Wednesday, April 27, 2005

This Is Interesting

From the trailer for SERENITY:

"This is going to get pretty interesting."

"Define 'interesting'".

"Oh God! Oh God! We're all going to die!"


"I want to resolve this like civilized men. I not treatening you. I'm unarmed..."

"Good!" BANG!

I still have to watch my copy of the collected episodes of FIREFLY on DVD.

(Les raps own knucles with his stainless steel ruler)



Mark said...

Ya, this movie looks cool so far. I remember Joss saying that this will be a bit "darker" than the TV series, because you can get a bit darker in movies than TV.

Leslie Bates said...

A couple of lines that will be in the screenplay for Les' Traveller film:

Lisa: I feel like I just walked into an ancient Hellenic tragedy, the one where someone kills his own father and rapes his mother.

Dennis: I would never do that to Mom.