Sunday, June 29, 2014

Extermination Time

Pamela Geller reports that gangs of Muslims in the former United Kingdom are kidnapping young girls and using them as sex slaves and are effectively getting away with it.  The alledged government won't do anything because it would racist of them.


 I read the article and I was just sickened.

There is no government in the UK.  The time has come to invade the UK and reestablish a functioning government.  And to execute those who are collaborating with the Muslim invaders.

Islam is simply the annihilation of Humanity, and the only solution that I can see is The Final Solution.

Showers and Ovens--the sooner we start the better.


Zimri said...

My mother's uncle had numbers on his arm.

This post absolutely breaks my heart.

Leslie Bates said...

Jews were never a problem to Humanity. Muslims clearly are. Those who deny the Rights of Man absolutely cannot claim those rights for themselves.

It will be argued that Muslims are human and therefore the concept of rights does apply.

But human action is volitional. It is absolutely subject to choice. Those who choose to follow the doctrine if Islam have in effect chosen to be enemies of Mankind. There is simply no other way to identify and deal with them. And the only way to deal with the enemies of Mankind is to kill them.

No exceptions can ever be made.

Leslie Bates said...
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