Sunday, March 29, 2015

Herrenvolk In Aktion

According to the Daily Mail on the last Monday a passenger was assaulted on a light-rail commuter train.

The assailant, who was Black, carried out the assault when the victim refused to give his opinion on the police shooting of Michael Brown.

This assault was Brownshirt behavior straight from National Socialist Germany.

This fact is the Michael Brown was not the innocent lad who gunned gun by evil white cops of Liberal belief but a full blown violent thug.  The police officer who performed the deadly force action was properly doing his duty.

So what was Michael Brown really like?

Far from the innocent child depicted in Mainstream Media Michael Brown was a 6' 4" (200 cm) and 295 pound (134 Kg) thug who used his physical mass to intimidate his victims.  There is a security camera video of Brown performing a strong arm robbery.

And while finding a proper record online has been difficult I did find this:

Michael Brown behaved as a predatory animal and was identified and dealt with as such.  There is no question that he asked for it.

So why the fuss?

Our self-styled Progressive media and ruling class hate actual human life and leaped on this opportunity to attack the men who put their lives on the line every day to defend it.    They also exploit the Black population to obtain and maintain political power.  In order to do so they have  encouraged Blacks in the United States to see themselves as a separate and wrongfully oppressed racial group.

But this was not a unique event.  The National Socialists in Germany put forth the notion of a separate and superior racial identity for Germans.  And with the separate racial identity came the notion that the rules for living with others did not apply to them.

Here in the United States we are witnessing the racial separation of the Black population and with it the ethical separation as well.  That many Blacks are now behaving as Brownshirts with the support of the ruling class is not a surprise as they have adopted the racial doctrine of the National Socialists as their own.

(Thanks to Mark Urbin for the second image.)

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