Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mission Log Part 4


The Believers have established an ocean base just off our shores. 


Post Grace, the Believer base offshore has been destroyed.


We lost the rover team on the large island to mindworm swarms. 

The signals section also reports that the faction under Skye is off the air.


Founded Discovery Base.  The governing team sent a video of themselves singing “Daisy.”  I had to explain the reference.


With massive support from the air forces our ground units have taken Time Of Salvation from The Believers.  We have renamed it Freedom Time.


We have taken The Voice Of God and renamed it The Voice Of Reason.


We have completed the Hunter-Seeker Algorithm project.  Our networks are now secure and we are effectively immune to probe team actions.

We founded New Panama Base at a very narrow part of the Southern Peninsula.  This base effectively acts as a canal for sea units.

Why?  How?

The Spartans have built a new base called Training Camp.

So what?


We’ve taken Divinity Base from The Believers.  Have renamed it Insanity Base.


We have captured a Believer base called The Rapture.  We have renamed it The Rupture.

Godwinson now wants to talk to us.  Why?

We have also taken Godwinson’s Hope base.  She again attempts communication with us.  Out of curiosity I open the channel.

“Were you aware that my mortal enemy Chairman Yang of The Hive, spends his most of his time torturing the wretched fools who chose to follow him?  Let us join forces an end to his brutal nihilism!”

I respond.

“Right, let’s totally ignore your own lust for power that you have covered as acts of faith.  Yes, we will eventually deal with Yang.  But we will not leave a mortal enemy in our rear.”

This statement apparently went past her with no effect.  She then demands 525 energy credits to forgive my alleged past offenses.

For Godwinson the simple act of rational thought is an offense.  The refusal to submit to what is in fact her will is also an offense.

The answer to her demands is no.

Then she demands a “blood truce” to stop the fighting.

“No Godwinson, I will accept nothing less than a complete surrender.”


We changed the name of Godwinson’s Hope to No Hope.

We’ve also initiated communications with Lal.  He calls his faction the United Nations.

As if we’re supposed to be impressed.

He is also posturing as if he were in charge of all human communities on this planet.  To this end he promised to enter into a Pact of Brotherhood for beginning combat operations against Yang and The Hive.

Oh really?

Is this so-called Pact of Brotherhood actually worth sacrificing the lives of our combat operators?

Hell no.

Yes, Yang and The Hive is a problem but we are not simply not ready to deal with him yet.

Lal then mentions his impact squads.  Why am I not surprised? After all he is a South Asian bureaucrat which back on Earth was a step short of being a proper socialist thug.

He then demands that we hand over the technology for Orbital Spaceflight.  As this has military uses I had to refuse.

Deal with it, Lal.


Had another chat with Lal.  Again he promised to swear a Pact of Brotherhood if we attacked Yang and The Hive.

Desperate are we, Lal?

He then tried to BS me to give him the Orbital Spaceflight technology.  If that wasn’t enough he asked for a loan of energy credits.

What are we, a bank?  Hell no.


We have regained the technology of Fusion Power.

And our fight to take New Jerusalem base is beginning to resemble the Battle of Stalingrad.  Godwinson is highly dependent on the use of infantry units.  But we are massacring them as fast as we can.

The Believers also had a Unity scout chopper they threw into action.  We killed it but not before some losses.

War sucks.

After we seized the base we renamed it Lake Emerson Palmer after the old Earth musician group Emerson, Lake and Palmer.  (I had to explain the reference on this.)


We took the Valley Of The Faithful and renamed it the Valley Of The Dolls.


We took Terrible Swift Sword base and renamed it Kalashnikov.


We launched our first satellite.  We can now see the entire planet.  And we have located all opposition bases.

The boffins have worked out the technology for building mag tube transportation systems.


We have liberated Song Of Planet base.  There are still people there who remember what it was like to live in freedom.  To think and speak without having to be on the watch for Believer chaplains, who were the practical equivalent of Soviet commissars.

In reality salvation is slavery.


We liberated Last Rose Of Summer.  The people cheered as we ejected the Believer clergy out the airlocks.  We also liberated Autumn Grove.  We are finding it very easy to raise local security units from liberated populations.


Destroyed Redemption Base.  It was apparently too small to survive combat operations.  No survivors.

Liberated Gaia’s Landing.  The original base structure was beautiful.  The modification made by The Believers were abominations.


We rushed work on the Fusion Lab at Primary Base to completion and started work on the Theory Of Everything project.  Godwinson apparently had to rant about it but I cut her off.

What is the value of a noise source that is solely concerned about literally nothing?


We finished the Xenoempathy Dome.  As a result we are now making real progress on dealing with the native life forms. (Perhaps someone should explain that to me?)

We built Baikonur base just north of Cape Storm.

