Wednesday, September 27, 2017

So What?

In some places an election is nothing more than a voodoo ritual that is used to create the appearance of moral legitimacy for the regime in power. As in the cases of the Soviet Union, Baathist Iraq, and the City of Chicago.  We have to remember that Islam is a scam. Thus it should come to no surprise to us that the rulers of Iran, who hold themselves above accountability, would resort to fraud in order to keep their stooges in their positions in the apparatus of the state.  A state without a functioning mechanism of accountability, and a means of peacefully removing those who are unfit to govern, will eventually fall into corruption and a state of tyranny. (In the case of Iran that point is moot. It was a corrupt and tyrannical state from day one.)  It is unlikely that any real reform will occur in Iran. The scam religion of Islam was created in part to legitimize the tyranny of the false prophet Mohammad. Any legal mechanism that holds the apparatus of the state accountable to the people would be deemed a man made law, and thus would be null and void according to the doctrine of Islam. And since Islam denies all of the rights of man any attempt to defend those rights is an offense against the false god Allah.  In order for Iranians to truly obtain freedom they must abandon Islam altogether.

And yes, Hillary Clinton was unfit to govern this nation and she (and her followers) should be hanged.

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