Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This Is Pathetic

Doc Russia had something to say about one of his patients:

Two patients I had to deal with today were real works of art.

Although one was male and one was female, they both were 14 years old and each of them weighed more than my 6"1' large-and-in-charge overweight ass.

Mostly it was the guy who bothered me. In certain cultures, no matter his age, boys are considered superior to girls. Even if a boy is 4 years old and hasn't quite mastered toilet training yet, without the dad around, he is the master of the house, lording over even his own mother.

What this means is that mom caters to his every desire, and about the time he turns 14, he has been enabled into helplessness. He has been getting along so long on the industry of others that he no longer knows how to do things without them. He ends up turning into a blubbering mass of chewed bubble gum every time someone puts any sort of tasks upon him. Tell him to sit in a chair as opposed to lying in bed, and he starts crying and screaming "I caaaaaaaan't."

When I was the same age as that grossly over-spoiled brat I was delivering the afternoon edition of the local socialist rag after school hours. And if I regret anything about my attendance at the Benning School for Boys it's that I didn't do it sooner.

While I'm in sympathy with the good doctor's concept of "Gunny Therapy" I would never physically bat anyone about the head, even though I have raised my voice to idiots in the manner of an army infantry drill sergeant. I was fired from a hospital security position for that once.

One of "interesting" parts of the job of pizza delivery driver is trying to not go off in the drill sergeant mode on every idiot who doesn't offer a tip. Especially when the outdoor environmental conditions are especially crappy. Apart from hardcore liberals, the worst offenders on average (there are exceptions) in this area appear to be "African-American" women. The personal check made out in the exact amount being the preferred weapon of choice in this reprehensible practice.

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Mark said...

Just to toss in a wee bit of the Devil's Advocate here, the "African-American" women could possible be single parents working two jobs to put their kids through a private school because the public school they go to sucks (and the local school board won't fix it because they are bullied by the Teacher's Union) and the democrat party that is the Shield and Savior of (the correct) miniorities block any chance of those black single parent moms from getting a school voucher because the DNC is a paid tool of the national teachers unions.

...or they could just fit the typical liberal profile of a lousy tipper.

Leslie Bates said...

I would say the latter.

As I've said, there are exceptions.