Monday, March 18, 2019

A Speech From An Unpublished Novel

The speech is from the tenth chapter of Reset.

“If there’s a common myth I want to bury it’s the notion that Fascism is a right ring doctrine.  So what’s a Fascist?  Check your own beliefs, do you want power over another person?  If the answer is no, you will never be a Fascist or any other brand of totalitarian.  When someone wants power over another person, they’re a Fascist or other brand of totalitarian.  As that idiot Mussolini said, everything must be within the state, and nothing outside of it.  And criticism of the State was a crime under the doctrine of Fascism.  This is why the Fascist or totalitarian State always fails.  In reality someone who believes they’re infallible will always fail.  According to Josef Stalin his definition of Fascists included Leon Trotsky, a lifelong Marxist with being the founder and original commander of the Soviet Army, and like himself a henchman of Vladimir Lenin.  Any who opposed Comrade Stalin, or his version of Communism, was by his definition a Fascist.  The actual purpose of the Berlin Wall was to prevent the communist slaves from escaping but the East German Communist official name of the wall is the ‘Anti-fascist Protective Barrier.’”

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