Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Absence Of Moss Or Brains

Rolling Stone magazine has posted a list of the five most dangerous firearms in America.

They are:

1. Pistols

2. Revolvers

3. Rifles

4. Shotguns

5. Derringers

I've barely begun to read the comments.  If I were a betting man I would lay a bet on long it be before the article is removed out of embarrassment.

Assuming of course the folks at the Rolling Stone are capable of such.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Yet another example of the left proudly displaying their ignorance.

Living in the Peoples Commonwealth, I hear this kind of blatant ignorance all the time.

I had to listen to a "progressive" loudly spout that that the problem with Afghanistan was Bush ignored it and went into Iraq first. He should have gone into Afghanistan first since that were the problem was.
When it was pointed out that US troops were in Afghanistan and conducting an aggressive air war before the end of 2001, he quickly wanted to change the subject.

I even heard one spout the leftist manta of "Global warming, the inconvenient truth." The inconvenient reality is that peer reviewed science has showed that "warming" ending over a decade ago. If the Cult of Algore was anywhere near the truth, Algore's giant, energy sucking mansion on the southern California shore would be underwater. He ran a scam and got rich off liberal idiots. Admitting it would require some actual application of brain power to verifiable facts.