Friday, April 26, 2019


 The United States will have another civil war.

The next civil war will be nothing like the gentlemanly affair conducted by President Lincoln and that nice Mr. Davis.*  It'll be a bloody knock-down and drag out fight to the death.  And it'll make the Spanish Civil War of the last century look like a schoolyard brawl in comparison.  The enemy values power and under no circumstance will they willfully surrender it.  And even if they do allow a partial succession it'll only be a temporary respite as they prepare to take back full power over what they regard as rightful control of their slaves.  And in the areas under their control they will go fully collectivist.  Anyone seen as a traitor or insufficiently enthusiastic will be put to death.   And those they can't use will also be put down.  Little girls confined to wheelchairs won’t have their stuffed toys taken from them out of malice, they'll be put down to preserve the resources of the collective.  And the enemy will feel good about it too.  When we go into a civil war we'll have to kill every last one of them without exception.

*Yes, I’m being sarcastic. There'll be another civil war in the United States.

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