Friday, July 09, 2004

Meanwhile In Eurotopia

Spartacus linked to a story by John Lichfield:

By his own admission a "hunter of virgins", a man who "needed" to kill young women twice a year, who persuaded his wife to help him and then to watch in a mirror while he raped and murdered them.

The full extent of the crimes of Fourniret, 62, may take weeks to emerge. In recent days, he has admitted nine murders on either side of the French-Belgian border, making him one of France's worst serial killers of recent times. His wife has implicated him in several other killings.

Investigators on Wednesday began to check his possible involvement in a series of other unsolved murders further south, in the Auxerre area of northern Burgundy, including the killing of the British student Joanna Parrish in 1990. At least thirty unsolved murder cases are to be reopened.
Mr. Lichfield raises and in part answers the question:

Why, despite a long record of sexual crimes, was he let out of jail so soon without any attempt to follow his movements? Serial killers become serial killers because the police fail to catch them.
Rape and Murder are actions that in some respect imitate the behavior of predatory animals.

When an animal maims or kills a human the proper response is to hunt it down and kill it. But the Europtopian socialists and their American imitators are loathe to do anything to punish or otherwise suppress acts of violence against persons or the theft and destruction of property because they themselves are by ideology a pack of predators as well.

Not only would treating independent hominid predators as predators be contrary to their own sympathies it would also bring closer the day when the population in general weighs the socialist collective and properly finds them wanting.

This would be a day that couldn't happen soon enough for me.

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