Monday, November 01, 2004

Cheating In Minnesota Update

Election Incident Report from the Minnesota GOP:

10/25/2004 - Mass Vouching

Numerous DFL and liberal organization documents showing disregard for the laws involving same day registration and vouching for residency. As you well know, citizens can have their residency in a precinct vouched for by a registered voter in that precinct but only if the individual vouching has personal knowledge of the voters residency. These groups, as well as the DFL, appear to be setting up programs for vouching but never making it clear to the activists or the voters that vouching requires personal knowledge. For example:

* According to an ACT e-mail, ACT is trying to recruit "thousands" of volunteers with name badges for Election Day with ward and precinct on them to make it easier to find a volunteer to vouch for a voter at the polls. With no mention of the essential requirement of personal knowledge of the voucher, this suggests a systematic program to match vouchers to voters contrary to the clear demands of the law.

* The attached get-out-the-vote script from the DFL has a volunteer introduce themselves and then if the person is not registered, arranges to have someone from the neighborhood pick them up and vouch. There is no mention that this someone must be a registered voter from that precinct and have personal knowledge of residency. Both the voter and the voucher doing this would be breaking the law.

* The attached Voters Bill of Rights from the AFL-CIO tells voters  contrary to the law  that, Anyone who is registered to vote in your precinct can vouch for where you live.

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