Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thought for the Day

I have a message for the Democratic Party and their intellectual partisans, you know, the folks who are visibly upset at the fact that we won't blindly submit to their whims.

Get over it.

Sure, you claimed to won the presidential election by a majority of the votes cast. (After all, your candidate IS an Illinois Democrat)

So what?

An election in a constitutional republic is a process of hiring someone to perform a constitutionally defined task. It is not a mystical collectivist ritual for the anointment of a stone age god-king.

We do not believe in The Leader Principle. We do not believe that the stone age god-king that you call The One is in any way the embodiment of a collective will. And we certainly do not believe that we are in any way subject to what are in fact his individual whims.

We are not and never will be a living prop in your ideological fantasies. We will not bind ourselves with the chains that you offer us. And we will never embark on the path that ultimately leads to the anonymous ditch outside of town.

This isn't Russia in 1917. We know about the ultimate results of your ideological fantasy and will not go down that path without a fight.

So knock it off! Get out of our way and go home, grow up, and get a life.


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