Tuesday, November 09, 2004

So What Else Is New?

Satan's Sidekick on Little Green Footballs has something to say about Comrade Kerry:

A selectman in my town was Kerry's paperboy back in the 70s when Kerry lived in Lowell, MA. Out of his 40 customers only 2 never gave him a tip. Guess who one of them was?

No kidding.

Hardcore socialists, both advocates and beneficiaries, never tip. One of them actually laughed in my face when I told where he could write in a tip on a credit card slip. Another actually took his time to count out the exact amount of the transaction, and not one penny more, while I was standing outside the door in cold pouring rain.


Mark said...

Interesting story on NPR this morning. A recent study ranked states by charitable giving by it's residents. Ranked 50th and 49th were the Blue states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
Ranked #1 was the red state of Mississippi.

Another story on WBUR (the big NPR station in Boston) this morning stated that four towns near Boston were being fined for dumping raw sewage in the Charles River. All four towns are filled with people who voted for Kerry because they thought he would be better on environmental issues.
Those folks should tend to their own local issues first...

Oh ya, Kerry opposes the Cape Wind project.

Mark said...

Michelle Malkin has the details on the study I heard about on NPR.