Monday, June 23, 2014


Yesterday I went into a coffee shop to sit down and read with a cup of coffee.   At the door there was a sign that declared that they served "Fair Trade" and "Peace Coffee."  In other words coffee for brain dead liberal morons.

I should have taken the apparent warning at face value.

I asked for a large Mocha.  Somehow the server placed the fluid into an uninsulated clear glass suitable for a milk shake.  I had to pick it up with two paper napkins.  I also could have sworn that the server had asked for $5.23.  I gave him a five and a one dollar bills.  He returned $4.77 to me.

When I did finally take a sip it turned out to the absolute worst coffee I had ever.  Even worse than the swill that was served in the mess halls at Fort Benning.

Quite frankly I'm now wondering how this coffee shop managed to stay in business for several years.  This may be solely due to it being patronized by Democrats.

Oh, earlier in the calendar day I ordered two sliders (double cheeseburgers from White Castle) with ketchup and no pickles.  I received my order with pickles and no ketchup.  I should think that even an African-American female should have been able to understand the order and correctly enter it into their system.

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