Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Another Truth For The Hard Left

Once force is openly used against those who speak out against the Hard Left then the gloves will come off and force WILL be openly used against the Hard Left. Once the Hard Left openly repudiates the rules for living in a civil society then their victims (that's us) will no longer see themselves as subject to those same rules.  Or to put it another way to any member of the Hard Left, break the rules of civil society and you will leave your victims no choice but to break you.  It's called a CIVIL WAR,  and cars with bumper stickers, tee-shirts, and other examples of open posturing will make target identification very easy.  What part of "Liberty or Death" does the Hard Left persist in not understanding?  It's generally considered to be bad form to advocate violence against someone simply because of their political views. But if some Hard Leftist thug finds him or herself staring at the muzzle of our rifles it is because the stupid Hard Leftist put him or herself there.

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