Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Step Back - Part 24

In a lower orbit the Osprey was performing a photo-reconnaissance mission over the Soviet Union. On the command deck a photo analyst spoke to Lieutenant Blume, the commander of the vessel.

“Sir, it appears that the Soviets had a Proton rocket erected and ready to launch at Baikonur and then they took it down and back to the assembly hall.”

“Curious.” Said Blume. “You are recording this?”

“Yes sir.”

“Very good.”

In her Arlington office Lieutenant Commander Keller was finishing up for the day when the receptionist buzzed on the intercom.

“Ma’am, there’s a representative of the Teamsters Union here to see you.”

There was no appointment scheduled and Commander Keller had no desire to see any such walking piece of sewage.

“Tell him to go away.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The receptionist spoke again.

“Ma’am, he’s coming through!”

Keller opened a desk drawer and pulled out a M19911A1 pistol. It was identical to the weapon carried by her ancestor Allen Keller as the presidential chief of staff and de-facto trouble shooter.

She stood up, switched off the safety on the pistol, and aimed it at the door her office door.

As the door opened and a large and muscular man in a very cheap business suit and carrying a briefcase stepped inside the office. He was very surprised to be staring down the muzzle of an old school .45 Automatic.

He spoke with an obviously uneducated accent.

“Is this how you people treat a guest?”

Commander Keller responded.

“You were ordered to leave and you will do so now!”

“No.” He said. “I’m here to...”

He would not finish the sentence. Commander Keller pulled the trigger and the union thug’s head exploded.

“Fuck me...” Keller said softly to herself.

Director Hoover personally made the report on the incident to President Nixon.

“So there is nothing that can be done about the incident?” Said the President.

“No sir.” Hoover replied. “Under normal circumstances Commander Keller could claim that she was acting in self defense, And under our agreement with the Uptimers Commander Keller is immune as a diplomat from prosecution.”

That same afternoon in a public television studio in New York City a red light mounted upon a television camera went on. The line director of the program being taped counted down to zero and then gave the command for action.

The host of the program, Bill Burke, a conservative columnist and publisher, spoke.

“My guest today on The First Line is Katherine Grant, the widow of the late Reverend William Grant, who was murdered by a time traveling atheist. Welcome to the program, Mrs. Grant.”

“Thank you.” She smiled and replied.

The program would be broadcast on numerous public television stations on the following Saturday morning.

On that evening in the restaurant of a upper class hotel Washington Jimmy Hoffa, the head of the Teamsters, was having dinner with an old Sicilian friend.

“Can you believe it? That bitch doesn’t let my man have a chance to speak for himself and then she blows him away.”

The Sicilian friend quietly shook his head.

“Not only that,” said Hoffa, “out in Nevada when my people try to get in on their projects they are told to fuck off. They’re saying that to everyone with a union connection! Where do they get off on that?”

The friend was fully aware of the problems the Mafia was also having with the Uptimers in Nevada.

“That is wrong.” He said.

“And what’s more,” said Hoffa, “when one my guys says them will do one of those non-violent demonstrations like the niggers used to do, a teenage punk in a uniform comes out to the gate and tells him that they will kill all of them if do it. Can you fucking believe that?”

“That is clearly wrong.” The friend replied.

The commander of the reinforced Ranger company, Major Nathan Benson had personally come out to the gate to speak to the Teamsters. He made it very clear to the union thugs how the Uptimers would respond to any coercive action on their part.

With absolute deadly force.

“So what do I do?” Said Hoffa.

“Are you asking us for a favor?” Said the friend.

“Yes, to make an example of the bitch.”

The friend thought for a moment, this action would also serve the interests of the Mafia, and he nodded.

“Yes, it will be done.”

In his home Congressman Bush was spending another evening studying the history of The Reformation. And once again he was reading from the works of Allen Keller.

A primary result of the programs of the Great Society was that Black Americans were strongly encouraged to continue to think of themselves as collective victims and as being separate from Americans in general. This belief was strongly encouraged by collectivist intellectuals and a group of Black race hustlers that would eventually be labeled by rational critics as The Klan With A Tan.

With the belief in racial separatism came the belief in racial supremacy. And with racial supremacy came the belief that laws enacted to protect the rights of all persons do not apply to members the superior race. This behavior was manifested as a high rate of crimes committed against both members of their own community and against non-members of their race. During the violent phase of The Reformation race based criminal gangs made a special effort to oppress, plunder, and murder non-blacks. And as with most racial collectivists, a special emphasis was made towards the commission of crimes against Jews.

Although many Black Americans have stepped forth to embrace The Reformation there remain many who continue to hold a burning hatred for those outside of their race.

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