Sunday, October 05, 2014

Step Back - Part 22

Some readers may find this part disturbing.

Outside the gate of the Uptime base at Area 51 there was a cluster of small commercial buildings which included two gas stations, a diner and a small grocery store. And for the moment there was also a deep red wine colored Lincoln parked outside with the air conditioner running. The two gentlemen sitting within were having a conversation.

“It's impossible, Michael! We can't get anyone inside for any amount of time. They have some kind of magic trick, every time we sent a new guy in within three days they spot him and ask him to leave and never come back. I have no idea how they do it!”

“I haven't any idea myself.” Replied Michael Andolini.

The two gentlemen watched as a commercial tractor pulling a flatbed trailer came up to the gate. The trailer carried a load of steel reinforcement bars for a construction project within the base.

“And will you look at that! They use only non-union workers and truckers. And all of their suppliers have no connection to any family at all! How do they do it?”

“I don't know, John.” Andolini replied. “I don't know.”

Andolini then asked a question.

“So what happened down in Carson City?”

“Damned if I know, Mike. There were two guys who were cleaning out the suckers at poker and one of my soldiers and three associates met with them to straighten them out. The next thing is that my men are dead the two guys are gone. And then the man I have on lookout here sees their car drive straight up to the gate here and they let them in. They're still in there.”

“Something will have to done about that.” Said Michael Andolini.

The gentlemen watched as another truckload of rebar was delivered to the gate.

Yuri and Josef were wearing visitor badges with their FBI escort as they entered the line at the mess hall for lunch. They were astounded when they allowed entry. And very astounded when they were not disarmed.

Yuri had asked the Ranger Lieutenant who initially met them why.

“We're all citizens here.”

“I don't understand.” Said Joe.

“If you think about it, you will.” The Lieutenant replied.

The two former Soviet officers brought up the question with their FBI escort.

“Damned if I know,” he said, “I'm still trying to figure them out myself.”

In the mess line Yuri had another question for their escort.

“So what should we eat for lunch?”

“Try the Swedish Meatballs.”


In the study of his Washington home Congressman George Bush was reading a file on Uptime history. He had been cleared for full information of the future and issued a laptop computer by the Uptimers. Tonight he was doing research on the topic of race relations in the future and what he found was clearly disturbing.

The Great Society and the subsequent programs of Democratic administrations had fostered a separate and clearly irrational identity for Blacks along with a state of dependency on the Democratic Party. When a civil war broke out after the assassination of President Elect Chapman the vast major of Blacks would support President Null. And some of the Black supporters would do so in an absolutely appalling way.

Bush was reading a report written by Presidential Chief of Staff Allen Keller on the aftermath of the Siege of Chicago. Chicago--along with Gary, Indiana—had formed one of the longest duration sieges during combat operations of The Reformation. And what was found inside the perimeter after the fall nothing less than appalling.

During the siege a group of Black criminals, called the Null Boyz, had been recruited to act as enforcers for the Null faction within the perimeter. Whites, Asians and especially Jews were the primary targets of their actions which were primarily robbery and murder. In no way did they contribute to the defense of the Chicago Pocket and were ultimately captured alive.

Keller had met with the surviving members of the Null Boyz with his personal protective group, Israeli soldiers who had been rescued with their families from the remnant of their homeland after the nuclear bombing by the French government.

Bush read Keller's account of what followed.

This group did not have the appearance of a beaten foe. Nor did they appear to have starved at all during the course of the siege. Although they have been issued uniforms by the faction they were not in anything close to compliance to a uniform regulation. As with other political enforcers in history, such as the SS, they had made up their own ranks and insignia.

With this group gathered together I read a summarized account of their actions—which included rape, robbery and murder--during the siege.

And then I asked why.

The apparent leader replied.

“Why? There is no why, motherfucker!”

I could swear that I could hear the security group move in response.

During the Holocaust a camp guard had performed a trivial act of oppression on an inmate. When the inmate had asked why, the response was: “There is no why.”

At this point I had set a mental trap for the leader that took advantage of his ignorance.

“So you are the Superior Race, and you rightfully can do anything to anyone?”

The gang leader had replied essentially as I expected.

“That's right Motherfucker! We are the Superior Race! What you and your faggot kikes gonna to do about it?”

At this point I pulled out my .45 and placed a round in his head. I then turned to the group leader and ordered him to finish the off the gang.

George Bush sat back and thought about what he had just read.

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