Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Islam In Action

An Australian newpaper reports:

THE husband of British-Iraqi aid worker Margaret Hassan said today she may have been killed by hostage takers, citing a video tape that had surfaced.

"I have been told that there is a video of Margaret which appears to show her murder. The video may be genuine but I do not know," Tahsin Hassan said in Baghdad.

Mrs Hassan was the head of CARE in Iraq, employed through CARE Australia.

The British embassy in Baghdad confirmed today that a video tape had surfaced appearing to show the killing of Mrs Hassan, and said it was probably genuine.

"We can confirm there is a tape that appears to show Margaret's murder," an embassy official said. "We believe it is probably genuine."

So what else is new?

I have to agree with Ann Coulter, converting the whole place to Christianity would be a definite step up.

("But Les, you're an atheist." "Shhhhhhh!")

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