Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Fact Of Reality

Let's see, if we in Humanity to treat the Left the way that Great Comrade Stalin treated anyone he suspected of being an opponent, let alone someone who was an actual opponent, would anyone on the Left still be breathing, let alone continuing to rant like a mentally disconnected lunatic who's off his medicines?

I wouldn't think so.

If Humanity dealt with the adherents of Modern Liberalism the way the Left has dealt with humans in general whenever the Left has obtained unrestrained power, there wouldn't be any Leftists left standing. Of the universities, the mainstream media, and the urban centers of the Left there would be nothing left but smoking ruins, and there would mass graves from coast to coast. (Personally, if I were in charge of a political cleansing program, I would just dump the remains in the public landfills with the rest of the garbage.)

In my own view the present day Left, like the unschooled barbarians who plagued civilization before them, are essentially parasites. If the Hun or the Mongol were to take "no" for an answer to their demands for food and other material goods they would die very quickly. Compulsion, taking things and persons by force, is inherently necessary to the parasite manner of existence. And those who resisted had to be killed as an object lesson for others.

The Left, the present-day literate post-marxist barbarians, not only need material support they also need spiritual support as well. Barbarian chieftains and tribal witch-doctors demanded degrading and often dangerous acts of worship from their subjects, up to and including human sacrifice, in order to assure themselves that they would still have a roof (or a tent) over their heads and food to eat the next day. Those refused to obey were worked over by the goon squad or simply killed.  In the classrooms and editorial offices of the Left the demand is for unquestioned agreement without regard to the actual facts of reality. The self-styled intellectuals of the Left are the first to demand “speech codes” and other forms of censorship lest they be identified as frauds and poseurs and subsequently bounced out of their comfortable ivory towers.  They are no longer insulated from a real world that demands real thought and real labor.

Faced with the refusal of Russian farmers to comply with his sacrificial demands, Lenin laid a curse upon the farmers and in the name of his false god, “the toilers”, ordered:

Merciless war against these kulaks! Death to them!
The Left, being dependent by force upon others for their sustenance, must stand in opposition to the society of rational consent and openly support systems of compulsion, be it various species of Socialism or the witch-doctor rule of Islam, because to do otherwise is to condemn themselves to death.  Of course, in my view, if the Left would just die it would be nice.

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