Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gosh! What A Surprise!

Hillary visited a restaurant and did not leave a tip.

I used to think of Hillary as Stalin in a skirt. That she left no tip is not a surprise as I discovered this is normal behavior for Progressives when I worked as a pizza delivery driver about a decade ago.

When I was a delivery driver for Pizza Hut I used to dread orders from hardcore Democrats and union members, a status usually indicated by a sign on the front lawn of a sticker on the front door. These people would never tip. The worst case of abuse I experienced was from Progressive gentleman wearing a t-shirt with the image of Martin Luther King, Jr. in the place of Che Guevara, I waited standing in a cold thundershower while this person counted out the exact amount of the transaction down to the penny with no tip added. And I had to stand there like a good delivery driver and smile. Why does this clearly abusive behavior occur? The theory I held at the time was that the person believed that their ideological status exempted them from treating working people decently.

To put it another way it appeared that the illusion of moral supremacy allowed these people to behave in an apparently despicable manner.

If anything the time I was delivering pizza for a living has caused my previous loathing of the Left to become deeper and more visceral. After all, why should any leftist go through the effort of doing something that is objectively positive, such as tipping the delivery driver, when they can merely strike a pose and feel good about themselves afterwards?

Why indeed?

Seriously, I generally received better tips from Mexican immigrants, who are working their butts off to support their families and are barely getting by, than I do from hardcore liberals.

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