasy collective.  Anyone, or any group, that acts in defense of the existing society is evil in the eyes of The Left.  Which is of course why The Left passionately hates the Police and the Armed Forces, both of whom have traditionally stood in the path of Holy Marxist Revolution and thus the establishment of the Holy Communist Society where all activities and relationships are dictated by the self-appointed revolutionary saviors and enforced by the compulsory power of the state.  The obvious corollary is The Left appears to have a passionate love for the destroyers of civil society such as violent criminals and organized terrorists. They appear to especially fond of those who murder police officers.  For a Leftist government to authorize the use of deadly force against any group of rioters would constitute a betrayal of its fundamental political premise, that civil society where economic and social relationships are based on consent, is fit only for destruction.  

Socialists are inherently parasitic and thus can’t take NO for an answer to their demands for obedience and the material goods they need to exist.  If they did so they would wither away and die.  A dictator, on the other hand, doesn’t have to take NO for answer.  Thus socialists are by necessity inclined to favor dictatorships over citizen ruled republics.  The abuse of the criminal justice system for partisan purposes is a crime against the citizens of this republic.

The limousine liberals, a bunch of folks who haven't quite grasped the fact that Karl Marx was full of it, are calling for a riot when their efforts to regain power over us fail.  That's right, they will take by force that which they couldn't now obtain by consent.  After all, even without the armed forces and the constabulary in the mix, we on The Right still outgun, and out martial knowledge The Left in all of its manifestations. 

Censorship is the negation of the human mind.  As rational thought is necessary to living a human life the censor, and those who demand it, are Enemies of Mankind.  In my view censors are vermin fit only for extermination.

Islam is not submission.  Islam is in fact systematic and nihilistic aggression against Humanity and all aspects of Human life.  The rockets Hamas was bombing Israel with rockets that are a copy of the BM-40 artillery rocket originally deployed by the Soviet Army.  Another band of savages serving in the cause of Communism.  Why does the mainstream establishment willfully blind themselves to the truth?

The origin of the doctrine of Islam is nothing more than the expression of the depravity of a predatory savage.  It's overt nihilism posturing as righteousness.  Islam is nothing less than a doctrine of human annihilation.  But, say some defenders of Islam, it's a religion, we can't criticize it or even interfere in any degree in the practice.


The first thing I was taught when I entered infantry basic training at Fort Benning in the spring of 1982 was that "the maximum effective range of an excuse is zero."

Acceptance of the facts is a fundamental necessity in the combat environment. Indulgence in a fantasy gets someone needlessly killed.  Innocent people are dying because the mainstream establishment won't understand and accept a fundamental truth.

Islam is Death.  And Islam is completely outside the bounds of civilized toleration.

War isn't peace, freedom isn't slavery, ignorance isn't strength, and consensual sex isn't rape.  But to accept reality as being real wouldn't allow some folks to pretend that they're some manner of superior person.  Especially when they are doing something that's totally depraved.  I think some folks feel a need to achieve, but since they're not the creative or productive kind of person they must then resort to destruction in the place of positive achievement.  Thus the need to denigrate their victims, those persons, groups, or nations who are actually good.  For the advocates of "Gun Control" it means calling someone who shoots in self-defense a murderer.  For Mullahs, Marxists, and National Socialists it means the total dehumanization of the victims prior to murdering them.  Those who advocate "Gun Control" should be treated as the Enemies of Mankind that they are.

(Image by Oleg Volk)

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