Saturday, July 26, 2014

Goals And Consequences

The basic goal of the terrorist group Hamas is to murder every man, woman and child in the state of Israel, in effect to carry out the Second Holocaust.  Furthermore Hamas is an enforcer of the anti-human doctrine of Islam.   Thus under no circumstances should anyone have any sympathy for Hamas.  But unfortunately there are some very thoroughly depraved people in the western nations who do.

Hamas uses the very thoroughly depraved tactic of hiding behind women and children on the rare occasions that they do stand up and engage the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) in firefights.  This, of course, results in the deaths of those same women and children.  This does not stop the depraved supporters of Hamas from falsely laying the blame for those deaths on the IDF.

We have the right of speech and press to ensure that we as citizens have the accurate information necessary to make rational judgements on the issues of the day.  But the supporters of Hamas abuse this right by willfully lying to us with the goal of causing us to make a clearly wrong decision.


I would expect the correct answer to be long and complex.  But, as with the First Holocaust, the simple answer may be that there is no why.

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