Monday, April 18, 2005

Today in Pizzaland

I had an interesting delivery run today.

There were two customers on the run. The first delivery was to someone with multiple Gay activism stickers plastered all over the front screendoor in such a way as to scream: LOOK AT ME, I'M SO [EXPLETIVE] WONDERFUL!

They paid for their order with a check for the exact amount.

The second delivery was to a working mother with a young son. She paid for her order with a check with a two-dollar tip written in.

If anything, fifteen months of delivering pizza for a living has caused my previous loathing of the Left to become deeper and more visceral. After all, why should any leftist go through the effort of doing something that is objectively positive, such as tipping the delivery driver, when they can merely strike a pose and feel good about themselves afterwards?

Why indeed?

Seriously, I generally received better tips from Mexican immigrants, who are working their butts off to support their families and are barely getting by, than I do from hardcore liberals. (The continued display of Kerry/Edwards and Wellstone yard signs or other indicators of political alignment are usually a dead giveaway.)


Mark said...

It's not surprising that President Bush gained voted in the Hispanic community. Unlike other traditionally democrat minority groups, Mexicans are very family oriented. They come north, work at low paying jobs (largely because SoCal liberals don't want to pay living wages to have their yards maintained or pools cleaned), and send big chucks of their money home.
The Mexican economy makes more money from it's citizens in America sending money home than it does from oil or tourism.
No wonder President Fox actively supports his citizens crossing the border into America illegally.

Leslie Bates said...

I drive a taxi now and liberals still tip like shit if they tip at all.