We overran Memory Of Earth, there were no survivors.  And destroyed The Lord’s Gift with no survivors.


Chairman Yang called and he wants us to attack Lal.

Out of the question.

He then demands that we have over the files on Orbital Spaceflight technology.

Well yes, we are in violation of the United Nations charter for the Unity mission by not sharing technology with him.  But there’s no way in Hell that I’m going to give any aid or comfort to that power tripping predator.

And then after the refusal to turn over the tech he calls me arrogant.  No. I’m just doing my job.

Then Godwinson sends a message.  She wants to talk peace.


We overran two more Believer bases with no survivors.  We are now using air units in clear out Believer units in our rear areas.

We seized He Walked On Water.  It’s amazing what these idiots will believe in.

We finally liberated Greenhouse Gate.  During this operation we discovered as a result of building the Xenoempathy Dome that xenofungus areas no longer act as barriers to ground movement but instead function as roads.


We have completed the Neural Amplifier project.  This psychic stuff gives me the creeps.

We also liberated the Morgan Industries base.  As originally built the structures emphasized creature comforts over other functions.  And Morgan insisted on being extremely flashy in decorating the facility.  In short the base as built was seriously pimped out.  The Believers in taking over the base engaged in the old Terrestrial Protestant practice of slighting the facility.

Alice then wrote a dissent from my description of slighting.  She says that it was the practice of the Commonwealth government after the English Civil War of destroying the useful defensive features of castles or the complete demolition thereof.  Upon further examination of the relevant data on file I now have to agree with her.       

Still, what the Believers did to Morgan’s main base was clearly nihilistic and ugly.


The signals section has reported that Yang has engaged in combat operations against Lal and appears to be prevailing.

The Lord’s Truth base was overrun with no survivors.

Lal opened communications again.  Now he wants me us to go to war against The Spartans.  He’s apparently being stomped on by Yang but is now picking a fight with Santiago.  Why?

Of course Lal just had to mention his impact gun equipped infantry again.  And then there’s this:

“My brilliant President, it has become customary for a minor faction leader such as yourself to remit me a small, ah, let us say “contribution” to compensate me for the services my forces provide...”

Before he finished I said no.  As a result of refusing his blackmail demand he has declared war on us.  I had planned to take on Yang after we had finished with Godwinson.  But Lal has jumped up to the head of the line.

Lal apparently had the fantasy of being THE planetary leader.  In fact he was never more than a standard issue U.N. Bureaucrat, completely corrupt and absolutely useless.  He has never exercised any real authority on this planet.  But now as a result of his actions he has bought himself a date with the executioner.

Let’s get this absolutely clear, the Republic of Chiron is not a minor faction.  We are the dominant human community on this world.  This fact may explain why an aggressive bastard like Yang has behaved like the proverbial nice doggy with respect to us. 

As to Lal’s claim to being the planetary government?  It is pure nonsense.  Everyone has gone to war at their own convenience and for their own benefit.  Where was the so-called United Nations planetary government and their “peacekeeping forces” when Skye and Morgan were dropped into the recycling tanks?


Blasted the sea base Water To Wine to scrap.  No survivors, including Godwinson.  The Believer faction is no more.

We are now focused on operations against Lal.


Drone riots in South Park.  Those bastards!


We have noticed a Spartan troop build up near Climatic Research.  Even though Santiago voted for me in the last election for the so-called planetary leader I will continue to keep a watch on her.

We have built North Point base across the bay from Sparta Command.  I named it after a song I once heard back on Earth.  Kat looked at me funny when I mentioned that.  She looked up the reference.  North Point was written by Mike Oldfield and is about a visit to a prison.


We have infiltrated the U.N. data network.  Apparently Lal is at war with everyone, including The Spartans.  Even though he has no means to project power off of his continent he insists on fighting everyone.  And the Spartans are basically minding their own business and haven’t said a word about the war with Lal to us.

Clearly Lal is insane.


The signals section reports that Yang lost a base to Lal.  Darned sloppy of him

We just literally landed troops on top of the U.N. Headquarters base.  We also seized U.N. Planetary Trust.  Bloody Hell!  There are no end of to the number of drones there!

Yang has also planted a sea base just off of our west coast.  It appears that he’s preparing for war.


We seized U.N. Temple Of Sol.  Lal wanted to talk before we did so.  No, this lunatic (I had the again explain this term) has to be put down.


U.N. High Commission base has been lost to The Hive.

We seized U.N. Information Agency.  Lal wants to talk again.

Lal wants peace on his terms.  He wants us to attack the Spartans because they are bent on taking over the planet.  (And pay no attention to what Lal is doing.)  And, of course, he again boasts about his actually pathetic army.  Our front line units of the EDC are using Chaos Guns and the Tachyon Laser has just entered production.  What an idiot!


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