Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Some More Hard Truths

 1. Our universities have gone from centers of learning and tolerance to centers of ignorance and hatred because of the Social Justice Warriors.

2. If the Social Justice Warriors insist on behaving as National Socialist Brownshirts then they will treated as such from the neck until dead.

3.Killing a Social Justice Warrior is no more an act of murder than killing a National Socialist Brownshirt.

4. If a Social Justice Warrior want to see why a citizen wants an automatic weapon all a Social Justice Warrior has to do is look in a mirror.

5.  Knowing Marxism amounts to knowing nothing.

6.  Reality is real and no amount of force in the name of social justice will change it.

7.  In Newspeak those who favor and defend Human Liberty are called conservatives or fascists and those who oppose Human Liberty are called liberals or progressives.

8.  We need to separate education and state.

9.  Hanging Hillary Clinton is no more an act of murder than hanging Adolf Hitler.

10.  The Ivy League has become a group of diploma mills for the establishment.

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