Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Question

What are you doing on May 1st?

Bruce Walker writes in the American Daily:

America must begin to remember the Other Holocaust. Communism, unlike Nazism, is not dead. Putin today dips his toe into the water to see if the Cold War against communism is still cold. The Korean Hitler has created a Treblinka that dwarfs Treblinka. China ponders Tiananmen Square wonders whether the genocide of Tibet, much more recent than HaShoah, is still treated as nothing.

The ghost of Hitler is dead, but the ghost of Stalin is not. What better time for Americans and their government to recall these than when we remember their dead brothers and sisters in Nazi death camps? If we do not begin to remember the Gulag and the Killing Fields and Tibet and the vast apparatus of communist democide, then it is inevitable that we can and we will forget HaShoah.

How about a memorial for the victims of Communism?


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