Sunday, November 28, 2004

More Narcissistic Whining

The problem with being angry with one's self, as opposed to merely wallowing in self pity, is that one cannot sleep.

The problem is, or now I should say was, that I made a bad snap decision at a social event. It was a high school class reunion. I stepped up to the greeting table and picked up my name tag and then took one look at the gathered crowd. The thought then hit me in the head like a twenty-pound sledge hammer,


I went back out to my truck and whined to myself for about five minutes. If I had simply drove away at this point I could have returned with a minimum of fuss and bother. But what I did was to walk back into the event venue and return my name tag to the nice ladies at the greeting table, apologized, and walked away. Thus I made what is by all appearances an irreversible mistake.

The metaphysical joke here is that I registered for the event so I that wouldn't go into the self-rebuke mode for not showing up at all.

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Mark said...

I blew off my 20 year reunion without a second thought. I spent that Thanksgiving weekend at home, some 200 miles away from where I went to high school.